Doona! (2023)

Doona! (2023)

Other name: 이두나! / 我的女神室友斗娜 / Lee Du Na! / Lee Doo Na! / The Girl Downstairs / Дорама Ли Ду На

Synopsis: Doo Na, a former member of the girl group Dream Sweet, moves into a shared house with Won Jun, a college student. Doo Na mistakenly believes Won Jun to be a sasaeng fan, while Won Jun is unaware of Doo Na’s celebrity status. As they become increasingly curious about each other, the two must face the reality of their unlikely living situation.



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4 Comments to “Doona! (2023)

  1. I feel in love with Suzy Bea watching the series. Didn’t like her smoking throughout the series though. My heart even wept towards the ending when Suzy cries.. Wish I get to meet her and make her fall in love with me.