The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 8

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34 Comments to “The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 8

  1. So basically, out of nowhere, Han Taeoh became the bumbling idiot and Kang Inha the mastermind, just like that, so Inha was acting like a whiny, emo, dumbass that turned into Keyser SΓΆze? So this will give HT the reason to phuck KI up?

    Let me guess, right now, KI looked like have turned the table but another plot armored twist will be that all the people KI seems to have made to turn on HT actually still on his side, his mother was actually a big name triad that turn to monasticism to not shame her son, which she will turn back to her old ways because her son is now in jail.

    And then another armored plot twist, KI will recruit HT’s father to rid of him but instead had a soft spot at the end and turn the tables on KI.

    And that’s part of an emotional plot prediction from me because they ruined a promising premise with putting in a lot of shortcuts in the storyline.

    Ignore this if the story doesn’t go that way but an advanced I TOLD YOU SO if my prediction is similar to their screenplay.


  2. It started good, with bromance type of story and 2nd female lead accidentally has the potential to be an amazing love story. The screenwriter couldn’t capitalize on all the potential and always picked the wrong route including making both ML and his supposedly best brofriend went out of character (ML transformed to an idiot while 2nd ML became manipulative mastermind). The screenwriter also stay on the 1st female lead that’s not interesting, not intriguing or even empathetic enough to hold the story together.

    A wasted potential. Thankfully, we still have Queen of Tears to look forward to.

  3. Tae oh was the one who put Inha where he is in the first otherwise he would have been still in the countryside and he thinks of tae oh like a dog and all this over a girl how weak was their friendship in the first place πŸ˜‚ what bullshit

  4. Seeing both the girls’ reaction to Tae Oh’s situation, the sister actually looks like she’s in love and distraught by what happened to him while the FL doesn’t even seem like (well she never has) she’s in love with him.

  5. F y would u kiss a crab n end up in jail??? Even if u did y would u drink wn u already knw the possibilities???dumb dumb dumb. Was she the only woman u could possibly get to kiss???? This forever sarang syndrome z the doom of everyone πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. Everything z ruined. I would have loved if sml was in jail. That sml showed all signs of red flag yet he looks shocked πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. I wouldn’t have kissed anyone who z already with some trash.

    After being so smart u became so dumb with crab kissπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. He had the powerful woman waiting for him to take him to the top. Yet he went behind a crab. I guess peasants brain works only till this.

    I feel utterly sad fr the sfl.

  6. Taeho refused to tell inha what he wants yet he used to ask him every time congratulating him on his marriage announcement when he didn’t mean it overnight going to kiss his friend soon to be wife hey even if your my best friend that’s not friendship they’re both to blame they didn’t open their hearts closely towards each other πŸ€·πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  7. Everything I expected to happen this episode happened. Inha was the one behind everything, he already knew about their affair, he wanted to have the FL to one-up Tae Oh, and no one’s been actually loyal since the start . I have been saying since the start that Inha only wanted to possess her cz he saw that Tae Oh was interested in her.

    All three of them had alterior motives from the start so this siution was bound to happen eventually though, we’re still not shown what Tae Oh’s motivation has been. Even though he claims otherwise, I believe he wants something more than to just be a KINGMAKER.

  8. Honestly I only kept watching this drama just to see if Han Tae-O and Kang Hui-Ju will ever become a couple. So far RIP.

    Imagine if Han Tae-O dad who is apparently a gangster (Han Kil-Su) comes to help him

