City of Stars (2024) Episode 1

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6 Comments to “City of Stars (2024) Episode 1

  1. This is currently rated as an 8?? WHAT THE-
    The breakdown of the rating says it’s rated at 7.73 stars and 7.5 by verified users….. the math isn’t adding up lol. What are you on MDL?

  2. my man Krom caused chaos and dipped at the airport 不不不 then he bumps into Fueang again while he is at his parents house cause they are neighbors 不

    then u see the friend nearly dying from an asthma attack but yes lets leave him at the apartment alone.. they shouldve brung him with them.. make this make sense 不

    If it stays this silly I might enjoy watching it.. cause star hunter be kinda.. i truly have no expectations

  3. I am just going to be honest and say I would have watched that clip until my fingers ache from pressing that rewind button. Hell, I might have watched that particular scene more than once already.
    Overall, I am still feeling this out. Lets see where it goes.

  4. It’s cute and gives off a wee bit of Wedding Plan vibe. I don’t mind new actors and a good script of bl rom com.
    There has been a catch-me-I’m-falling cliche used a couple of times already in the first episode, but I’m not bothered. It’s better that they did not spend a long time stun while looking at each other’s eyes.

    哈 Ridiculous right, catching Krom and on the other hand caught the milk tea.

    I like that Krom has an imaginative mind. First, he misunderstood the man in disguise across from him as the killer mentioned by his friend over the phone. The second one is wild and mostly funny to me.

    His love for sweet treats is just like Namnuea’s appetite for food. 中

    城 I like Krom kind of character.