Eve (2022) Episode 10

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25 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 10

  1. I honestly hope the Assemblyman will end up with sunbin instead of the chairman. The chairman sure knows about the death of both her parents and the chairman also looks too old to be with her.

    1. seriously dude… they are just trying to make her the same woman as she was in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”.
      Worst Makeup….

      1. and there is nothing wrong with that. Being a psycho in both and dressing in style, ofc her clothes gotta be like no other. Also her makeup style shows her uniqueness with the blue-green shadow and nude lips. It’s her signature look and she looks better in nude lips than red or darker color anyway.

    2. how is it bad? i loved the way they dressed her. fr if u have a basic ass style then dont even say a word

  2. OMG This episode is absolute fire. I am in love with her brazen confidence. I can’t deny how much I love this show!! Also, love that there’s progress and the episodes are never boring. Can’t wait for next week!!

    1. maybe because it’s ONE person taking the time out of their to sub one hour long episodes be fucking patient

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