Flex X Cop (2024) Episode 1

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14 Comments to “Flex X Cop (2024) Episode 1

  1. Really attractive main leads but I don’t like their chemistry. I get that it’s just the first episode but this kind of relationship is getting repetitive. But I am the person who loved movies that not many people liked so, don’t mind me :).

  2. The opening rescue scene disappointed me until it turned out to be fake. For a minute I was thinking it is real but at the same time I felt what kind of weird storyline is this and how stupid all of that rescue strategy was. If that was a real operation all the things they did to rescue were incredibly wrong. And will none of them will be alive for real. So thankful that wasn’t real.

  3. At the moment my biggest hope is that this rich, spoiled kid gets his ass kicked so he stops being so stupid. That badass female cop, she will teach him.

    The enemies-to-lovers dynamic may be the key to that, but the truth is I’m not that interested in the idea of ​​a rich guy who mocks the procedures of the police who do not have the money or resources that he does have.

    I started watching this drama because of Ahn Bo Hyeon, he is lovely

  4. the whole team had the sketch of the culprit, and yet when she “digged deep” into tye culprit’s face, she didn’t even flinch or had the slightest doubt that its him whom they were waiting for 2 hours to arrest… (slow claps)👏👏👏

    and yet he’s the one who took the culprit from them???? 🙄🙄🙄