Queen of Tears (2024)

Queen of Tears (2024)

Other name: 눈물의 여왕 / 淚之女王 / 泪之女王 / Nunmului Yeowang / The Queen of Tears / Дорама Королева слез

Synopsis: “Queen of Tears” follows the story of Baek Hyun Woo, a highly respected member of the village of Yongduri, who is also the legal director of the conglomerate Queens Group. His wife, Hong Hae In, is the heiress of Queens Group’s department stores and is known as the “queen” of the company. The drama chronicles their miraculous and humorous love story as they face challenges and overcome a crisis to stay together. Spanning 16 episodes, the series showcases the couple’s determination to survive and remain united against all odds.



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221 Comments to “Queen of Tears (2024)

  1. why does it take so long for the new episode to get released T_T
    does anybody know the episode’s release date?

    1. I also see the quality of episodes is very low. 1080p should be default quality. what is point in doing 320/480p quality anymore? No one watches so low quality. Its just waste of time

  2. Love seeing cast from CLOY, “Vincenzo,” & other dramas by writer Park Ji-eun in this drama! Hooked in from the 1st two episodes. Love the epilogues (just like CLOY) because they build & deliver the loving emotions & connection between the leads.

  3. Story writer is simply super talented in playing with human love emotions soo nicely. Loved his crash landing on you and now Queen of tears. both are amazing. with good star cast queen of tears also became another super drama.

  4. I just had fun watching Detective K 3 with Kim Ji Won as the FL. Pretty much the only female really. On Prime with commercials.

  5. Did I mention Kim Ji-won in these suits. Had with the blue one. Killed with the green one. Hae-in, with the shotgun, in the forest. Dead. 😅

  6. “Queen of Tears” is a remarkable drama that has caught my attention. I have rewatched it three times, and it is ongoing with just two episodes. The story revolves around a married couple, and it is fascinating to see how they struggle to maintain their relationship amidst all the challenges. This drama is unique and refreshing compared to other dramas that usually focus on the typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationships that end in a happy marriage. “Queen of Tears” portrays a different perspective of married life, and it is heartwarming to see how they navigate through their differences and overcome obstacles together. The show’s realistic portrayal of the ups and downs of married life makes it stand out from the rest, and it has become one of my all-time favourites♡

  7. Hi! Are we going to trust the synopsis 100%.?

    I saw some clips and it’s giving me “life flashes before your eyes right before death” vibe.

    Saw a line that from ML “I’ll protect her forever” well he can’t do that if he is dead.

    For those who have watched it, what is your gut feeling? Will this be two leads alive and happy ending at the end?

    Is this also airing in South Korean on TV in the mature evening rating hour?

    1. I sincerely hope that they get a happy ending otherwise it would be TRAUMATIZING and I won’t be able to move on thennnn😭😭😭

  8. Flashbacks and flash-forwards have become very common in recent years but are IMO typically used as tricks to foster interest when straightforward storytelling won’t suffice. Maybe I should just give the writer credit for mirroring the side effects of the 1FL’s temporal lobe tumor with all of this Memento-style convoluted narrative?

    I’m frustrated because I can’t track how these characters got from where they were to where they are or where they’re going, and all this jumping around keeps me watching without satiating my hunger for a good story. Hopefully I can collect enough jigsaw puzzle pieces before I lose interest.

    In books an epilogue may occur at the end of the story but I can’t think of a single example where epilogues occur at the end of every chapter.

  9. Exactly the series is realistic at some point cause people changes with time specially after marriage things changes. It is interesting to see how the spark faded between them…

  10. My gut? They will have a happy ending after various trials and tribulations. I wouldn’t watch otherwise but ive dropped many dramas recently because they bored me.😀

  11. So basically, it’s a Korean version of HBO’s Succession. Everyone is crazy and rich, crazy rich or crazy for riches. Can’t say there are any wholesome characters, everyone is morally grey at best. You can see where it’s going but will it be entertaining is hard to tell. They probably lean more on romance rather than the business aspect. As of right now, it seems only FL deserves some compassion and there is more to her story. I understand why ML is like this right now, but yeah… I can’t simply overlook certain actions/decisions… Well, maybe because of my trust issues.

