Goryeo-Khitan War (2023) Episode 26

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11 Comments to “Goryeo-Khitan War (2023) Episode 26

  1. This was another intense episode. Thank goodness Gang Gam Chan decided to stay with the Emperor.

    Gen Kim got deceived by Choi and will regret approving the revolt. I hope Choi and his entire clan is killed.

    Gang’s wife is funny as usual.
    Finally Park Jin was identified and caught as the mastermind behind the rebellion.
    We are getting close to the end of this drama and I am afraid they will rush the war and nothing will be mentioned about the Emperor’s legacy….

  2. Anyone that believes that they might be able to learn Hanguk mal from watching these subtitled videos …..

    Hyah translates as “giddy-yup”.

    TOO funny!

  3. So I am on the fence about this episode. This drama is called Goryeo-Khitan War which should be the focus. I love the internal politics and strife, it is all being portrayed perfectly. My only issue is this is being drawn out. In the history of this king, was there even a coup to this extent where he became a second puppet?

    So far they have moved the story along at such a good and clean pace to the point now in this episode I feel underwhelmed. It’s their fault for spoiling me 😜. This should be the episode that cleans up the coup and kills the traitors. Form the looks of it we have a few more episodes to go before all the traitors are dealt with and the focus is back to the war.

  4. THIS MOFO KICKED GAM CHAN IN THE CHEST!!! OH HELL NAWH!!! I’ve been waiting this whole episode for the Emperor to snatch a sword and given one across the chest!!!! Cuz this jumbos are outta hand!!! I’m wondering if the King is just letting them have their way until after the war???? Damn I really miss Officer Yang and Kim!!!

  5. Thank God for the great commander Gang, the very best an emperor should have by his side. And the Gang also has a great wife behind him albeit she make jest of him and supports him well😜
    Most times I see the emperor, he is like cool, calm and collected🤔 thinking mainly about the people.
    I wonder though what will happen to the empress now, she was a foolish, selfish obnoxious greedy woman. I believe by now she has to tally lost her man, the emperor🤦🏽‍♀️ she make my blood boil🤷🏾‍♀️