The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival (2023) Episode 2

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12 Comments to “The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival (2023) Episode 2

  1. I have’t felt like much time passed from the birth of the baby to when they accused DaMi of being the mother….and mothers usually bleed for up to 12 weeks following the birth. That bit did not make sense to me and also the school discussing such topic with the student without the presence of her mom is strange.

    I will give the next episode a try too because I’m curious but the story has a few elements that don’t add up in my head

  2. So other than Dal Mi and her parents everyone else in this drama is twisted. It was so obvious with the HS girl giving away high end designer products that she was fake. Her home life is deplorable so she reinvented herself and will use any means necessary to escape her pathetic life. The guy who the police is chasing seems to be a good person with real skills so maybe from the beginning scenes he will prevail on the island and help Dal Mi go back to her adoptive parents. Very dark twisted plot like pushing the envelope but I guess it’s a change from the other stereotypical ron-com and serial killer dramas out there. Having to watch 12-16 episodes tho is going to be a drag cause you want everyone from her GrandPa down and especially that teacher to pay dearly

  3. congratulations to the writer who wrote this despicable drama … for the first time a drama literary made me unable to watch anymore because of the extreme drama… what kind of a heartless monster would write something like this… what a dark piece of shit that person must be….just WOW…again…congratulations you miserable piece of shit

    1. if you dont like this genre dont watch, however this writer is amazing she is very creative infact im looking forward to her next upcoming episodes

    2. If it’s too much for you then stop watching. But just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean it’s for no one, some people like extremes. No need to call anyone pieces of shit either, grow up.