South Wind Knows (2023)

South Wind Knows (2023)

Other name: 南风知我意 / 南風知我意 / Nan Feng Zhi Wo Yi / Naam Fung Ji Ngo Yi / Nan Feng Knows What I Want / The Southern Wind Knows My Feelings / South Wind Knows My Mood / The South Wind Knows What I Mean

Synopsis: Botanist Fu Yun Shen and Zhu Yang who works with Doctors Without Borders travel deep into underdeveloped regions to offer humanitarian relief while searching for a special medicinal plant that can save many lives.
Fu Yun Shen returns to China to develop medicine but soon discovers that his half-brother Fu Xi Zhou seeks to maximize profits by turning the medicinal plants into a series of Chinese herbal cosmetics. A car crash suddenly occurs and leaves Fu Yun Shen seriously injured. The drug development comes to a halt which results in a misunderstanding with Zhu Jiu who remains unaware of what happened.
After half a year, Zhu Jiu and Fu Yun Shen have overcome many disappointments and heartaches to become a couple again. With their wedding date approaching, Zhu Jiu inadvertently finds clues about the death of her parents. Fate has played a cruel joke on them as the grievances of the previous generation has thrown a wrench in their relationship. This time around, Fu Yun Shen is determined to protect their hard-earned romance.
(Source: ChineseDrama)
Adapted from the novel “South Wind Knows My Mood” (南风知我意) by Qi Wei (七微).
Episodes: 39



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