The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 6

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18 Comments to “The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 6

  1. Oh my god! her acting is just. Aaah! I’ll be frank if she gets even more main roles after this and her acting still remains same in the future dramas (if she does), you can safely assume she definitely is getting supported by someone. This just proves a pretty face isn’t enough to be an actor.

  2. Hmmm….. I have a question….. how she was there?
    If someone there to murder him, shouldn’t he make sure the deed is done?
    How could he leave after one hit?

    Plot holes alert.

    Aha….. is it time for his father to appear? The hit was a greeting from his father…… so now he have to use the favor…. to kill his own father…… my hope…. he can use it to pile unto Kang Joomo’s list of crimes….

    I must say…. someone that planned so many things until he became close to the head….. his actions is kind of out of context…… what’s the writer’s thinking of making him lose his composure bcos his crush is getting married? How is the scene of him struggling from his hospital bed to the office even make sense? How weird is it that the chairman let him walk out alone in his condition, heck, are the guards and staffs in the building just let him go out alone in the streets, he’s the chairman’s right hand man though?

  3. We can see Hyewon also suffered but she is really selfish ,. Inha knew how she is real but still he wants her. Older brother is such a stupid that he wasnt the one to plan han tae oh attack. It’s clear it was kang in ha to plan it. I thought that photo will screen in wedding …
    Kang in ha also have his own poeple to work for him. With whom did hyewon mother talk?

  4. the way In ha and the Chairman are just not surprised or worried and not giving two flying Fu**s about Tae ho being attacked and him being hospitalised and in surgery, just made my belief more stronger that its either one of them who did this….but seeing that the Chairman was also looking for the culprit, m absolutely sure its In ha….his poker face all this time, not concerned for even a second just didn’t make sense, unless he’s the culprit…. m sure he hired the older brother’s bodyguard and also Hyewon’s mother….

    but if its turns out that it was really the older brother who did all this, that would be such a bummer and disappointment….

  5. the chairman’s hairstyle and his dressing makes me think if he was a thug in the past lolx, not complaining though, m actually liking his style, at least one owner who isn’t in tight fitted 3 piece suits even when sleeping….

  6. m pretty sure she’s involved in this incident, if not directly, then indirectly, and if even not that, then m sure she at least would know that Tae oh didn’t do it…..

    it could be that chairman or In ha or both are behind it, In ha to take revenge for kissing his wife, and chairman, to hide what Tae oh knew about his older son so Kangoh isn’t affected in any way….

  7. it only happens in dramas that despite having a serious accident and undergoing a surgery, struggling to even stand, people just casually goes out of the hospital in hospital gowns and even reach their desired destination, do whatever they decided to do and then roam in the streets half conscious but still doesn’t die and manage to even get a taxi and reach another desired destination and only then fall, and still are able to make it alive and well and healthy as if nothing happened…..

    and here, I struggle to get up and wash my face even after a good night’s sleep 😑😑😑

  8. they dun trust each other since the start, they were always friends with benefits, they can betray each other any time and choose their own path…till now, they’ve done everything that can benefit them and have removed any hurdles in their way up, by hook or by crook…

    she grabs any and every opportunity she gets to be successful and make her life easy, she loves Tae oh, she wants him but she knows he can’tgive her the future she wants, she gets wavered everytime she sees him but she can’t leave In ha cz he’s the key for her way up…. In ha knows she doesn’t love him, but he doesn’t wana lose her to Tae oh cz of his pride, and Tae oh knows she doesn’t love In ha but he can’t ask her to be with him cz he can’t afford any weakness….

    I love that all the main characters are grey and not just pure black and white, they’re not morally saints and knows how to mold the situation in their favour whenever needed….

  9. So why would Hyewon even marry Inha if she is just going to play with his feelings I just don’t think I’m gonna be fond of her in the following episodes, tbh both Taeha and Hyewon are in the wrong they both had their chances but both of them were not ready risk it

  10. This drama is gas, shit’s get me hyped up. But what even is the point of having a female lead like her… Can’t wait to see Tae Oh roll on everyone, he really is the only likeable character from the show right now.

The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 6

Dear Dramacool users, the The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 6 has not been released yet. Dramacool updates hourly and will be always the first drama site to release the latest episodes of The Impossible Heir (2024).

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