  9. it was obvious last week that the elder brother’s bodyguard followed In ha’s orders to attack Tae oh, but they knew each other so well, and they go way back, was a surprise for me….so its possible that he sent Gijun to become Kang inju’s bodyguard and probably asked for information from him, but then what he did with it??? cz it was Tae oh who did everything and ran here and there to collect information….πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  10. So it looks like Tae Oh never wanted the KangOh Group for himself as some commenters here assumed. He wanted this for In Ha, and since In Ha betrayed him, he is ready to help Hye Won take over the company. The fact that he is sentenced to death in prison is actually a small thing, because he will get out somehow. After all, it’s a drama. When this happens and Tae Oh is released, will the fight for KangOh Group be between In Ha and Hye Won, or is Kang’s second son still in the game? Because in my opinion, among so many dishonest and greedy people, he committed the least amount of evil and if I had to bet according to the principles of ordinary morality who deserves to be at the head of this conglomerate, it would be him. He has a predisposition for this and at least he doesn’t have anyone’s life on his conscience or even ruin anyone’s career. Because if I look at it in this respect, even Tae Oh broke people’s careers, and Hye Won participated in it. For example, the case of the prosecutor who paid for the corruption of his superiors with his career and the criminal actions of the main 3 characters against the chairman’s 2nd son. In Ha has a history of crimes committed by his man, so only Kang’s 2nd son is the least evil in this entire plot. And his father was favorable to him until Tae Oh, In Ha and Hye Won started their games.

  11. so basically In ha turned against him because of Hyewon??? cz it’s a fact that they never trusted each other completely, but In ha was all ok for Tae oh paving the way for him to enter Kangoh, and despite having some clashes, they were still on the same page until he saw them kissing and he straight away decided to “kill Tae oh” and not only him, but also killed Kang Inju??? so in the end a girl made them go for each other’s necks, and In ha went for her neck as well (pun intended), dun know what they like in her cz she has never been helpful to any of them…..

    but did In ha really think that she would just sit still and Tae oh would never know what happened and who did all this??? Kang In ha sooooooo badly wants to be Han Tae oh but he can never be one, cz Tae oh isn’t emotional and reckless like him when it comes to business and In ha only knows how to take extreme measures right from the get go….

    and now Tae oh is going to help her the same he did for In ha, seriously??? boy, haven’t u “RECEIVED” enough that you’re trusting her now????

  12. this drama is what we call a wasted potential. skips all the side quest
    and goes straight for the plot twist. FYI to the director, if inha was
    going to be manipulative one, don’t be giving out obvious hints starting
    ep 4 only for taeho to act surprised on ep 8. It’s really cliche. For
    the writer of the script, wtf. Like I know its only 12 episodes, but
    this drama felt so rushed. Really, it should’ve been a 16 episode one
    showing how the two bonded over trying to get Inha all the way to Kangho
    group and then Inha throws him away and then Taeho gets revenge along
    with Inha’s sister against Inha and Hyewon for throwing him away. Cast
    had so much talent, but what a failed potential of a drama. Epsiode 2 showed the drama’s full potential with hyewon and taeho being manipulative in different ways with inha being the fool. taeho being loyal to his friend and hyewon being hyewon. but if this is the way the writer imagined the drama turning out, then so be it, but I have a feeling that this was just rushed to cost production cost or something

  13. Am I the only one that wants hyewon and taeho to fail in making her the owner like this is the first time I want the leads to fail in their plans cause hyewon is insufferable It would’ve been better if she was the one that betrayed taeho and not inha so both of them would stay friends

  14. Hahaha.

    Itchy women destroy everything, including friendship.

    I bet the FL is using the ML and 2nd ML to go fight each other so that at the end, she will be the one who will benefit the most. However, there will be a collateral damage at the end. In Ha’s sister Huiju.

    I bet, Huiju will also be used in the situation. Tae Ohwill make use of Huiju but will fall in love with her at the end. But they cannot be together because her character will be killed so as the ML will also be destroyed.

    Lesson learned, never let a woman ruin a great friendship.

    I am not defending In Ha but he asked Tae Oh plainly what he wants for himself. Tae Oh said nothing. But then again Tae Oh betrayed In ha because of an itchy woman.

    FYI, it was not In Ha who is the killer because that would be too easy. I guess the killer is some other person.

  15. Now that I’ve realised that the drama is about betrayal everything has started to make sense, everything that I first considered as loopholes don’t exist now, their actions towards eachother have become justified and most importantly the lack of chemistry between the FL & MLs have started to make sense cus we aren’t here for love & lalala , we’re here for only one thing that is becoming the owner of KANGOH group!!!!

