Eve (2022) Episode 11

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30 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 11

  1. I’m looking for all the comments and they’re debating whether they should feel bad for the chairman or to be on Lee sangyeop side. But I don’t think it’s up to those too I think it’s up to the queen seoyeji. She likes him, she might even love him. And at this point she has already won, if she’s getting her revenge she could go about this 50-50, she could tell the chairman what how she feels and what she’s doing, and if he refuses and gets angry she’s already got All the leverage she needs for her plan so she could be happy in win or she could just be sad and win. But I rather live in a house full of Riches and be sad

    1. I KNOW RIGHTT i love sang yeob too but there is so much chemistry between the chairman and ra el <3 <3

    1. her feelings finally caught on to her actions of love pretense, but all along they have built on romance with the chairman and not Lee Sang ,who she really ends up with at this point is a mystery

    2. I kind of feel like the chairman is a nice person. I think he ended up in this mess because of the old man and his daughter. And i understand why she loves him (i would have fallen for him too)

  2. Bro why are subs like this even for drama hood and watch Asian their all like this


  3. i hate when people ask for subtitles but dont realize it has to be translated then uploaded… just wait a couple hours and you’ll be fine wtf

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