Wonderful World (2024)

Wonderful World (2024)

Other name: 원더풀 월드 / 美好世界 / Wondeopul Woldeu / Чудесный мир

Synopsis:Eun Soo Hyun, a renowned psychology professor and writer, faces a devastating change when her young son dies unjustly, and justice is not served. Losing hope in the legal system, she takes matters into her own hands to seek retribution for her son’s death. Despite grappling with pain and despair, Eun Soo Hyun becomes entangled with others who share similar experiences. Together, they delve into mysterious cases, finding solace and healing as they gradually resolve the challenges that bind them.
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73 Comments to “Wonderful World (2024)

  1. uhhh so Cha Eunwoo is the male lead but there’s no romance storyline between him and female lead (as seen from the promotion photos that she is/was probably married to Kim Kangwoo’s character), right? I think it would have been interesting to see him in more romantic relationship with such mature actress (especially in a drama with a more serious tone as this one), but I guess it’s seems that it’s going to be a good series to watch regardless

    1. Bro what is wrong with you do you know how much under the criticism they would’ve been with that age gap c’monnnn

  2. yall y does it matter if its a romance or not like we don’t always need to see eunwoo kissing someone. we’re here to support eunwoo and the rest of the cast, we’re here to see eunwoo play a different type of character, we’re here for the story line. we should be here to fantasise over eunwoo kissing.

  3. Im glad there isnt any romance between the leads. Its not that im opposed to big age gap relationships but considering the synopsis and character details, it would have felt peculiar to witness them romantically involved. FL’s character has recently lost her son and based on character details, her husband isnt portrayed as a negative character. Therefore, it would be quite odd for her to engage in a romantic relationship with Kwon Seonyul amid all this chaos. The same applies to ML, although im unaware of his personal struggles, the teasers suggest he is going through a challenging time. In this scenario, it would be more fitting for them to develop a platonic bond and find solace in each other.

  4. Regardless there’s romance or not, they too can make their relationship & connection ambiguous hence making it hard for people labelling it, people who want to see it as romance can think what they wanted to think & people who don’t can do the same, so idt it’s even worth to argue for.
    The FL lost her son as a kid (7/8 years old) way back before she served her jail sentence,
    The ML (CEW) is an adult whom I think lost his precious person
    Both at their lowest point of life & it makes them feel connected.
    Idt it’s that problematic & hard to believe.
    People need to stop gate keeping them & forced labelling them as a mother & son tandem, it’s not even a romance focused drama, we may see some chemistry from them & that’s all about it.

  5. I want it to have a romance cause I am a huge fan of older woman/younger man dramas especially if her husband will be uncaring for her I don’t know, so wanting them to heal each other😂🔫🤣👌

  6. This might come as a shocker but Platonic Friends can also heal each other, NO need for a creepy age gap romance between a 20something and 50 year old 😅, for writers to create a sweet healing platonic friendship where they heal each other.

    See for example My Mister where the genders are reversed Older man-Younger woman PLATONIC friendship there too…

    Or are you suggesting every attendee of a support group where they heal each other are all romantically involved with each other LMAO 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. So Lim ji sub (male lead of the eighth sense drama) will play as a brother of cha eun woo in this drama😍😍😍
    Check their role surnames! Wowo….

  8. They are age gap I had a relationship with a over 20 year younger men … we had a really good relationship but I now that it would end because he wants have kids and I already had a son … so now we are good friends he had a lovely wife and a daughter … but you have to be strong even in this time because people still have a problem with this … who cares it was my best time in Asia then

  9. I was going to ask if there will be any romance, I think there should be cause if her husband is a lame guy as you say and she is heartbroken for her son’s death, the male lead is the healing element in her life as he the other had a distress in his life so he is well understanding her and the suitable to comfort her, I think…😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣

  10. I think there is maybe slight romance, FL is married but seems her husband is another lame guy, + her child will die, so with ML they will be close,

  11. There’s no romance tag. Even though romance is my favorite genre, sometimes by throwing it in, it ruins the flow of the mystery/thriller.