    1. Disagree that this drama is “a Korean version of HBO’s Succession.” Not even close. The genre is different, tone is different, and the conglomerate family dynamics & schemes are different. A LOT of Korean dramas center around conglomerate families with in-fighting for the top. If anything, “Reborn Rich” is a recent Korean drama that one might liken to “Succession”, but I still wouldn’t say that show is a Korean version of the HBO show either.

  12. Has anyone realised how the epilogues show the difference between their lives before and the lives now for example in episode one we see their married life being in shumbles and him wanting a divorce and her being cold to him and then in the epilogue we are shown both of them on their wedding day being asked to record a video to them selves ten years later…and they both happily think they are still together even after so long…..and then in episode two we see a whole different Hyun Woo who just wants to escape from the life he has now with his wife and her family to the point of it being shown like he is happy she is going to die( which I still stand by the fact that it isn’t true) and then in the epilogue we are shown a back then Hyun Woo who was so In love with Haein and was even dreaming of marrying her…..🥺

    I think seeing this difference is what makes the epilogues so emotional….. because how did it all change so much!

  13. He isn’t exactly happy but relieved that now he has a chance to leave the family without getting “stabbed” like he mentioned in ep 1

    The FL’s death is just collateral damage at this point. But once the ML truly processes his situation, he’ll probably fight tooth and nail to save her.🙈🫠

    There’s also a chance that the FL may actually find a way to cure herself or at least prolong her life but will not let the ML know because she likes the attention he gives her (we know from the ML’s POV that she wasn’t a caring wife, but the FL’s reactions imply that the ML wasn’t exactly by her side either)

  14. OMG! My heart has never raced this way before .for a drama that is! Very enticing and the plot and story is so much different! How can I survived the wait for episode 3? Please help! LOL

  15. In my opinion, I really don’t think ml is happy with fl dying. It’s more that it is the best way of escaping this marriage. Yes, he wanted to divorce her and is now using this 3 months for this but I believe it’s because he suffered in that 3 years. Not because he hates her or anything. He thinks he hates her but his actions in ep2 contradicts this. Like the scene at the dinner table where he went against his mother in law and took her side. I don’t think he was just being nice to her for the 3 months. He directly defended his wife which doesn’t happen usually.
    During the three years, their relationship have gotten distant and fl is not the type to express her feelings. As of now, he believes that he is really unhappy with this marriage and having to deal with everyone in her family.
    I really want to know more about the fl. She is seen cold around her husband and defends him when he is not there.
    They are both broken as individuals but I think they are really good as a couple and just need to really communicate with each other. Like they may be cold but when you see that scene where he comes home drunk in ep1 after their argument they both hesitated to open the door. They definitely are in love and are yearning for each other.
    If he really hated her, he could have just left her killed and would escape this marriage more easily. In the preview, it also shows how he investigates how that animal got to her when it’s not supposed to ( I think but am not really sure). He doesn’t want her dead.
    I really can’t wait when they really talk to each other and not just say things that end up hurting each other.

  16. I knew sml is going to annoy me the moment I saw him..

    Now I will have to suffer him for whole show considering he is one of the side leads..

  17. I know I can use the tag but that doesn’t necassarily mean i want to or have to. I left it like that because I wanted to have a discussion base on my comment and sometimes most people don’t click on comments mark as spoilers just because.

    but I also didn’t want those who are just casually scrolling the comments for reviews to accidentally read mine and have the epsiodes they haven’t seen spoiled by me.

