After Sundown (2023)

After Sundown (2023)

Other name: ดับแสงรวี / Dap Saeng Rawi / Dap Saengrawi / After Sun Down

Synopsis: Heeding the words of a fortune teller, Phloeng becomes engaged to Rawi, a boy from the countryside. Both enter into it reluctantly. Disbelieving the prophecy but appeasing his parents, Phloeng agrees to the arrangement on the condition that, should six months pass without the relationship deepening, he’ll call it off.
Throughout his stay with Phloeng’s family, Rawi is haunted by a spirit. When he begins staying with Phloeng, however, the spirit is quiet. It soon becomes clear that whatever is haunting the house is focused entirely on Rawi.
Adapted from the novel “Dap Saeng Rawi” (ดับแสงรวี) by CEO.
Director: Aod Bhandit Thongdee [อ๊อด บัณฑิต ทองดี]



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3 Comments to “After Sundown (2023)

  1. In movie their relationship progress looks very fast paced because they had to incorporate horror and romance side by side but theydidn’t have enough time for both so due to constrictions set for Thai movies standard time it become a bit of mess still the acting of actors and chemistry of ZNN is highlight of movie. Just wishing they made a series as novel can be better incorporated into it and relationship progress will look more natural there.

  2. It’s disappointing. It’s not bad and I don’t hate it, but it’s definitely a bummer because I was so excited to watch this… There’s a lot of elements that are just unexplained and logic less. It needed more time to be fleshed out.. The pacing was too fast and the horror element was just funny