Love Endures (2024) Episode 28 (Sub: 95%)

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7 Comments to “Love Endures (2024) Episode 28 (Sub: 95%)

  1. I don’t think this drama is the type that gets a lot of attention from international fans but it’s doing really well on Chinese platform. Tops everything so I’m not too worry about mydramalist ratings. It’s also currently #1 as top TV shows.

  2. Wow, where is this going? I really didn’t expect it. yang zi acting is top notch and everyone too did well. I really wish her to accept yifei is gone. Their friendship is so great. I cried many times watching them. Yingzi, you will forever be my emotion. Definetely a great series. Highly recommended!

  3. EP29 will be in the present, as the past three episodes have been showing the backstory of everything that had happened. So, perhaps she is going to recover when LYF’s grandmother passes away in EP30 or something.

  4. Yang Zi’s acting skills bring me to tears. She always manages to deliver the hardest scene and it just hits right through. So proud of my girl.

  5. I’m still on ep 24 cause I need I need to watch this drama with good subs, but I already know what’s going to happen 😭😭 that won’t stop me from watching this drama. This drama has taken over as the best YZ modern drama I have watched beating the psychologist.