Goryeo-Khitan War (2023) Episode 25

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9 Comments to “Goryeo-Khitan War (2023) Episode 25

  1. The Empress is asking to get dethroned and kicked out of the palace for joining hands with the traitors. I really hope the Emperor will punish all the traitors.
    The fund guy for once showed courage, and I hope he will survive with his budy…
    The Kithan Emperor intends to invade Goryeo in 3 months…. After the internal revolt the 3rd war will start and Gang will, play a major role in the victory…

  2. That was too intense. I watched the whole episode without looking at my phone.
    The empress is stupid and she just keeps getting worse in each episode.
    Is it just me or does the first general in the revolt seem apprehensive? He may change his mind at some point.

  3. The one that act the King deserve to play another Historical drama as a King… His performance and his deliverance are spot on.

  4. Boy do they put sugar on the crap in this story. Love it though. So far that is.
    The concentration on the battles is great, It just kinda gives the impression
    that something great will be accomplished. The time of peace simply gave
    time for new players to enter the game. The Clan wars reignited many flames later. I’d like a little progression on the personal side even though I’m enjoying it.

  5. What an intense episode…I didn’t want it to end, I kept thinking is the emperor going to win this because I know there are still more wars to go through, did the empress help him or join hands with the enemies of the throne.

  6. He is just one of the many Lords in the County. How did he get so much power and why is no one suspicious of this guy??? I know he has the gift of the gap, but surely someone would have seen through his schemes? Anyways, I hope for a very long and slow death for him. I want him to suffer as much as he made so many suffer because of his revenge for his two sons who died in the war.


  8. This drama series is the best pure historical drama I’ve ever watched. So entertaining. The queen’s betrayal for the king for the third time is so heartbreaking considering how much the king loves her, whenever the king needs her most for her to stand by him she will be going after her own jealousy plan to destroy her rival instead of being there for the king and supporting him. She’s the one pushing the king to the other lady. I can’t wait to see her loose her crown because she doesn’t deserve to be a queen