Kill Bok Soon (2023)

Kill Bok Soon (2023)

The story revolves around Kill Bok Soon, a single mother and a successful contract killer with a perfect track record. She works for M.K. Ent, a company owned by Cha Min Kyu, who trained her as a killer. While they share mutual respect, Kill Bok Soon is aware of the danger Cha Min Kyu poses. The story also follows the life of Cha Min Hee, Cha Min Kyu’s younger sister, who works as an executive at M.K. Ent, and Han Hee Sung, another killer for the company who is not acknowledged for his work. As Kill Bok Soon’s contract renewal approaches, she gets caught up in a life-threatening confrontation.

Also known as: 길복순 格杀福顺 格殺福順 Gilbogsun /Gil Bok Soon /Boksoon Debe Morir



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