Wonderful World (2024) Episode 5

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8 Comments to “Wonderful World (2024) Episode 5

  1. Yah, I gotta give it to the husband: He’s really trying to pull some cheating man shenanigans against a woman who has already committed murder and gone to prison! Men are so foolishly arrogant… If I were him, I would be behaving like a saint and sleeping with one eye open at nights. Instead, he’s going around lying and meeting with the mistress. The first time is always the hardest, why is he so confident that his ex convict wife won’t kill him too?
    For me, he was definitely cheating the day Gunwoo disappeared. This is why he wasn’t answering his phone. And why he later stopped the investigation into what happened. My only question is whether he cheated with Yuri or the neighbour. And if it was the neighbour who opened the door for Gunwoo as revenge or if she saw someone else opening the door.

  2. i can’t with seonyul and sujin, they’re so cute

    my god i wanna know the real identity of kwon seonyul, who’s he? i wanna know his story
    is seonyul the son of the man who soohyun killed now he and his brother trying to revenge on her or what they or seonyul tryna do/

    suho and his affairs are really confusing, did he had affair with the neighbour lady or yuri? but it’s hyegeum she at the hotel with her husband and soohyun asked if she is the one in the picture so it was indeed her and not yuri glad we can move on from this and stop questioning yuri i really hope she is not bad idk still now all of them are suspicious to me

  3. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!! What’s the relationship between Seonyul and the drunk driver’s presumed son? Why is Seonyul looking into him?
    Also, wasn’t the neighbour filming her son on phone when Soohyun’s son went missing? I feel like she should have filmed the culprit even by mistake. Why isn’t anybody looking into it yet?

    And Cha Eunwoo why looking so hot all the time!!

  4. This is where I lost my cool. Doesn’t he know who exactly the b*st**d is . He is in front of you. Just see the reflection.

    And someone is framing you!!! What kind of nonsense he is telling now..
    I know that Soo-Hyun life is tragedy but I think whoever sent that photo did a good thing. Atleast she knows how much of a wonderful husband he is.
    Irrespective of the motive, it could be revenge against her or trying to make her look into the accident but one good thing is that he is trying to show what kind of people she is surrounded with.
    Yuri was aware of his affair. I am sure that’s what happened in America. Telling him returning here is not better instead he should have stayed there. Like what exactly does she want to mean. Is she feeling bad for the sister or is she afraid what all things she will lose when everything is revealed. Congressman wasn’t the one who sent the photo.

    The last scene is confusing. That guy is Seon-yul friend and that’s his mom who is in the bed. I am sure that accident happened as she was shocked to learn about her husband being murdered.
    The guy is probably their adopted son.
    The mother-in-law kept the trend of tormenting her daughter-in-law. For a while we had sweet mother-in-law…. Now, we are back to the reality where these kind of ladies think whatever their son’s do can never be wrong. And it’s the daughter-in-law who should compromise. I can never understand why exactly she is allowing her MIL to keep talking those nonsense. Better to throw photo on table and glass of water on her head. That would be more iconic and satisfying to watch.