Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024) Episode 18

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13 Comments to “Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024) Episode 18

  1. And now the conflict starts…

    So sad for Yiyang, her family is completely indifferent to him. Hope their relationship will overcome any odds.

  2. It’s so obvious that Yiyang’s love language is touch. Literally every time they are together it’s like they’re magnets… the attraction… literally blushing. The way he always prioritizes her comfort and happpiness first 🥰.

    I’m so invested in her brothers relationship now: “It’s always zongzong” … 🤭👀 He’s down so bad loll. They might as well give us a mini spin off on their story. The brother is literally her best wingman. Everyone is this cast is doing so good at their character portrayal.

    My poor couple in their first argument phase… I hope the family issue isn’t stretched. According to the teasers they are back “to normal fluffiness” by ep 20 (source: WeTV). I understand that her mom has a negative opinion due to the past , but her sister is being a lowkey hater without knowing the full story (technically we don’t either). She was giving too many side eyes during the whole get together lunch. And the car scenes felt so suffocating/awkward.

  3. Yin Guo’s mother although she seems like a hard rock to polish, at least she has a sense of empathy in keeping Yi Yang’s story hushed from the public.
    Yin’s sister has her mother’s trait…domineering.
    Grandma has already a scent of Yi’s back story abroad. She will surely be a fan. Yi has all the qualities Chinese grandmas love…he is tall, handsome, looks clever and is crazy about her granddaughter.
    Yi”s master looking forward to meeting his disciple “grandson” back to the game. The reunion will be heartbreaking.
    Zong Zong is melting Xiao Dong’s heart. And no, Zong Zong never talked to Yin Guo about him, how disappointed he looked from hearing that.

    Yi trusting everything in Yin’s hands…banking card.
    Yi kept the habit of tasting every foody Yin is having. Today was a plate of lobsters.

    This ship won’t end as a wreck.

  4. This is sad. Yiyang has no dependable family member around him. Guo’s family members are just acting on their past hatred without a full proof. I am sure there is more to the past story. Yiyang is all alone in this and Guo acting that way isn’t going to help. She needs to be more understanding here, try not to get on the edge of Yiyang. He has been trying hard from his childhood to his present. No parents, had to act adult from childhood, struggling all alone to make the brother happy, then going abroad to a completely new environment, get as many jobs as possible, study, thesis, insomnia, eating inconsistently, travel long distances back and forth to make the ends meet, practice his game, humble to everyone, own a business that doesn’t get a profit, not enough money on the account to enjoy life… this just continues and now that he is on a track to a healthy and meaningful life, he has to deal with this unfavorable circumstance. He finally has someone who he could call a family but now he has to take a toll on himself and act all fine. No matter how strong he is or his mental health is, I am surprised how he haven’t suffered from depression. He does have friends and people around him but that isn’t enough to make him happy.

    Hope this family matter gets resolved fast. I can’t watch him getting hurt anymore.

    PS: And wth is wrong with that childhood guy? Is he dumb or just plain stupid? Can’t he comprehend what is going on? Can’t he take a hint when her brother cuts him every time when he tries to talk to her?

  5. I agree with FL mom she is so mature person. Lin yiyang you are so lucky person everybody care about you and love you, how many people are in your life who actually wants best for you. But at the same time it’s not going to easy convincing fl parents that you are good for her daughter.

  6. Those were two really good episodes. Nice to see him back and he has such a good network of people around as well which is great. I am happy there is conflict there love need to be tested and there needed to be a plot. I felt sorry for him when he apologised serous second hand embarrassment. I can understand all three sides of this the ML, FL and the mum. Do feel like the FL can do more though, first of to set her family and childhood friend straight. But then again that is her family. Decision decisions. Interested to see how this will be resolved, I am hoping it will be the Grandma

  7. Wow, the fluff is getting serious now in this ep. The inevitable moment is here, and its a heavy moment. He tries to break the ice and give an opening for Guo, but her mother is instantly rude to him. He still continues by sincerely apologizing to her, but she continues to hold such an old grudge against him and speaks down to him.

    Considering the relationship he had with Master He, I do agree that he should have reached out and apologized to him a long time ago. I don’t think its’s the mother’s place to manifest a personal grudge and bias against him for all this time. She wasn’t even the referee in question he had the dispute with, she just witnessed a 16 year old acting out of hurt and pride without knowing his whole circumstances. What kind of grown adult holds a grudge against a child for the rest of his life? And the sister is ridiculous as well. As officials of the bureau, their attitude is quite unprofessional for something that happened so long ago. But Guo disappoints me the most when she didn’t even have patience with him in the car park.

    At least granny is somewhat interested in him, she has a good eye! And Mr He is still very happy to hear he is back and doing positive things. I want them to reunite on good terms again.

  8. he was in his teens when he did what was done! as an elder why do people keep in the hard way and just go on forever with it! dont adults do mistakes! has he murdered someone for them to keep the grudge alive till now and forever! forgive and forget a kids mistake and help him move on…he has already suffered a lot due to the past! her sister is another pain what does she got in this ! hope her granny and her silent dad break the ice! he also should keep calm not the moment to feel jealous of a childhood friend!

  9. Guo’s mom’s arrogant behaviours are really annoying and nonsense .I dont think an referee’s hatred cant last for so many years also he was a child…Guo didnt act mature enough so Igot angry at her too.

  10. Her mother is definitely right about how people have different perspectives and feelings, but it goes both ways.. I wonder if she’s gonna accept that her daughter perceives him differently and has special feelings for him.

  11. It’s always so stressful to watch a drama when the family of the FL hates the ML due to some ancient misunderstanding. People are really so petty sigh. Also that comment they made about people who don’t know him will think he’s just money hungry etc but he’s been going to all those competitions and winning prize money just for the sake of having a stable life so he can build something with YG but will her family accept that? Nope. They’re gonna give him a hard time first just because. Plus her sister has the most disgusting attitude, talking to everyone like if she’s in charge hmm