  18. I think hyunwoo hate haein’s family not haein but the thing is haein don’t have a good relationship with her family either. she grew up like that she is used to them but he is not and the fact that she never show him love or never protected him (she always do it secretly so..) I think all of that created this I guess if they lived separately from the start so many things would be different but again it’s impossible haein is part of that family ..

  19. Episode 2 made laugh so hard. Lol. KSH is nailing this role. The leads are so funny together, also they have great chemistry even though they think they not together emotionally. KJW looks so beautiful and hot here, loved all her scenes and her character’s perspective. The leads obviously love eachother but because of their communication skills being poor they think their other half doesn’t care much about them. Really hope there isn’t much angst or unnecessary jealousy because of the SML. Hoping to see more from the FL’s perspective in future episodes. They have nailed the black comedy here. Looking forward to next episodes very much.

  20. Do ya’ll really think Hyunwoo is happy Hae In will die? I know it’s only been two episodes but can ya’ll please watch his body language?…. He doesn’t hate his wife, rather he despise’s the situation he’s in, meaning the family aspect of it. He wanted to marry her and love her but ended up marry the entire family instead. As you guys can see they treat all the husbands in the family the same…..Like housewives. When he found out she’s dying, he’s not thinking “the woman I Love/loved is dying yeah I’m happy serve her right” What he saw was an easier escape route that didn’t require him going u against literal conglomerates. A fight he more or likely would’ve bitterly lost. I’m sure after he heard what she said it didn’t process correctly as all he had in his mind at that time was “get a divorce, that’s the only way to reclaim freedom”

    Also I don’t think you guys realize this is a reverse of what a daughter-in-law would’ve gone through, like for example the preparation of the food for the memorial, that’s normally the role of the daughter-in-law. The writers are making a statement while also calling out on the continuous mistreatment and overworking daughter-in-laws experience after they’re married. It seems everybody is missing that.

    Also this is just my opinion but i think he may be a little insecure, here is why; Though he’s great at what he does, welll educated and graduated from a very good university, he’s still a boy from a no name small community. In his in-laws eyes he’s no better than a secretary who cleans up there mess and I think he has started to believe that too even though he knows he’s well qualified and worthy of marry Hae-In.

    Now back to what I was saying, He doesn’t have his emotions fully sorted out as yet, everything is all distorted. And she isn’t a insensitive person either, infact she is literally the same person he married; her attitude hasn’t change. I know that you guys are saying she doesn’t defend him from her family but she literally does, when the brither talked down to hyunwoo she didn’t let it slide she literally beat the crap outta him, same when the bother wanted to bother him at work she stopped her and same goes for tht matchmaker who keeps wanting to break them up. She stood up for him in all those situation. She hardly has any power in the family base on what I can see in these two episode,seems as if she made a drastic mistake or was blamed for such but whatever the case, she isn’t favored either.

    He wants a divorece to separate himself from her family and the company of which he has to still serve the family. He quite literally can hardly breathe. He’s trying to escape the stiffling situation more than his wife, He doesn’t hate her and he’s most definitely not happy she might die. he really continued to research on those article because he himself didnt want to believe that she could be gone forever in three months.

    Thank you for coming to my tedtalk!

  21. I hate the FL,she is not a badass,just an annoying b**ch but I didn’t expect the ML to be so happy about her fate. It’s all kinda messy and not funny,those two don’t convince me that they used to be in love at all and I don’t see how they will fall for each other again.

  22. Seem like u have watch the drama before us. The kissing scenes on the trailer were so fast that u can’t even judge according to that. So what is judgment based on?

  23. I haven’t read any spoilers about this, but I’m hoping to see the kind of chemistry I enjoyed from the 2FL and 2ML from Run On. I’d like to see 1FL maintain her commanding presence in the outside world, but learn how to trust 1ML and let go in order to achieve genuine intimacy in private. And while 1ML is generally gentle & sensitive, he convinces 1FL to allow him to be dominant when they are alone. Because how else are they to ever find lasting love and happiness?

