Love Song for Illusion (2024)

Love Song for Illusion (2024)

Other name: 환상연가 / 幻像戀歌 / Hwansangyeonga / Fantastic Love Story / Fantasy Love Story / Fantasy Sonata / Fantasy Love Song / Сказочная соната / أغنية حب للوهم

Synopsis: Crown Prince Sajo Hyun is an intellectual with an artistic sense who works as a fashion designer at a downtown boutique, hiding his identity as the crown prince. He also has a second personality, Ak Hee, who is charming enough to seduce anyone, but cursed to feel extreme pain when making physical contact. Yeon Wol is the royal descendant of the fallen Yeon Dynasty and an assassin determined to avenge her family. After attempting to assassinate the king, she falls into a trap set by an unknown person and wakes up with no memory of her past. Despite her mission to kill the king, Yeon Wol falls in love with him, and he struggles with his internal conflict of his two personalities and the riots of his people.



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25 Comments to “Love Song for Illusion (2024)

  1. i haven’t watched this yet and idk when will i start but i can guarantee it’s better than “My demon” how tf this can be lower rated than “My demon”?

  2. ok I cannot for the life of me finish this drama ugh I love the cast and the premise of the story but I do not enjoy how it’s playing out

  3. I was excited for this show but damn the ratings are horrible. 1.7% on a free channel like KBS means this show is really really bad.

  4. It is such a smart series. With the perfect ML to pull it off. I am in until the end. Even if no happy end ends up being the case idc. Lol

  5. Noooo why is she falling for Ak Hee… I’m annoyed. Idgaf if he saved her (it was the bare minimum he should have done period!) His way of bringing her to the palace and forcing her to be a concubine is what got her into this mess in the first place. He ruined all her plans and all now she cannot get revenge or atonement for her family’s massacre. UGH!

  6. Preview for tomorrow gag. I hope Queen B doesn’t get her way. Imagine bedding the kid you helped raise like what in the joeson….

  7. This kinda reminds me of Alchemy of Souls. Some of the plot devices are similar. I’m enjoying it so far. Ji Hoon always delivers, he’s such a great actor.

  8. Just some haters it’s being loved by fans all over the globe only 2 episodes has released and it has claimed a good ranking already

  9. I think some people are just bad at taste when it comes to kdrama but I m seriously loving this drama and I am damm sure this drama is being loved by others too except some unnecessary haters this drama reminds me so much of Moon Lovers and let’s remind ourselves how good park ji hoon is at acting

  10. Holy Shit Ending made me cry like hell.It is a life lesson ,someone is working harder suffering more than you.

  11. A new year kinda of release, they launched it January second but it is supposed to be a Monday Tuesday show. The show will be two episodes a week starting next week.

  12. I’m starting 2024 with this drama. I hope it’s amazing. I already watched episode 1, and it’s interesting . I really love the both main leads . Can’t wait for other episodes 🤗

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