Goryeo-Khitan War (2023) Episode 28

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11 Comments to “Goryeo-Khitan War (2023) Episode 28

  1. OMG! The last few episodes and mostly this one raised my blood pressure to the point that I had to mute the sound.
    Lady Kang and General Ji played an instrumental role preparing the backup plan to wipe out the traitors. The Emperor realized too late that being lenient and compassionate, sparing the lives of the traitors is not the right way to lead the country.

    The mastermind killed his own son because he dared to remind him that his brothers died by the Kithans…..

  2. Lady Kim is a G!! I love her!!!

    I did NOT want Choi Jil and Snake Park Jin to see episode 29, but I guess I gotta be patient.. ugh! Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha

    It makes me so sad to think we only got TWO….WEEKS… LEFT!!!!😢 ….am I the only one that hums the theme song after it goes off?

  3. They dragged the rebel plot for too long…. will we even get to see the rest of the Emperor’s reign as well as lady kim becoming Empress???

  4. Let’s give it up for Lady Kang, the love letter must have geared her up to be more stronger to go to that length of saving the emperor. She played an important role in this war too. I would like to see when she became the empress too

  5. the khitan always giving time when goryeo needs it, how kind of them, and they never learn the lesson.. the khitan emperor always say they must be buying time lets not fall for their tricks, but they giving it whatsoever