Crash (2024) Episode 9

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12 Comments to “Crash (2024) Episode 9

  1. My guess was right, the husband of the woman who died, killed one of the witnesses, the guy with the black car.
    The ex cop is going to help So Hee, but he is also doing it for his career advancement….

  2. In the end when all is caught….. 5 years prison….. demotion……. lose a seat in the cabinet….. fired…… while victims died and crippled……. moral of the story(fantasy at most), justice will prevail, good is going to win against evil…… and society is at peace again……. or the false security of peace again, if want to be precise.

  3. They ran over her multiple times…???? wtf. and of course, the person who died overseas isn’t dead, knew that was coming.

  4. in no position to get rid of Lee jungsub, but get Han kyungsoo beaten up by his thugs so that he can be at least in a vegetative state to not be able to do anything and be a nuisance for them for a while….🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣

  5. he has done some freaking gud acting, talk about being unhinged!!! even if he doesn’t say anything, he looks cracked…..I just wanna punch him non stop (and please that know I wrote “Punch” so it doesn’t look and sound that violent, otherwise I just wanna……..🤬🤬🤬)….and of course that includes his son of a Bi*ch lawyer as well….

  6. so he was the husband…..!!!not that I suspected him at all, but it did occur me at times that this forensic guy is shown alot, and despite having this thought, I just thought that it’s a crime drama and forensic people are shown alot of times and of course are given alot of dialogues as well…..but i guess I wasn’t concerned for no reason…..perks of watching too many crime dramas, u even suspect a stray cat 🤣🤣🤣

  7. The day one’s own DNA, blood, etc fails to prove anything in such an obvious case like this will make the world scarier than it already is. IK ppl can go to great lengths to plant stuff but dam.

  8. 5his actress Shim So Young has appeared in various episodes as different characters

    Ep 1 – restaurant ow er
    Ep 3 – Kang Hee junction ghost case -the sharma
    Ep 4 – woman jumping from movi g car case – the woman’ mother at the hospital
    I have been watching out for her Appearance again since ep 4

    Ep 9 – today’s episode, she was the club madam talking to Mijin and of course fans of Taxi Driver S1 and S2 will recognize her has the character Lim Bok Ja, the Korean-Chinese boss lady gangster.

  9. I love So Hee as a character; she’s a no-nonsense badass. I knew her father would get in an accident. They talked about it way too much. I’m not surprised the loser, Pyo Jong Uk, caused it, nor that he’s on drugs, but crystal meth, such a harmful psychoactive drug, was unexpected. In a way, I pity PJU; some may not, but I do. What were his chances growing up normal with a father like his; not much. Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family, they say. That PJU ended up such a vulgar human being, the same as his father, causing everybody around them to be as repulsive as them, makes total sense.

    What an unexpected twist. I thought maybe Chae Man, the team lead at TCI, was Lee Jung Sub’s son-in-law since he, too, lost his wife in a hit-and-run and drove a similar car to the car of death, but I was wrong; it’s the guy from the forensic lab. He’s the son-in-law. They say the past is connected to the future. PJU’s father tried to control the past to have control over the future but forgot whoever controls the present controls the past. One can run, but there’s no hiding from their disgraceful past; it always has a way of catching up. I enjoyed today’s episode a lot.