Flex X Cop (2024)

Flex X Cop (2024)

Other name: 재벌X형사 / 골드스푼 / 财阀X刑警 / Goldeuseupun / ChaebolXHyeongsa / Gold Spoon / Chaebol X Detective / Чеболь против детектива

Synopsis: Jin Yi Soo, a third-generation conglomerate, joins an investigative team at the Kangha Police Station. He works alongside Detective Lee Kang Hyun, who is committed to his work and unimpressed with Yi Soo’s presence. The team specializes in catching robbers, and Yi Soo hopes to use his wealth and personal connections to make a difference. As he gets caught up in a case, his life begins to change.



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45 Comments to “Flex X Cop (2024)

  1. Are there any subs out there other than the CC subs I’ve been seeing? I’ve tried the show, but there are a lot of typos and errors and it’s very distracting.

  2. LKH to JYS :”After election,you’ll be gone,wich is my only hope”
    Break an already broken heart, I hope she punishes properly due to her cruel attitude

  3. HJW (the funeral photo guy) deserves leading role…he is very good actor, I don’t know when his time will come…

  4. Did anyone see Jin Myung Chul text someone on the phone about Yi Soo going back to his old house? I feel like he might not be the Myung Chul’s son and Jin Seung Joo’s stepbrother. The suspense is killing me

  5. Stepmother is always an evil bish, what a cliche. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s also the one involved in ML mother’s death.

  6. i understand not liking him working as a detective since he doesn’t have the right qualifications but it is true they would’ve lost (if even found in the first place) the real culprit.
    i seriously dislike people who can’t admit when they were wrong/made a mistake. like it’s really not that hard to accept the fact that his help was crucial :/
    why the crazy ego lmao.

  7. Isoo is cooking as a detective they’ll come around. can’t escape his aura forever the graphic showing those 5 arrested on the magazine was hilarious 😂 fucking love this drama

  8. Drama is pure entertainment, I can’t take the plot seriously and how would you after rich son becomes a detective just because x) I have a sweet spot for detectives since I was watching them all childhood with my father – this one have this action detective from 90s vibe. It’s good sometimes just enjoy the show and don’t overthink it. If I don’t understand why something is happening I always have magical “because writer said so” and continue watching 🙂

    Still, this much fading to black with music stop for a second or two is a crimial offense x)

  9. Our Yisoo really is flexing to the next level! Never thought i would see a helicopter chasing a car.😂🤣
    Fml and Junyoung are really being annoying. He saved their ass from working for months to catch a rich murderer. He was a step ahead and helped alot with their investigation. What more do they want from him? There is no need to be so rude or divide the team, just because he’s rich.
    Pretty sure Junyoung likes fml, but don’t think i would even get a second lead sindrom. 😂😂

    Big brother is being so sus, cause he is too kind and have never seen a character like him. BUT i really hope writernim gives us the best half-brother of kdrama land. 🫶 I like the way he cares about Yisoo and his handsome face made me fall for him. So i really don’t wanna get the typical half/step-brother. 🥺🤞

  10. Pretty low rating? There are three episodes out, so 8.2 is high lmao… why do people like you think 8+ is a low rating for a drama that’s airing? I’m sure everyone is aware that ratings are not always reliable… Anyway, 8.2 is not a low rating for now, as this does not need to be 8.5+. Perhaps in the future, if it continues to be good, it will reach its desired rating.

  11. omggg so park jihyun is finally getting her main lead with ahn bohyun, she was a second main lead for him in yumis cells, this is so cool!!!

  12. i lowkey thought it was tay tawan in the cover image
    edit: oh nvm, the cover was changed and they don’t resemble lol

  13. The Fiery Priest and One the Woman poster maker again, I recognize this style anywhere. 😂

    Hopefully this drama will be just as entertaining as TFP and OTW (1st half, before it got boring in 2nd half) 🙏

  14. I hope fl isn’t an annoying characters here bcz fl’s past role were little annoying… she look sooooo good!!!!

  15. can we talk about park ji hyun FINALLY graduating from her mean girl supporting roles??? i am so here for this and the role seems perfect for her!