  12. NOOOOO you are getting me wrong definitely😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣

    let them be platonic friends even for large age gap I don’t have a problem at all to heal each others as friends not as lovers, because it will be a betrayal if there is a romance especially she is married and she surely a mourned mother doesn’t have the mood for seeking a new relationship😂🔫🤣

    by the way the fact of platonic friendship is not shocking for me, on the contrary of what you think I would like them to be like that😂🔫🤣

    she should have someone who understands her if her husband will be a villain or not I don’t know about his character😂🔫🤣

    I am totally in for her to have a new friendship with someone worthy who is supporting her in her hard times🙃🙃🙃

    not necessary to be in a romantic realtionship regarding this drama is not about a noona romance😂🔫🤣

    but what I meant if it was a noona drama though a great age gap I don’t mind in case her husband is uncaring for her only but not the extent of betrayal she will be involved with the male lead😂🔫🤣

  13. yes it is too much age gap 26 years difference😂🔫🤣 but maybe there won’t be romance or if there is it will be slight romance?!🤔🤔🤔, she could see him like a son cause she lost her one not more than that🙃🙃🙃

  14. yes this is the great idea you are saying of it is not about the age, it is about the right person understanding each other more than this silly matter of noona large age gap objections😂🔫🤣maybe in korean dramas nowadays they include hidden romance within the show and did not mention it to make it a thrilling subplot and I think the case of hidden romance can be applied here🤔🤔🤔

  15. for the love of god… some comments.
    1.we don’t know if has romance
    2.if does has…so what?
    it is not like the ML is some immature teen
    is an adult
    i know a couple that he is near 50 the other barely made 30 and knew each others for 10 years
    Now, not my usual type of drama, but i said i will give it a chance to change a bit my usual.

  16. I agree, love transcends age difference. And I don’t know why many people are so against it. So what if they are around Cha Eun Woo’s age? Is that a valid reason to be against it? I’m also around the Eun Woo’s age but I didn’t have the same idea as they do. And why should I be against it? And its not like big noona age difference doesn’t exist. In this big world, you’ll find couples with bigger age difference. So, being against big noona age difference is unreasonable.

    I can’t figure out why they are so against it, life is all about finding the right one, and not finding the one with the right age. I wish to see a hidden romance, although it’s not in the tag.

  17. I wasn’t even thinking about this drama having romance between the leads but now that everyone is talking about it, I kind of want it.

  18. yes you are right, it has been an issue from a long time here the controversial large age gap and it is so vastly to see like these objections after the trend of noona romance in a lot of asian dramas, we still see a lot of complaints about it, some said their mother is having the age of kim nam joo and they are the age of cha eun woo…

    I don’t mind them whatever their relationship will be cause age gap for a noona drama “is not something considered a flaw”, I hope to see a hidden romance tag, cause knight flower is a recent completed drama had a romance but not mentioned in tags so I wish it will be here the same to see it though not the main plot

    however if we will talk about the popular goblin series, it would be so conventionally normal for the average of opinions!!!! and the proportion of objections for the older man/younger woman age gap won’t be the same, I have seen some criticizing them but so less than the big noona age difference problem like here🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  19. Judging from the comments here, it seems many are against this drama having romance, and it’s disappointing that their are people with such mindset.

    What’s wrong with this drama containing romance? What? A man in his fifties can marry a woman in her twenties but a woman can’t? If it were the ML that happened to be around the age of KNJ, there would be less complaints. It’s infuriating to see comments criticizing large age gap romance, specifically older women/younger men romance.

  20. what was the record for Knight Flower. It will break the record as its a Revenge, Thriller and KNJ always sparks it like she done in Misty

  21. Counting down the days to see Kim Nam Joo’s return to kdramaland, if this kdrama is successful, it is very likely that she will win another Daesang 🤩
    The highest ratings that Kim Nam Joo’s latest kdramas have had for MBC:
    -Queen of Housewives:30.6 %
    -Queen of Reversals:17.4 %

    I hope Wonderful World breaks double digits and I’d love to see it break Knight Flower’s record.

  22. This is only an entertainment art, its not the real world for god’s sake. Why people take everything so seriously nowdays.

  23. Judging from the comments here, it seems many are against this drama having romance, and it’s disappointing that their are people with such mindset.

    What’s wrong with this drama containing romance? What? A man in his fifties can marry a woman in her twenties but a woman can’t? If it were the ML that happened to be around the age of KNJ, there would be less complaints. It’s infuriating to see comments criticizing large age gap romance, specifically older women/younger men romance.