  24. Fun fact: This is the third drama by screenwriter Park Ji Eun which contains “Queen of” in the title.

  25. I hate dubbed dramas it destroys the authenticity of the drama okay it’ll attract more audience but the og fans won’t be able to enjoy
    Netflix India is dubbing it ig but I’ll watch it with eng sub only

  26. I never knew Kim Ji Won can also play a rich chaebol. I mean just the pictures look convincing. I know she is an amazing actress and I know she will do well.

  27. I was at another forum….n they mentioned QOT and was already trashing it.

    Also, why are ppl soo obsessed with rating on here?

    If a drama brings you joy that is all that matter. When it brings you joy, you’ll rate it highly

    Plenty of rating 7 + drama that i enjoyed greatly.

    All subjective and eye of the beholder

    I don’t get it….people are soo …..

  28. ceo female caint wait…buď Best badass female ceo All times IS
    1.its okay not be okay
    2.hotel de luna
    3.crah loading you … they born fór this role 💋 ….i like female in my liberation notes She IS Also very pretty caint wait..

  29. They don’t get projects every month. Both leads have already left their marks in the industry, so they can afford to go on and off for some time.

  30. She will be mean because of some backstories then in 2nd half it will be resolved gradually. Thats how kdramas go. Eat rinse repeat. I am fine with it but I hope she doesnt get interested in other man or purposefully try to hurt hyunwoo thats where I draw the line

  31. NO.

    I am sorry but there is no comparison.
    Yes Pakistani drama hit at the desi vibes and trope but, that’s it. It’s the same story and plot shown in 6543377 different ways.

  32. ML last drama was in 2021 and FL in 2022. So I want to know if there was a specific reason for their hiatus or they just wanted a break.

  33. This might be the first show I watch while it’s airing instead of waiting until all the episodes are out.

  34. Kim Soo Hyun is very particular about his dramas, so I know the script must be immaculate. I can’t wait for this to air.

  35. This was originally meant to air late last year, so there wasn’t really that much of a hiatus. Filming just took longer. They’ve been filming since early 2023. Also, actors as high-profile as the two leads here won’t just do any project; they will wait for the right one to come along.

  36. I was quite disappointed by the previous trailers coz i didn’t expect a romcom
    but the new one , i really like it , I’m excited
    it gives me hope , that it will be a great story 😊
    I’m a huge fan of ksh

    but the poster is still bad
    people should not assume genuine opinions to be hate comments 😊

  37. I hope FL is not as mean as shown in the teasers. She ordered to have guns pointed to his head for wanting a divorce? I’m wondering if these exaggerated snippets are just part of Hyun Woo’s story telling in his drunken state.

  38. Please replace the current poster with the one featuring them in black suits; it’s far superior

  39. Oh I’m fully expecting it to be My Demon all over again with haters being obsessed and camping in the comments. Not even talking about quality, just hype and watchers. Big hits make people defensive and many love to pretend they are above and “better than” what’s popular.

  40. I doubt,“Queen of Tears” will tell the miraculous, thrilling, and humorous love story of this married couple, who manage to survive a crisis and stay together against all odds. How FL sickness can do justice to this plot, writer, please don’t tell me that for a couple to get together one of them should die . LOL
    Also I cannot deny, in trailors she is looking pale and leaning on her husband’s shoulder wih all his eyes teared.
    Also it can be her “Queens group” sinking( from the trailor) her pride….. that is why she is scared. May be both will work together to bring it back .
    So, my question is what is the plot? OMG

  41. it’s official, FL is sick, probably terminal illness .
    So my first prediction : open ending, i maybe right

  42. Not a single effort on the poster, they look more gorgeous in the trailers, that photographer did them dirty, no creativity what so ever.

  43. But you will watch it regardless of getting your 20 likes. It is already getting so much hype and coverage before airing.