  16. I think the FL will screw over ML all over again after she tastes money and power.

    Huiju’s character is flawless. When will they use her character and help our ML ?

  17. Some of these comments make me question whether we are watching the same thing…it has been pretty implied from the start that KIH has been acting and knew that KTO was interested in HW. I can agree that her acting is lacking but for some of yall to just jump on the hate bandwagon and ignore the plot is pretty disconcerting.

    Anyways, I hope that KTO and HW can work together to get the company to HJ since she is somewhat the rightful heir and none of the three lead characters deserve it.

  18. why Inha’s father crumbled when he heard that taeho is sentenced….
    is it becoz taeho was his right hand something else……

  19. I would be so bloody happy if Tae Ho falls in love with Huiju and makes her the chairwoman of Kangho and then marries her. Both of these absolute blood sucking buffoons In Ha and Hye Won should end up lonely and ruined in the gutter where they rightfully belong. Their lack of humanity doesn’t bother me considering the theme of this drama, but HOW CAN YOU HAVE SUCH BIG DREAMS AND THIS ARROGANCE WITHOUT HAVING ANY BRAINS TO FULFILL THOSE DREAMS???? How tf do these two aim on managing this conglomerate when they depend so much on one person to draft strategies and plans?? What happens after you become the chairperson? Will you still stick to Taeho like a leech to manage the company? Atleast Taeho has the brains, composure, skills and calmness which makes him fit for that position, heck even Huiju is so intuitive and smart!

  20. This was the 1st episode I actually enjoyed. Inha finally reveals himself and the mastermind he truly is while every1 else falls. Taeoh proves once again he’s stupid for a bland woman who married solely for riches, which led him to Prison taking the fall 4 her & is now living & being treated horribly. That set bland women realizes too late her plan not only bad from the get go but now has become a nightmare as she stuck with a crazy man who family is filled with lunatics & a woman who hate her guts BOLDY bcus she saw right thru her & her badly construed plan from beginning to end. The only person I wish will is Huijiu, who has stayed honest & loving even to those who don’t deserve.

  21. The strategist, Tae oh, he gets to jail and he’s already making calls. I guess once he proves his innocence, he will get into a fight with Inha

  22. I read a description of In-Ha’s character as having a dual personality, capable of cruelty or something along those lines so even though I hoped for bromance, I’m not surprised at the turn of events.
    At first I hated this “love triangle” storyline. But thinking about it again and changing my theory I think I can understand it and dare I say even appreciate how they’ve used it.
    My theories-
    – In-Ha approached Hye Won from the get-go to purposely use her to screw over Tae-Ho and get rid of him when the time comes knowing that Tae-Ho was in love with her.

    – Hye-Won and In-Ha are alike. I believe more than Hye Won and Tae-Ho because they are both selfish and incapable of loving someone else. Only difference is that In-Ha is aware and has embraced that side of him while Hye-Won hasn’t fully accepted her true nature. So just as Hye-won can never love Tae-ho above herself, In-ha can never love Hye-Won above himself- perfect for each other.

    -Tae-Ho’s biggest mistake was arrogantly assuming he knew In-Ha when in fact In-Ha knew him better. He should have had his guard up when In-Ha started “doing” things his own way and bringing in his own people and ignoring Tae-Ho’s advice.

    I can’t wait for the following episodes. Tae-Ho has gone through the worst-case scenario, and he can now see his weak points. This was why his conversation with the chairman was crucial. “Never reveal your weakness” Now I can only hope to see a wiser Tae-Ho.

    So I take back my previous comments about this “love triangle”

    I want to manifest Hui-Ju and Tae-Ho together cause I see them as the only two capable of loving others over themselves. But kdrama rules are kdrama rules so let me just accept 90% chance that Tae-Ho will always love Hye-Won. Either they have a happy ending or Tae-Ho ends up loveless, forever pining over Hye-won.

  23. why did he leave the cellphone outside when the stach was in the cell wouldn’t someone be able to steal it or find it ? and there are more cams ppl would see when he picks it up

The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 8

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