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  25. ps. not ruling out any romance. I don’t mind if there is, i don’t mind if not. and the way the scenes were shown in the teasers were quite confusing (but people trying to point that seonyul might be soohyun’s son even after watching the last teaser is so weird— like— it was already shown that her son died 😭 stoppp)

  26. just a theory based on the previous teaser:

    What if its seonyul’s bestfriend thats in the hospital (they must’ve been in a motorbike accident and the girl’s family is blaming him for it). she might be in a coma which was why he wanted to stay and take care of her but her family won’t allow it (this explains why he was getting beaten in the hospital hallway). and the lines of soohyun:
    “Aren’t you hurt?” is probably not directed to seonyul but to her husband (could be a continuation of her line from the previous teasers: “I’ve been thinking about you..”(or smth like that) -> “Aren’t you hurt?” . referring to their son’s death as her husband is probably not that invested in the situation as much as her (knowing that she took it to her own hands to punish her son’s killer but her husband was barely mentioned).
    Seonyul’s line: “This doesn’t hurt at all. I wanted to do something for you, instead of only receiving from you.” (would make more sense if he was talking to his bestfriend as he wanted to take care of her in the hospital).

    really looking forward to this as Nam Joo’s last drama was 6 years ago 🤧🤍

  27. if they will make cha eun woo her son as hidden identity let them write another script or make another drama for the both of them😂🔫🤣🤦‍♀️
    I don’t feel it should turn like this, it will not be shocking if it is true but I am not anticipating neither romance nor unromantic drama cause there is a lot of various opinions🤔🤔🤔 I too don’t mind a romance or not🙋‍♀️🙃

    it is one of the tags of older woman/younger man if you search about it on mdl so they should not be blood related, maybe I see them more like supportive friends I don’t know…

  28. For those who watched drama my demon, here the lead couple is a version of future Dohee who is now old and Guwon always young ans sexy LOL

  29. i cannot wait!!!!!

    also i don’t mind if there’s romance between the leads. i’m expecting this to be a dark drama and even if their relationship becomes non-platonic, it doesn’t mean you need to find it romantic. kind of like how the couple in The Glory is not exactly healthy, but it’s a dark thriller and it suits the genre. if we were just watching a rom com where the romance is the focus then obviously i would prefer for it to not be toxic/problematic.

  30. I believe there will be romance because of the first poster. It would be better if what you’re saying is true. She could see him as her deceased son in the drama instead of a love interest.

  31. this drama is not about you or your personal likings, though, couples like this exist in real life and there even maybe won’t be romance, extremely unlikely there would be a kiss scene, so calm down, lol, he’s not teen in this

  32. If they made a Korean version of:
    -Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
    -Les grandes chaleurs
    It would be a big annoyance for those who hate middle-aged actresses having a young lover🤣😂 in those movies the age difference is bigger than the one between Kim Nam Joo and Cha Eun Woo.
    In Wonderful World I don’t think there will be romance between Eun Soo Hyun and Kwon Seon Yul, at most it will only be platonic

  33. yes you are totally right a lot of people have a problem when watching the female lead is older than the male lead especially with large age gap in most cases like here cause I watched so many noona dramas and the criticism about the age difference here is extremely controversial and maybe I am the most one commenting a lot to support the big age gap here😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣

    as long the chemistry is great and they are the friends supporting and healing each other or turning from friends to lovers even with slight romance I am in for watching this impressive story😎😎😎

  34. I’m Cha Eun Woo’s age & Kim Nam Joo is my mum’s age – literally. I don’t mind age gaps, but this is a lot..

    I wouldn’t watch it, even more so if genders reversed. But I will watch the first episode at least before judging because Cha Eun Woo is the ML.

  35. I don’t mind what their relationship will be romantic/platonic/healing and supportive friend as long it is noona drama/large age gap my favorite type 😂🔫🤣 and they are mature adults and the chemistry is great, I think their acting should be well especially in this thriller and mysterious type they are nearly living in the same situation of distress so they are greatly paired together😎😎😎

  36. lol..there are A lot of Kdrama’a that have no romance tag and indeed have romance. Knight Flower, Attorney Woo, Vincenzo to name a few.

  37. yeah there is ALWAYS sth exist for some people for complaining and spread hate in every aspects while its not neccessery.

  38. I’m just a bit older than the ML and while I admit I’d prefer that his character be aged up (preferably to 30), I hope there’ll be some level of romance between the two.

  39. I believe it’s the other way around. Men get criticism more often when dating a younger woman. He gets called a paedophile, pervert, creep, and any other words to criticise him. Meanwhile, a woman dating a younger man, “You go girl.”

