Love Endures (2024)

Love Endures (2024)

Other name: 要久久爱 / 十七岁你喜欢谁 / 十七歲你喜歡誰 / 199爱 / 199 Ai / Yi Jiu Jiu Ai / Shi Qi Sui Ni Xi Huan Shei / 199 Love Stories of Our Youth / My Love in Seventeen / Who Do You Like at Seventeen? / Stories of Our Youth / 199 Love / Stories of Youth and Love

Synopsis: Six childhood friends, Huang Yuan Zi, Jiang Yi, Fang Ming Yu, Zhuang Yuan, Lan Yi Fei, and Guan Chao, grew up in a state-owned courtyard in their youth, forming a close bond after surviving an accident in the factory area. Known as the “Group of Six,” they promised to always be together, but their plans were derailed by a tragic event during the college entrance exam. Many years later, at the age of 30, they receive news of Guan Chao’s impending marriage, prompting them to reminisce about their past and contemplate their current paths. For Huang Yuan Zi, this is the perfect opportunity to reunite the group and fulfill their childhood promise. As they navigate through challenges and unanswered questions, can these friends finally come together again? “Who Do You Like at Seventeen,” adapted from the novel by Ying Shi Liu, tells a story of enduring friendships and the unbreakable bond of childhood memories.



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24 Comments to “Love Endures (2024)

  1. Congratulations for an amazing broadcasting and bringing each and every character to live. For once, I don’t want a show to end and wants to continue watching lives after marriage. Huang Ying Zi and Jiang Yi deserve each other.

    For everyone out there, we all deserve to have a Jiang Yi in our live. He truly understands the meaning of love.

  2. I am yangzi fan but will say drama is really good, try watching first few episodes. It goes back and forth when they were 17/30 yr but transition is really smooth and nostalgic

  3. Aww, zimi here 💜🙋🏻‍♀️ need to watch to show support 🥰 just started watching and so far loving it. I love how you can feel and sense the scenes because one has experience the same difficulties in real life. Like the characters are portraying here, we have encountered these hurdles. A breath of fresh air from watching xianxia and other costume dramas, which is my favorite genre. I am worried because modern drama (slice of life, coming of age) is not my cup of tea but so far it’s good. The editing and flow of scenes is ok which is one of the waterloos in modern Chinese drama. Ok, back to watching ep 1. The only problem is the translations. I am currently watching it at JiangsuTv at YouTube. I wonder if this is the best platform to watch this drama? 🤔

  4. But for the love of Buddha, can either of them get a spine and say hey! I like you! Always have! It’s driving me nuts. I’m still watching because I’m a sucker for pain and drama.

  5. Theory: Huang ying zi is in a coma and dreaming the whole thing. Ying fei has died coz she didn’t survive lol jkjk but I’ve seen this happen in the drama ‘crush’ lmao

  6. glad to know … SAF 6 ratings are completely messed by haters …
    after topping every charts in china , here we still have 7.6 …😂😂😂

  7. Just watched 2 eps, pretty good so far, but yang zi face is weirldy stiff in many scene, bit distracting, also fan cheng cheng really looks too young to be their classmate, and sometime i feel like his character was dubbed, really strange.

  8. Now I wonder what happened btw her and JY before they lose contact. What was that drunken conversation about forgiveness and non-forgiveness?