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24 Comments to “Golden Boy (2024)

      1. I don’t know anything about scandals but on my drama list I saw that it airs: Jul 6, 2024 – Aug 25, 2024

  1. both of the leads are great actors, so this is a dream pairing. also, as others have mentioned, it would be nice to see jung hae in in something that isn’t a melodrama.

  2. Haein’s very first rom-com, YES! It’s about time for us to experience more of his diverse acting skills. Plus Somin is such a lovely actress. The only thing I’m concerned about is the scripts. Hopefully the story is worthy of these two very excellent actors.

  3. The tags say , “Naughty Female Lead”, and “Troublemaker Female Lead”, Let’s see how Hae In deals with our filthy Mu Deok…

  4. Finally Hae In with someone younger than him no offense to noona romances because also SoMin is with someone her same age so the chemistry will be so on point….can’t wait for this…