LTNS (2024) Episode 6

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11 Comments to “LTNS (2024) Episode 6

  1. I followed this drama since day 1 (I enjoyed it till ep 5) it BUT the last ep is just pure NONSENSE. Ruin it for me.
    Glad it as just 6 episodes otherwise would be disrespectfull.

  2. Ahh yeah
    I got nothing from the last ep and felt they needed to be as far away from each other as humanly possible by the end of it. The fact that they finally slept together after what years🤦🏼‍♀️ in the last minute of the ep was eye rolling for me quite frankly. That would’ve been something if I’d felt they’d been actually working on their marriage after the first ep. Some others that watched this might have a different feeling but
    I am glad though that this was only 6 eps.

  3. Ok did they learn nothing from their last interaction ? Cuz I was under the impression that they were kinda toxic to each other and all.
    Also the plot twist that she cheated on him was like what ????? WITH THE CHEATING EX BASTARD ??? Like gurl get urself some common sense.

  4. In all honesty, I did not expect the darkness presented within the last eps. I did laugh though, some of y’all wanted to rip the hubby a new one. Who would’ve thought he was innocent and SHE was dirty? O.o
    Weird drama I can’t give much praise to. I would not recommend it~

  5. It’s actually an enjoyable drama. Dark comedy and it’s not for everyone. It just shows that some couples are like this too. There are couples who reconcile after divorce and said they have better s*x after reconciling. Yes she cheated but he’s willing to accept her back and that’s something we see in reality too. So I’m not sure what audiences expect from this drama especially the title says it all.

  6. What’s up with the raining inside the house 😂😂 while it’s sunshine out..
    We have tough raining weather this week but it’s outside 🤧 I got under my blanket just in case 🤣
    Not recommended drama, Japanese does better cheating drama! I honestly had much expectations for this one 😔 I am going back to rewatch emergency couple 😻