  44. is it like fl is married to the sml and afterwards fall for ml while working? or like ml and fl will have contract married?

  45. so… they’re like already together at the Beginning or with?
    or might be like a, contract marriage or something…

  46. Oh I just realized that this is directed by the brilliant Vincenzo PD!

    Will definitely check it out then! She is reliable at making good dramas.

  47. This is my one of the most anticipated drama of 2024 but eh that short teaser is giving romcom I was expecting melo-drama , I want melo

  48. I’ve learned that anytime this is put in the synopsis it will be angst, angst, and more angst and anything but humorous: “…tell the miraculous, thrilling, and humorous love story…”

  49. Kim Soo hyun has been a favorite of mine for a long time, so I have no ill expectations about this drama. I have been waiting a long time for it to air and I am so excited it is almost here!

  50. With the combination of the cast, director & screenwriter, this has a lot of potential. I just hope there’s enough plot to use up those 16 episodes effectively. A lot of dramas these days start off really good, only to go downhill due to fillers and unnecessary dragging. Given who the screenwriter is, I’m sure that won’t be the case here. I’m looking forward to this.

  51. I don’t think it wiil be full on comedy, more likely to be a dramedy and especially 2nd half probably more serious once stakes are higher & more developed plot….

  52. Pretty sure that was just a mistake, originally they thought the crisis was her being ill. The crisis is divorce and I think it is one of those stories where they were in love but fell out

  53. Ooh nice!
    Also it has the talented Vincenzo PDnim also!

    DreamTeam, will make this drama work! 😍

    (I dropped My Love From The Star though, but nothing to do w bad writing, just got a severe 2ndl Lead symdrome with Park Hae Jin lol. This screenwriter is solid .)

  54. it is always the big dramas king the land ,my demon, they have a good Start and then start going downhill to the basement.

  55. Kdrama marriage genre era:

    Perfect Marriage Revenge
    My Demon
    Story of Park’s Marriage Contract
    Marry My Husband
    Wedding Impossible
    Queen of Tears

  56. I thought this would be more melo than romcom… Though I have a feeling it will be mixed genres and it will be more serious in the second part. let’s see

  57. Why does he always get the crazy and chaotic female leads first in my love from another star and then it’s okay not to be okay and now queen of tears🤣

    No because I laughed when watching the trailer….she literally is the queen of tears by the way she made him cry

    Can’t wait

  58. i think they will show flashbacks of their relationship before marriage in every episode just like flower of evil

    that will be cool

  59. noooo , i wanted it to be a serious drama
    and mature couple without cringe comedy (like flower of evil and happiness)
    even the title is like giving melodrama vibes

  60. So, they are together from the beginning. Thats great I’m tired of watching these couples get together in ep 8 just to breakup in ep 10.

  61. Yay it looks like a romcom! Finally jiwon and soohyun are in a chill drama haha, atleast I hope that’s the case

  62. I’ve struggled to get as into couples in dramas that draw heavily from a couple’s past who dated/were married before in flashbacks (e.g. Our Beloved Summer, Welcome To Samdalri). It feels like you’re missing a piece of the story and can never enjoy their present or become fully immersed in their current love because their past is where everything happened that made them care about each other.

    One drama that managed to successfully (in my opinion) find a way to have former lovers/married couple fall in love again was Go Back Couple. Instead of doing many flashbacks to their “first past,” they sent the characters back to the past to get a chance to “start over.” I liked that it felt like we were starting from square one with them, and only later as they grew closer for the second time did they start showing flashbacks of how much they really cared about each other and why they loved each other so deeply the first time they fell in love (funny that WTS had the same screenwriter as GBC; but I think GBC is the superior drama).

    Curious to see what this drama will do, since the trailer seemed to hint that, again, their past will either be shown very quickly at the beginning to introduce us to them before they dump their dysfunction on us or as flashbacks. So I’m a bit worried about how their romance rekindled in the present will land.