  40. I am so excitedddd. We don’t get to see such dramas all the time. Hope it’s done well looking forward to it!! Does anyone get reminded of K2 with the umbrella scene!! I still wish they would have made the ml and antagonist be the main love interest to this day. It’s really comes down to how the chemistry will be shown. I think if there will be romance it will be slow burn.. Hope it’s a bit twisted too! I just love a forbidden love that makes me think I shouldnt like the couple but damn the tension between them. My only concern is eunwoo acting for example.. With ji chang wook he could act and I was immersed.. Eunwoo is a bit limited.. The director will have to really assist him. But anyway we don’t know anything yet but it’s something new no? Anything new is welcomed.. Haven’t seen anything like this so at the very least it would be refreshing to watch

  41. On the contrary to most people, I’m looking forward & hoping for a noona romance even if it’s minimal here, as long as both an adult & share similar emotional maturity I hv no problem with it, for instance I don’t think the Goblin couple has it hence I’m off the board w/ it coz their dynamics making it hard for me to buy their relationship, but I hv no problem w/ Uhm Jung Hwa & Park Seo Joon’s pairing on Witch’s romance despite their 20+ real life age gap coz their characters share similar emotional maturity so I find their relationship believable/ attraction felt real.

  42. Here’s the official introduction, post by mbc on the drama main page (w/ google machine’s translation)

    “There is evil in the world that cannot be punished by law.
    This is why revenge exists.

    Here, there is ‘Soo-hyeon’, a woman who unfairly lost her young son.

    I did not forgive, but the law forgave the perpetrator, and
    my child died, but the perpetrator of the murder trial lost nothing.

    In the end, she fulfills the law of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth in her bloody scream.

    She believed that in this way she destroyed evil and ‘saved’ good.

    Until she encounters her ‘melody’ who has scars that resemble hers. “Wonderful World,”

    where two souls with frustrated and bitter fates become entangled in a narrative of salvation through hardships and trials. It all began with that day’s events that summer.”

    Seon Yul character here is so mysterious
    Being referred as her ‘melody’
    & who’s this comatose guy/girl whose hand he holds in the trailer?

  43. I loved the chemistry between UJH and PSJ, other Korean actors who had very good chemistry despite the big age difference were: Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In in Secret Love Affair Kim Seo Hyung and Lee Shi Woo in Pale Moon

  44. yes when we are talking about the older man/younger woman for 20+ or less age gap it is so normal for the most of people to accept the difference in age😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣
    but when the female lead with high position of professor and well educated like the character of female lead here she will still be disparaged for being couple with a younger man who could be a great soulmate healing for her in the distress she is going through😏😏😏

  45. I haven’t really watched any eunwoo show, but ngl his character looks interesting here, along with others, so I’m gonna tune in

  46. A lot of you are super immature. Once a person is in their mid-late 20’s, ppl in their 50s are no longer elders, they are just senior to you. Older peers if you will. Yes Gen Z, we are not babies anymore. Time to grow up. Most ppl 25+ are spending everyday interacting in an environment with ppl around this age as coworkers. Its not weird to fall in love with someone you can view as an equal.

    And thats where I want to call many of you out. Bc there IS something weird about this relationship if its romantic and its not age. And I have not seen ONE comment talking about it. So all of you preaching about how strange age gaps are, take a seat. The issue is the student/professor dynamic. That is a power imbalance that remains no matter what age. Y’all are giving ageism, check yourself! Age can be a form of discrimination too. AND many of yall love that drama My Mister… Misogyny here too! Check your biases guys and open your minds!

  47. I think if there will be a romance, it will be a slight not the main focus cause logically a mourned mother doesn’t have enough time to start a new relationship and she is already married😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣

    and she is so far to think about it regarding her big ordeal the culprit is acquitted and she wants to take revenge so I exclude the possibility of romance, the male lead can be like a son to her if he will remind her about her deceased son don’t know and they can be like a healing friends🤔🤔🤔

    I don’t mind a romance though a large age gap cause I am a big fan of noona romance😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣

    but the story plot is not suitable to be a noona drama, it is more thrilling unless her husband is betraying her (cause I heard he was uncaring for her don’t know), then could have a romance between main leads just a speculation😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣

  48. I don’t mind if there is romance in this TBH. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be typical kdrama romance, maybe it’s more of a passion thing.But, I’m also not sure if a telecast kdrama would do that, that’s more of a web show thing. It’s exciting tho. I’m looking forward to Cha Eun Woo playing more adult roles. I’m getting sympathetic villain vibes from him in the trailers. Maybe he’s the killer. I’m looking forward to it. Also, all of Eunwoo’s co-leads are technically older than him. This is double his age tho.

  49. the previous hair cut of cha eun woo was better than the new one😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣 it is a new era of an adult drama of cha eun woo😂🔫🤣

  50. Romance isn’t even the genre (most likely some platonic/one sided feelings at most) and you freak out… You don’t know that couples with huge age gaps actually exist? He’s not underage…

  51. I think there is maybe slight romance, FL is married but seems her husband is another lame guy, + her child will die, so with ML they will be close,

  52. So Lim ji sub (male lead of the eighth sense drama) will play as a brother of cha eun woo in this drama😍😍😍