The Bequeathed (2024)

The Bequeathed (2024)

Other name: 선산 / Seonsan / Family Gravesite

Synopsis: When a woman inherits a gravesite, she begins to uncover the secrets of her family’s history. As the circumstances around the inheritance become more mysterious, she embarks on a journey to uncover the truth. Over the course of six episodes, the woman discovers the hidden truths of her family’s past.



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13 Comments to “The Bequeathed (2024)

  1. It was good! Dark and mysterious for sure. I like how they kept you on your toes like…is this horror? Haha! I really couldn’t figure things out until everything came to a conclusion which is rare these days. A good watch if you are looking for something gritty and a little spooky.

  2. Quite a good series. Sometimes, in places, I was even reminded of the “Real Detective” first season, in the series there is a detective who, for show (he curries favor with his superiors) and is really a seasoned professional! The whole series, I wondered who the killer was and was surprised. For fans of the genre, I recommend it!

  3. excellent psychological thriller. I binged this in 2 days, there was that much pull and intensity. Not much gore, which I like. No filler scenes, no boring moments. The last episodes had some slapstick humour, my cup of tea exactly. 9.5/10.

  4. 8/10. The drama was okay, but it pales in comparison to the legendary writer’s other dramas e.g. Train to Busan and The Cursed.

  5. When I watched the trailer on Netflix I thought this is a horror genre but no. It’s a mystery, crime, thriller and I am not complaining. I liked it and finished it in two days. Every episode got me hooked and was curious who the killer was and the plot twist I didn’t saw it coming. The female lead though is weak and with questionable decisions so that kind of a let down. This is a slow burn drama and if you’re up for that then you might like it.