The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 10

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26 Comments to “The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 10

  1. sorry but no sorry, people saying here and there that FL’s acting isn’t gud, but it’s not just her, it’s everyone in the drama, except the Chairman…..m not even enjoying Lee jae wook, not his best performance….and the one playing Kang In ha, Gosh, it’s so OTT that it’s unbearable, his constant face twitching is so overdone in every scene as if that’s the only expression he can give…..

    not a single character makes sense, none of their ambitions and convictions makes sense….m completely unable to understand y Tae oh was so adamant on making In ha the owner of Kangoh??? what for??? and while doing so, what made him believe that In ha would always follow his lead and won’t go his own way????

    and most importantly, what is in this girl that both boys are onto each other’s necks??? I mean, m all for loving someone, but to do that, there has to something that makes u get attracted to that someone, so much so that you’re all willing to even kill for that person???? and if Kang In ha never loved her and wanted her as his pet, y did she never realise that?? and if she did, then y did she marry him??? for money??? then y is she so heartbroken over everything he says and does???? did she really think she’ll be able to keep her relationship with Tae oh as well after marriage?? on what grounds???

  2. at least he knows he’s too dumb himself to do anything and he always needs a “brain” to make plans for him to succeed….though I did wonder if Hye won fits that category lolx….

    and like I said, Hye won is also a “Dog” for him whom he’s only “Keeping” cz Tae oh wanted her…..

    and he’s so predictable, u really dun need to be even 1% intelligent to predict his next move 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  3. Wait, I just realize, is this drama actually supposed to be 16 episodes but because they had to edit out crappy writing and acting that they left enough for 12 episodes and that they had to insert a lot of reminiscing and recalling?

  4. This drama is a failure and FL isn’t the reason. I am aware of her poor acting and still find her role useless. But that isn’t the problem. Reborn rich is one of similar dramas that actually made sense but this drama tries so hard to make it self logical, especially in business strategy area but it fails. They just wrote a convenient plot and bring up absurd things like fake paper company and move slush funds to buy majority shares, etc. Yes theoretically it is possible for someone to create fake company, but my problem is the timing of these strategies popping up. They just conveniently come up just to make sense without any preface.

    Reborn rich is the best succession K-drama till date because, that drama actually shows how ML creates investment companies from scratch, it shown us how ML had gained investors too. Also the company ML wants to take over, they shown why this company is number one in Korea. They are in automobile business/ semi conductors as primary business which is why they are richest in Korea and in that timeline it made so much sense. Also they have other business like Shopping malls etc. This drama, I still don’t know what exactly is Kang oh group yet after watching 10 episodes, all they talk is art galleries, co operative center, energy and electricals.

    Also in reborn rich ML gains majority shares with help of the actual chairman. That makes logic. Because most richest Asian companies are run by founding families, and also large companies only release 70% to 50% of shares to public for buy. They actually keep up to 50% of shares amongst themselves, primary shareholder being the chairman and then family members, important key holders etc. Here in this drama, it’s like anyone can easily gain major shares if they have money and a fake company. What is that even. It is so illogical. Reborn rich is still not accurate portrayal but it actually came close to business succession of real world.

    I used to be a business student but even business governance and stock management is something even I am still learning to date, because it so complex, unless you have an inside experience, you only understand theoretical things. I know it is hard to have same accuracy to be represented in dramas, but this drama is just creating plot armors over plot armors. There is no build up for any business strategy or even preparation being shown. It just comes up, like a snap of finger. Even characters are also the same.

  5. How come the chairman has no body guards or security. Anyone can come to the 150th floor seriously 😐 the plot is full of loop holes . Disappointed 😞

  6. Hee joo care about Han tae oh and her brother kang in ha too. She also saved her father before it was too late
    She was only person where she show true care for father. Other children were just after father wealth .
    So, is she still getting good ending.?
    Hyewon is still hanging there. And, how come chairman wife and her son have confidence that Han tae oh will join them without conversation with him? He is already out there making moves on…

  7. FL acting is so bad maybe she has done some fillers and Botox so her facial expression did show up plastique doll

  8. I look forward to the finale next week. At least Han Teo has been exonerated from the wrongful execution.

  9. This drama is just so rushed. The problem began when they introduced the FL, but she isn’t even the problem anymore (her acting was just one-dimensional – like no character change, just the same throughout). The problem is the one who wrote this plot out and the one who had the final say. They make stuff up to just make the plot run smoother and faster (to cut budget? time? idk). Like even in the last two episodes:
    Chairman saves Tae Oh: Like why? It’s extremely risky to hide a fugitive. He has no reason to. He can just hire another secretary.
    Hyewon getting out of mental institute: Like really? If In ha was supposedly half as smart as he has been shown in ep7-8, Hye won just saying she’ll live for him is her escape the mental hospital card
    The phone just happened to be recording the murder scene and Tae Oh, who was mile high on drugs sees that in his subconscious: I’m not even going to try to explain this. The phone just happening to be recording or him somehow able to access his subconscious.

    Overall, this drama is one that had so much potential. It could’ve been about two friends who became brothers and Tae Oh being committed to In ha’s success. After all the side quests (not murdering Inju but actually beating him in business) , there was a rift between the two friends and Hye won who is money hungry chooses In ju over her own feelings. Tae Oh, feeling betrayed goes on a revenge together with Hui Joo. But instead, it became a drama centered around low probability actions.

  10. This show is making lesser and lesser sense by the episode. We know everyone’s agenda, but it’s still not clear what their real intentions or motives are behind all of this. This creates a lack of depth/substance in the characters and makes it difficult for the audience to connect with them.