  63. I have the highest hopes for their comeback hahah. It’s a weekend drama too. Plenty of time to stare at their beauty 🥰

  64. But the threat of that trope is even worst here, if there is an annoying and meddlesome SML and FL becomes tempted then it’s all the worst cuz she is already in a legally committed relationship.

  65. This promotional strategy is baffling as well as annoying. focusing on mistreatment and misery as if that will get attention .. can they not hint at him giving back after mistreatment?? won’t that have a different impact??Do they think a man getting bullied and mistreated is more exciting?What have they shown till now that will convince us it’s a miraculous love story??? I mean why should viewers root for this couple when one of them is being mistreated by other half/their family?

    It’s a little confusing why they went this route. Like why is the main lead made to stand when he is a son-in-law. Yet we have a guest (the 2nd male lead or villain) sitting and enjoying happy meal with family??

    They can definitely do better. I hope with just 2 weeks left, we get few more heartwarming teasers into the couple dynamics.

    1. Agree 100% Why is a man getting bullied and crying entertaining for people? There has been nohing to show their supposed “love” It doesnt even look like a love story.

  66. I’m so excited about this. Can’t wait. Kim Soo Hyun is one of my favourite actors😍 I had missed him so much on screens. Glad he is back.

  67. at first I was interested in this but not so much anymore tbh. I hate abuse, there is no excuse for the mistreat of the ML. and FL doesn’t even seem to care and stand up for him?? yeah right, true love right there… =_= if i was him i would get a divorce. But i get it why this can seem as appealing since in majority of kdramas its the FL who is treated like trash.. so when its for once the opposite, the FL being treated like a Queen while ML being treated as bad as dog poop, it can be seen as refreshing. but i still can’t stand it, no matter if its a man or woman being treated like shit. sorry, don’t think this one is for me :/

  68. Wow, what a star-studded cast. Down to the kid actors and supporting roles…kinda raises the stakes but I’ll try not to have high expectations since most have been shattered.

  69. So, they are together from the beginning. Thats great I’m tired of watching these couples get together in ep 8 just to breakup in ep 10.

  70. I caught that but it could mean so many things; if they have a stupid break up and get back together trope, it would still mean that they’ve stayed together in the end

  71. Characters description:

    Baek Hyun-woo

    Baek Hyun-woo has everything: appearance, profession, and prestigious university degree – but he seems still modest in comparison to his wife, Hong Hae-in. He also harbors a hidden secret – the challenges of living under his in-laws’ strict control. Balancing work and household conflicts, he faces a new crisis that could reshape his life. Will he be able to navigate through this challenge and sustain a happy marriage?

    Hong Hae-in

    Hong Hae-in, born into the esteemed Queens Group, has always felt the world favoring her. Selecting Hyun-woo as her spouse, a son of Yongdu-ri village chief, she lives in a world she perceives as kind and beautiful until unexpected challenges arise. How will Hae-in overcome this crisis?

  72. March 9 can’t come fast enough. I’m so excited for this. I have a feeling this is going to be good. I just hope the writers make both characters likable and relatable. I hope both can be sympathetic.

  73. “Queen of Tears” huh, the way I thought that meant FL will cry alot here and be in lot of drama caused by others to her.
    ….but having watched the teaser(&read MDL’s article of the teaser) I think it’s the opposite, she will put OTHER people in pain with her bold strong woman gives no **** persona ha ha! 😆

  74. This is written by someone who has lot of fame and second collab with actor, so hope this is as good as her previous scripts were.

  75. What’s with this comment section and criticizing every single thing about the drama when it’s not even out yet?
    “Oh, I liked it at first, but now after a 10 sec teaser not so much”, “The FL’s clothes are not doing it for me”, etc.
    You think you’re gonna get the vibe, tone and story of a drama from a teaser and some pictures? I swear people are so fickle and impatient this days..

