My Demon (2023)

My Demon (2023)

Other name: 마이데몬 / Maidemon / Мой демон / มาย ดีมอน

Synopsis: Do Do Hee is set to take over the Future Group. She’s known for her confident and composed demeanor, with a tendency not to trust others and a cynical view of love. Her life takes a significant turn when she becomes entangled with Jung Koo Won, a demon. They enter a contract marriage, bringing about substantial changes in her life.

Jung Koo Won, the immortal demon, sustains himself by striking perilous yet tempting deals with humans enduring tough times. Disparaging towards humans, he has roamed the world like a top predator for two centuries. However, when he becomes involved with Do Do Hee, he unexpectedly loses his powers. To avoid extinction, he enters into a contract marriage with her, becoming responsible for protecting Do Do Hee, who now possesses all of his power. Amidst these challenges, their relationship takes on a romantic dimension.

Episodes: 16



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41 Comments to “My Demon (2023)

  1. I thought I would be enchanted with this drama from beginning to end, just like what happened with Doom at Your Service, but unfortunately the last episodes were boring for me, I believe that the fact that I received a lot of spoilers also contributed to this 🙁

  2. Just caught up to the latest eps and based on ep 15 preview, this show is just going in circles. Dk if Noh sukmin is dead but these past two eps really almost had me die of boredom. We did get a bit more plot development though but at what cost?

  3. I knew all the lovey -dovey scenes we got in episode 13 wouldn’t make it to the making of. I knew it 😂😂. SBS 😂😂🤣. Hope we get confirmation of the Blu-ray after Saturday then because all these scenes are obviously going there.

  4. I just finished ep 8 and OMG OMG!!! I am head over heels in love!

    In some areas this one has the “Legend of the Blue Sea” vibe for me, in that one person has magical abilities, reincarnation involved, romantic comedy vibes, witty and charming male lead and a sassy female lead…with a crazy psycho murderer/villains on loose…and such a charming cast over all, ahhhh.

    The actor portraying the demon Jung Koo Won is absolutely gorgeous that he takes my breath away! His expressions, arrogant stance and the self-loving and hella rude attitude…being a childish bossy tyrant into a ruthless predatory devil that takes advantage of the human desparation into making an offer/deal they cannot refuse. How beautifully he lost his heart to his heroine…him always thinking of her and caring for her and ahhhh just their scenes just takes my FREAKING BREATH AWAY!

    His chemistry with Do do He is magical! She may be a modern independent woman but she was so utterly feminime mixed with being a badass woman! I could feel her lonely soul, and the way she glows even more after her demon enters her life,lol. I cried in her sadness and smiled at her happiness. Jung Koo Won & Do do He are made for each other! I love this drama so much!

  5. When will episode 13 will be released????yarrrrr!!!!!
    Can’t wait any longer ……..😩😩😩😩😩

  6. I heard this based off a novel, but that is prequel; and a webtoon is simultaneously updating with this?? Is this all true??

  7. Sooooo people around me including guys agree that Kangie is veryyy handsome so…and Yoo Jungie of course is ethereally beautiful and…

  8. I just binged on 10 episodes of this and yes the show seems to be hyped. However the two leads are absolutely beautiful and share great chemistry so going to watch till end.
    Though so many filler characters are there in this show, it sometimes gets on the nerves. The three employees bring nothing to the table except targetted sponsorships and unnecessary gags.
    Star Jin is a brat who does not seem to understand the meaning of “No”. Girl have some self respect and move on.
    The butler is another irritating guy and a pushover.
    The crazy murderer touch was nice though, he was truly creepy.

  9. Oh he does deliver on comedy in few scenes.(i especially like the one’s with Do hee’s secretary) I just do not like that he loses hi spine in front of Jin and easily spills off things she has no business knowing😅
    At first thought it was due to infactuation with her but in later episodes it seems like he simply has a pushover personality.

  10. I have a feeling this series is going to end of tragedy note , writing this after watching 5th episode as on 9th December 2023