City of Stars (2024)

City of Stars (2024)

Other name: เฟื่องนคร / Fueangnakorn / Fueangnakhon / City of Star

Synopsis: “Fueangnakorn” follows the journey of a public figure navigating the challenges of the social media era. The protagonist is faced with constant criticism, bullying, and defamation from netizens. However, through their positive outlook, they overcome the fear and negativity surrounding them. With 10 episodes, this drama aims to spread positive energy in a world filled with negativity. Catch it every Friday.



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13 Comments to “City of Stars (2024)

  1. Thai BLS are getting harder and harder to start,not that I hate Thai BLS or anything it’s just they are increasing their quantity whereas the quality is dropping.I can literally count in my fingers about the good BLS from Thailand in 2023.I feel you linger in the air,be my fav, moonlight chicken,my school president,the sign,night dream and few others that’s it,but I am still grateful to thailand

  2. It’s a bit corny and the script is super odd at points, but Job is a charmer as Fueang and he makes the show for me.

  3. Idk if it’s only me but every single time JuJu comes on screen I want to scream what the actual hell is up with his make-up it bugged me so much I could hardly focus and like if they’re trying to make a statement with though eyeliners plz don’t plz stop cause it ain’t and his eye shadow is killing me someone plz I’m begging replace his makeup artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his makeup looks like a mask and his face could scare the shit out of a ghost his makeup artist did him dirty because ik he can slay makeup when done righttttt

  4. we get they want to show fangirls but the screamings are very annoying, i was reaching the mute button all the time

    and oh that new rules about trending at a certain time, yes that shit is a pain in the ass, i dont like rules and being an active fangirl in a fandom sometimes feels like following cult rules (i hate rules lmao) im the type of person who catch up 3 days later using the hashtag lmaoooooooo

  5. I have low expectation from this one, and EP.2 in I have not changed my opinion. This should not be a Friday show, how can this compete with other weekend shows?

    We have here the MLs with amateur acting, while the supports are doing well.

    I understand that Coptor has left, but Kimmon is still there, and Bank who is used to be a vallian character. Or just swap in any of the SBFIVE (Coptor included) would make this a blast. Tae for one would be great for the villain role.

    In any case, we have here more singers, DJs, vocals, dancers than actors, why not make a musical? Surely it cannot be worse than “Beyond the xxxx”.

    Cute but may drop it anytime. One more fangirl screaming and I’m out.

  6. You are right that Bank has so much potential. They did him so dirty with The Moment, and the sequel, The Moment Since. He was paired with Pon from Pit Babe (thought you wouldn’t recognize him). The subtitles were so bad and Jet was so annoying that it became painful to watch.

  7. There are three Fridays before, and at least four Fridays after with no new shows airing on that day (so far). “Friday” isn’t an explanation. Not that it matters, I just found it amusing.