  76. Ehhhh that ‘s a VERY bland uninspired poster 😅😅😅…..even for kdrama poster standards 😅😅😅😅

    …. hopefully that’s just one version and the final poster will be different like they tend to do anyway 😅

  77. I wish MDL had a function or something where ounces it’s the date of a new drama or even new episode of airing drama, it SERIOUSLY notifies you. so many upcoming drama next week, how do we keep up and remember!

  78. I’m surprised that they haven’t released the official poster for this drama yet. Really excited for this pairing + the screenwriter tho!!!

  79. Every drama needs a promotion, even if they are popular leads if not they will ends up like Disney+ or Amazon drama both have some good dramas but they don’t have huge popularity bcz of their minimal to no promotion strategy, promotions will make it reach to more people,

    So far TVN is doing a good Job, KSH will join a Variety show and Talk show to promote it and Netflix promotes their dramas well compared to other streaming sites

  80. It seems there might be a misunderstanding. If she’s slated to portray the president of Queens Department Store, then expecting Jang Man-wol and Ko Moon-young-style outfits would be inappropriate for the role, as those outfits may be too fancy.

  81. some people acting as if the comedy tag will drag the drama’s quality down 😭 (insert meme: so you agree! you view comedy esp in combination with romance as a lesser genre!)
    anyways im here to be silly n goofy, plus the drama can still have its deep and serious moments one just needs to look at literally all the other tags.

  82. does anyone else feel the female lead is too cold and deliberately mean??? I am worried she may not be too likeable with that kind of attitude.

  83. romcom because it’s a man get abused and boiled by his wife if it’s a woman who get abused and boiled by her in law , it will be : melodrama crime and revenge lol

  84. Yes RomCom!!! RomCom is really the best genre of Kdrama because it is less or not stressful. I mean our life is depressing enough so why watch a drama that’s stressful and annoying.

  85. Rom-Com K-dramas are my stress relievers; they help me escape momentarily from our harsh reality. I don’t want to deal with any stress in K-dramas because I’m already dealing with it in real life. And that’s why I only watch Rom-Com.

  86. The pairing of Ksh and Kjw is stunning. They look so lovely, until teaser gets to the part of marital discord. I was expecting some different treatment of married couple gradually drifting apart and falling out of love. But since it’s the era of badass, girl boss, mean and indifferent female leads, who can treat the male leads whatever way they want and still expect unwavering love from male leads, I am skeptical about warming up to her as I don’t enjoy love stories with character imbalance btwn ml and fl.
    The only thing I am putting my faith on is PJE’s writing.

  87. I can think of welcome to samdalri having barely any promo and doing really well, but there are major expectations on qot though.

  88. The teasers so far are just giving romcom, I’m just so curious on what is taking them freaking long to film, it’s been nearly a year now. I’m actually surprised with park sunghoon taking a supporting role but with a stacked cast, I’m sure there’s more to the story and I can’t wait to be surprised.

  89. Wishful thinking is there being some steamy scenes 🙈 like in soohyun and Jiwon’s shows IOTNBO and lovestruck, which both were directed by the same pd. I just hope it’s not that tame lol.

  90. I’m bingewatching Kim Soo Hyun’s dramas and movies while waiting for Queen Of Tears, i hope he will sing a new ost for this drama, i love his song DREAMING from Dream High

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  92. This an expensive kdrama, all these cast are expensive starting from the ml who is the highest paid Korean actor 😳whew. Please let it be a good drama as good as all the cast combined 😄😄

  93. this is one of the few kdramas im super hyped for :’) this, All of Us Are Dead S2, Branding in Seongsu and Doctor Slump. im so excited!! and i love the cast lineup.

  94. Sounds like park sunghoon is gonna create tension for the main couples relationship… I really hope there’s no love triangle

  95. the plot line doesn’t really seem to be my cup off tea but i think once this airs I’m gonna give it a go just cause of the cast.