Nothing Uncovered (2024) Episode 7

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8 Comments to “Nothing Uncovered (2024) Episode 7

  1. This is holding my attention at the moment but some of the plot is a little confusing 🙁
    Love the MLs but find it funny that the husbands father is only 11 years older in real life 🙂
    Thanks Subbers

  2. I’m not liking this FL character at all. When her so called husband tailed her and went to her ex boyfriend’s house, she should’ve said how dare he tail her and what right he have to suspect her having affair. He’s the disgusting one who had hell of a affair. She should’ve showed her so called husband his place. But what she did? She remained silent.ughhhhhh😏😏

    And im still confused when she said she pity her husband because he’s trying. Is she real? Like how can you not hate someone who cheated on you so badly. He almost treated that girl as her wife and she’s saying she pity him???😂😂

    Is she dumb or Is she dumb??😩

  3. So much potential wasted, the writer and the director had actors of this stature and unfortunately gave us such a flat story full of caricatured characters. I had so much hope for this drama and Hide. With the exception of A Shop For A Killer, I guess 2024 is not kind to me. So I’m now counting on Blood Free, I hope to get palpitations with this one.

  4. Errrgggggg!! I hate, Hate, HATE it when a script has people doing stupid, Stupid, STUPID things, like pulling over in the dead of night for no good reason AND getting out of the car (also for no good reason) so they can be perfectly in place for a totally predictable outcome. So fake, Fake, FAKE! Do these silly writers think they’re creating a “brave female character?” No…they’re creating a moron.