My Lovely Liar (2023)

My Lovely Liar (2023)

Mok Sol-Hee (Kim So-Hyun) is a young woman with a unique gift: the power to detect lies. However, she despises this ability and considers it a curse. Unfortunately, her extraordinary talent makes it difficult for her to trust anyone around her. One fateful day, Mok Sol-Hee becomes entangled with a murder suspect named Minhyun, who vehemently claims his innocence. Despite his pleas, nobody believes him, further complicating their predicament.

Also known as: 소용없어 거짓말 Soyongeobseo Geojismal / Useless Lies



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Air Date: Jul 24, 2023

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20 Comments to “My Lovely Liar (2023)

  1. A total recommend for me! This is a fun rom-com with a touch of mystery. Nothing ~groundbreaking but it’s a good time if you like the genre. If you don’t enjoy rom-coms, there’s no point in watching this. The main couple has one of the healthiest relationships in drama land and the OST is full of bops. There were certain annoying elements but I don’t think that they take away from the final result. Good job to the cast and crew!