Eve (2022) Episode 12

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28 Comments to “Eve (2022) Episode 12

  1. i never knew i could despise a character so much, han so ra needs meds and solitary confinement asap. shes insane. so childish and immature and think shes above everyone…i DONT UNDERSTAND WHY HER SERVANTS SERVE HER AS THEY DO. shes horrible, so heartless and will step on whoever she needs to to get what she wants. shes a child, literally throws temper tantrums every 2 seconds. have some dignity woman, youre crazy. she also resorts to killing ppl when she doesnt get what she wants. narcissist, psychopath fr

    ALSO IM DYING, if lee just told the chairman everything Im sure hed support her…but she has to hide ofc.. she barely talks or shares even basic details. it makes it feel like the chemistry is fake :(, Lee la el just talk to him!!

    1. she’s fighting them psychologically which sometimes can be even stronger than physical …. she is extremely smart although she faced many traumas , she still kept going and maintained a classy and calm image for her revenge .

      1. I know that but you should still learn how to fight just in case cause her adoptive mother got kidnap and she’s gonna get kidnap too it’sgoing to happen.Look her enemies are violent with people, they will torture people and lee ra el know that for 13 years she has been planning this revenge she should have known better it’s just common sense.If her body guard are not here she’s helpless and this is bad because she can be killed.

        1. she used the help of the lawyer because the enemies need the lawyer and respect him so much , the lawyer told them to keep their hands off her , thats why she’s still safe , except from Han-soo-ra xD .

  2. How could she not learn how to fight with her fist.Kin sun bin is dumb asf she know they use violence to get what they want why didn’t she learn karate or judo or any fighting sport I mean they are gonna come for her neck she better know how to handle her own real quick.

  3. i like the lawyer but the chemistry bw yeji and chairman is amazing. i can see why theyre mad for each other its because they both have been through childhood pain and trauma and both had powerful people cause them this trauma , they both understand the pain and so they heal each other . the lawyer merely helped her , yeji wouldnt go for him and im certain the chairman opened the letter and knows the real identity of sun bin which is why hes even more interested in her mysteries. though i must say it is weird that the lawyer who was 18-19 yo liked lee ra el a 15 yo. and also the age gap bw the chairman and yeji is too much too, the age gaps are sus anyways cool drama

  4. I finished the 12 episodes in one sitting and I have to wait next week for the next episode…this is bad!!!

  5. How can they base love on lost and seduction, and ignoring the true love that sang yeo has for her, he protects her, understands and stands for her more than any, am disappointed with them pushing her with the chairman, it’s just not appropriate.

    1. I completely agree with you. The Chairman himself said that he is crazy about with her.It’s rather obsession and lust,than actual love.I mean sang yeo would even die for her.That compares nothing what the chairman did till now.We will see how he will treat her the upcoming episodes,but for now I am completely sure that sang yeo is better for her.

    2. It’s true that she would be better with the lawyer, but in the first place being with the Chairman wasn’t it a part of her plan.

  6. I want kin sun bin to end up with the lawyer jare, he supports her, knows her true identity yet still loves and support her, that’s love.. the love with the chairman shouldn’t be even though he didn’t do anything to her.. Sang yeo helped her travel while she was a child, still didn’t forget her, honestly in the area of she falling for the chairman isn’t cool at all.

    1. omo, this matter. i’m even confused. you said you want revenge now you’re falling inlove with him to ruin everything you’ve been planning.