My Lovely Liar (2023) Episode 15

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15 Comments to “My Lovely Liar (2023) Episode 15

  1. “Rational mind”? So being a sheep that supports LGBT like the media wants you to do with all their faggot propaganda makes you rational? You are a coward… Does your rational mind tell you that a man penetrating another man from behind is totally normal? What kind of retarded, polluted and sick mind do you have for supporting such disgusting propaganda… You really must be a super blind sheep for thinking that there is no such thing as “gay agenda” when you see 2 out of 5 dramas on the main page being about sick, faggot men…man get outta here with your blind mind…the bullcrap you say is outdated…YOU need to think for yourself instead of repeating what western pigs are oinking to you

  2. what the hell is up with all these homophobic comments? chill what’s it to you if anyone is gay? why are you so pressed that people that exist get representation? it’s not even good representation. and for the person who said there is nothing wrong with making a queer character a murderer, it’s because they’ve mostly only been portrayed as such in media that ignorant people like you think that that’s the truth when in fact 90% of crime in general not just murder is done by straight men. god it’s 2023 people should start forming their own thoughts an opinions rationally and have enough critical thinking to know what’s real and what’s not and stop hating people for such trivial things. duk chan is literally just another guy that accidentally killed someone his fault was hiding it and pushing the blame on doha instead of fessing up anyone could have done that his sexual orientation adds nothing really, he didn’t even intentionally kill her to ‘get rid of her’ or ‘get her out the way’.

    1. Dear, please don’t waste your time on these comments. These “people” are longtime trolls, if not bots (considering how they’re copy- pasting the same comment). And even if they’re not trolls but are sharing their “honest opinions”, there is no point in trying to explain to them why they’re wrong. They don’t have the mental capacity to learn anything other than what they’ve been indoctrinated into.

      1. Look at this arrogance…”why they’re wrong”…so you’re right? Dumb little retard… go write your stupid comments on the series that are longer than the script of the drama itself and keep your brainwashed, outplayed, western sheep thoughts to yourself…fag-hugger

  3. Alexa, play “Cell block tango” 🎺 jk jk..!

    I really dislike that they made a queer man the murderer, but the person made the most sense out of all those close to Doha. It’s just the motive that sucks. I also dislike how Doha tried to minimise everything that Eumho did. Dude, he tried to kill you twice and injured two random people in the process. His grief is not an adequate excuse for his behavior! Eumho should stay in jail, it’s not like he has anyone waiting for him.

    What I liked a lot was Doha’s reaction to Solhee’s news. Instead of trying to comfort her with words, he went the extra mile to show her the advantages of the situation with actions. He’s such a great boyfriend! The “tell me a lie” scene was hilarious though! And Minhyun did very well during that part imo. I’m glad that they decided to wrap the mystery before the finale so we can have some lovey dovey time with Do-Sol! Btw, they looked so good when they were wearing the black suits! This was probably one of the best episodes when it comes to KSH’s styling.

    Watching the next episode preview, I don’t like what they’re teasing about Solhee’s parents. Some people should not be together. Also, not everyone deserves a redemption and a happy ending especially because they haven’t shown any remorse or improvement of their character. I don’t know why the writer decided to add this plotline during the last few weeks. It’s not like Solhee was really sad about her family, in fact she understood what an a**hole her mother is.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Doha is planning about the two brothers. I don’t think he has the skills to run a business, but he’s definitely patient and thoughtful enough to be a teacher/ mentor.

    1. Making a queer man the murderer is nothing wrong. Haven’t you watched movies (in plural) were homosexuals were the murderer?? You were fine when you thought his straight brother was the murderer, but plot twist and it’s the gay guy, then it’s not ok.
      You guys should stop finding hidden imaginary meaning to every single things about lgbtq.

      1. You’re right. When they all thought it was the straight guy it wasn’t a problem, but when it’s the gay guy it’s wrong.
        They got social acceptance, now they want worship. If someone is queer, no one should portray anything wrong about the person in movies (or real life), because that’s hating. But we can do that for straight people.

      2. You’re right. When they all thought it was the straight guy it wasn’t a problem, but when it’s the gay guy it’s wrong. They got social acceptance, now they want worship. If someone is queer, no one should portray anything wrong about the person in movies (or real life), because that’s bad. But we can do that for straight people.

  4. I love their relationship, it’s so healthy they’re so cute wtf!!! god do the leads have such good chemistry. only one ep to go ugh I can’t wait but at the same time I’m gonna miss. this drama is definitely one of the best to come out of 2023 so far.

  5. of course…with all the stinking LGBT propaganda dominating the world, they had to try to make niggaz sympathize with that lil faggot punk… well… Ya’ll failed miserably filthy faggotz

    1. idk what kind of ‘propaganda’ you’re talking about, all the representation lgbtq+ gets is through tragedy or making them sympathetic villains or just villains, you’re just a hater pls shut the fuck up. if you don’t like it don’t watch cuz it’s only going to be more inclusive in the future you can’t do anything about.

      1. It’s because of fag-huggers like you it’s going to be more inclusive… be a man for once in your life and oppose this fag propaganda… But you are too cowardice to do this ain’t ya? Slave of whatever they shove down your cowardice throat…

      2. I agree, they most just be villainized in cinema/series so ofc ppl can get upset, LGBT+ doesn’t have any gay agenda but wanna treated equally, were just normal ppl, like if you dont wanna see dramas with lgbt+ don’t watch it?? its that simple. They plenty of drama with just staight couples.

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