Bo Ra! Deborah (2023)

Bo Ra! Deborah (2023)

The series revolves around Yeon Bo Ra, a well-known love coach and a successful author of romance novels, and Lee Soo Hyuk, a charismatic man who struggles with matters of the heart. Soo Hyuk, a publishing planner, is hard to please and has a negative view of Bo Ra at first. But their lives unexpectedly intertwine, and he finds himself more and more attracted to her.

In the meantime, Han Sang Jin, Soo Hyuk’s business partner and friend, leads the Jinri book publishing company.

Original Network: TVING; ENA;

Director: Lee Tae Kon [이태곤]

Also known as: 보라! 데보라 연애에 진심인 편 연애의 진심인 편 宝拉!黛宝拉 Yeonaeui Jinsimin Pyeon Yeonaee Jinsimin Pyeon / I’m Serious About Dating /I’m Serious About Dating



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15 Comments to “Bo Ra! Deborah (2023)

  1. She is definitely my favourite actress, the actor is an amazing actor aswell, i just love this show so much it’s definitely easily top 3 for me already, greatest kdrama I’ve ever watched!

  2. she is a very good actress and the is wonderful. dramacool you guys are the best. you guys should totally watch this drama .it is so interesting and fun. i can’t wait for the next episode