LTNS (2024) Episode 4

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9 Comments to “LTNS (2024) Episode 4

  1. I guess that old bat didn’t get the irony in what she said. 😕
    Its ok for her to be a witch to her sons wife but don’t want her daughter to get the same treatment from her future mother in law 🙄

  2. I don’t like it wn ppl talk weird stuffs in public transport especially talking loud…..m someone who talks in low pitch even at home.

  3. this was strange. I really thought after ep 3 that this thing they’re doing would draw them closer together, I it thought WAS doing that. And this finale happens………

  4. well, well, well, it is getting interesting more and more with each episode. I need to watch more works from this director and the writer.

  5. finally some WLW!! woohooo~~~
    honestly weed spikes my libido like a maniac, especially my own so if they wouldnt do it after smoking that then idk loll

  6. Poetic Justice! When the in laws bring the ducks to a shop to be assessed they will find out it is soap (although they look drastically different but whatever) then they will think horribly about the daughter and the family and her daughter will be treated the same way her mother treats the daughter in law. 😂😂😂

    I love that get back.

    I am going to guess maybe thefirl is the girl he might have almost married 🤞 ibstead. I don’t want to believe he is also a cheater. 😬