    Also, they’re just throwing new plot points randomly here and there. Like why do you suddenly have a fake paper company and more than 1/4% shares of the company just like that??? Where’s the context? Where’s the background? With 2 episodes left, it should be hidden from Inha, not us!!!

  11. Give the chairman some rest man why is there nobody guards also why’s anyone allowed to the chairman’s despite the chairman not being their does security not exist
    The problem started with the FL now even Inha and tae oh characters also fall short , the core plot has too many holes
    Only huiju and the chairman were solid throughout and huiju deserves more screen time, I feel like the director just forgets that she exists
    They should’ve made it 16 episodes and included the years they just skipped off

  12. oh god the scene “if only you reached out to this hand a little sooner” the way he let he’s father drown, the final push to submerge his father into the tub was genius. i won’t lie, but I would not oppose him emerging victorious
    huiju still the best character in this show she saved her dad’s life and takes no bs from anyone, she really delivers every single time

    oh my girl, the intensity in her eyes, huiju was so hot for this “where is han taeoh? threatening your shared bf to know where he is and get the upper hand is kinda sassy and hot
    the writers finally realized what the audience wanted and gave us more huiju scenes.. to more scenes next week 🙏

    taeho is finally out from custody sure there were some bumps along the way, but we will finally see how everything will be wrapped up
    the intensity in their gaze plus the face card of them, i’m glad taeoh stopped inha from killing his father at the hospital. i hope he kicks him out when he regains consciousness and make taeho the heir

    p.s- we thought the bromance between taeoh and inha is good but the actually bromance is inha and gijun lol also he had better chemistry with him then hyewon pft

  13. Huiju deserves more screen time and the FL deserves no screen time!

    I want to drop this drama because of the FL…that cheating FL the writer is trying to make her look innocent.

    But No the FL is not innocent…she is selfish as Huijo said!

  14. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that Tae Oh is surprised that In Ha is capable of murder, including his own father. And that it pains him what kind of person In Ha turned out to be. So there was real friendship and love on Tae Oh’s part in this relationship. He really wanted to see In Ha as the chairman of KangOh Group, but many commenters thought he wanted it for himself. He really sacrificed over 10 years of his life, the love of a woman for In Ha. What will be the ending of this story, since probably few viewers like Hye Won. If she and Tae Oh achieve their goal and take over KangOh Group and they are also together as a couple, it will not be a happy ending for many viewers, since she is so disliked.

  15. could have been THE drama with the stellar cast but watching it is like going down a black hole…plot is predictable and they bring up new things here and there

    the only good thing about it is that we have all gone crazy from watching it that we have to see it to the end

  16. I would have liked this lot better drama better if they had just stuck to what was shown in the first few episodes!! Like two high school best friends who get together and “”hatch a plan from a young age to take over the top company and seize their spots at the top of society””… it is written in the GODDAMN SYNOPSIS. Instead the writers had to add useless murder plots and sudden personality change and shit to label it as thriller. 😒

    I feel completely robbed of the friendship/bromance between the two leads and their love lives.
    In the perfect Kdrama world Hyewon despite being money greedy would have slowly fell in love with charming and sweet Inha. As for Tae ho, well he would be an idiot for not recognizing Huiji true love for him but slowly would start having feelings for her.

    But NOOOOO!! The writers had to take away the “she fell first but he fell harder” trope and ship the other two who honestly have no chemistry whatsoever. They are still hinting Hyewon and Taeho together based on the sappy music that was playing when she was in the hospital and he was calling her.🤦‍♀️
    All I pray for at this point is just a happy ending for Huiji cuz I’m done with the rest of them. I hope she falls in love (with another guy) as she always wanted to and get away from this family and live happy ever after.

  17. how come, he try to kill the chairman in hospital? doesn’t make sense , no security?, kang innah doesnt realize that hospital VIP have camera?!!! IDDIOTTTTTT DIRECTOR AND WRITER!!!

  18. Kang Joongmo’s biggest mistake was telling his son Inha his intentions to retire him from his company, making him go back to his past life living quietly as Baek Ina.
    He should have been mute and done the needful the next day.

  19. I’m glad Kang Inha didn’t know about the paper company Tae Oh created in Hong Kong, because it had been Tae Oh’s plan to make In Ha the chairman of the company, however due to twist if events and it’s all thanks to psycho In Ha’s actions, Tae Oh is going to use that company to seize control of Kangoh and Taeoh is always miles ahead, he has both the head gambler, the hacker and Inha’s soon to be ex wife on his team and thankfully, he was there in time to stop InHa from murdering his father on his sick bed at the hospital.

  20. Each of them has a hidden card. That’s good. Because the partnership between them (the three) was born of desperation, not free will.

    In Ha shows himself as he is now, because he believes he is unpunished, that he has reached a high level and no one is going to stop him. He is cruel, and see the people like tools to be used.
    I must aplaude the interpretation of Lee Jung Yeon, I’m folowing him since a time ago and I love his work.

    Na Hyewon has been the most innocent until now, or incompetent – if you will – how are you going to trust your mother, knowing what she is like?

    Tae Ho has been the smartest, but it must be recognized that he has had luck on his side.

    I like this drama a lot. There is a lot of plot holes and magic from the script, but I’m engaged.

    The only thing I regret is that the actress who plays Hyewon is not up to the task of the character, she is very flat, she has no dimension or subtleties. He always has the same gestures, he takes everything away.

The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 10

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