Castaway Diva (2023)

Castaway Diva (2023)

Other name: 무인도의 디바 / 無人島的DIVA / Muindoui Diba / Diva of the Deserted Island / Diva On A Desert Island / Diva on a Deserted Island / Desert Island Diva / Дива с необитаемого острова

Synopsis: Mok Ha, a girl who dreams of becoming a singer, goes missing during middle school. After 15 years, she is eventually rescued from a deserted island where she had been surviving on her own. Now Mok Ha must adjust to a life in modern society after her long period of solitude.



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12 Comments to “Castaway Diva (2023)

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  2. I love this drama, well written script, production is great, actors did well, OST are also great, Park Eun Bin is really a versatile actress, salute!

  3. Absolutely beautiful..Episode 2 was heart touching.. i loved it.. its been a while since such a good one came around

      1. I have to also agree amazing drama and its only to episodes and is already interesting…. I say blow your jets girl this drama deserves the hype… lachimolala stop being a Karen ?

        1. I have seen dramas long enough to know that a drama is “amazing” or “top notch” until it ends, I never said this is not a good drama and I am a big fan of Park Eunbin, so Karen who? 🙂