Queen of Divorce (2024) Episode 2

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18 Comments to “Queen of Divorce (2024) Episode 2

  1. it’s sooo weird seeing Kang Kiyeong as a ML in a romantic drama. the hugging scene etc…i cant get rid of his goofy loser image LOL. wonder if there will be a kissing scene later

  2. Her mother instead of going out & calling the ML…she could have called him from her cell & could have told him to meet her…that would have been more safer…then doing this stupidity & gaining attention…& now see what happened…they killed her 🙁 :(..it was expected from the time SIL saw her in that office

  3. I am dropping this BS. It is to stupid for me. Her mother left with the SIL murderer? From prosecutor office? I have brain cells to protect.

  4. that thrash husband is just plain murderer…needs few kicks & punches on his face..makes ur blood boil…..after killing his MIL he pretends like nothing….he made 3 people to die..last almost killed him…cant wait for the downfall of him..

    for leads….looks like they still have feelings for each other…seeing ML in serious role is bit weird…lol..it was odd to see him in romantic angle…cant forget his comic roles..just like seeing Lee ki yeong in bad guy role in marry my husband…2 comic actors doing diff roles is bit different to see…cause their old image is strong in your mind

    Ml`s nickname is shepherdcause of his face…lol

  5. I just can’t see this man the same after getting a look at his hot bod in
    the second season of The Uncanny Counter.🫣🤭

  6. I don’t know how marriages are set up in Korea, but if you marry a guy who has dubious practices, a mama boy’s, that says something about you.
    She can’t present herself as a poor victim who was stabbed in the back. Did she not know her husband, his family?
    I don’t like such polarized stories: the bad guy is bad, and she is good and poor innocent.
    Yes, the husband is a piece of crap. But I don’t like the way they present the protagonist, she is very flat, she has no volume, she is a one-dimensional character.
    And I don’t even want to talk about how a woman with very important and dangerous information, and she knows it…goes to talk to a prosecutor and goes with anyone instead of waiting for him.
    There is a fine line between being innocent, trusting and being incredibly stupid.
    I think the editing is poorly done, the rhythm is lost… I will keep watching to see if it improves in the next episodes.

  7. didn’t expect this drama to be this dark….

    1st of all, y did the mother call from a payphone and not her mobile phone???? and I dun even know what explanation can they give for this, if they ever do that….was someone tapping her phone??? I mean she went out and called, she could’ve stayed home and called from her phone instead….🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Secondly, i really wanna know y he killed her mother??? I mean she just said that she was there to meet the prosecutor incharge of Sa ra’s case, what’s there to get so scared that he killed her??? Sa ra is already in prison, tons of evidence against her, what could the mother have had, or have said that could’ve helped her to get released??? and she was in prison for 2 years, not for life, she was gonna get out anyway, she is more a potential threat to u than her mother, what if she expose u??? I just didn’t understand the reason to kill off the mum….

    and do elevators not work in the prosecutor’s office?? I know the man who took her mother could’ve taken her meanwhile he was in the elevator as well, but him coming down the stairs just put me off for some reason….

  8. m glad they’ll be working together, and I hope now we get some relief in the drama starting next week, the first two episodes were quite tensed….

  9. i don’t know why people in the comments keep saying that they wanna drop the drama. even if you do, that’s completely your business but, isnt it too soon?

    i for one, am loving this. kang kiyong suits this role so well and I’m glad he finally got a male lead position (bonus points for looking so hot fr), and lee jiah is excellent as always. yes, they are focusing on her past a lot, but ykw, without a backstory i think the viewers would be clueless about what’s happening.
    lastly, i love how the main couple has former lovers reunited trope, it’s one of my favorites. I am so sure this is gonna be fun.

  10. Jeez, she can’t make a right decision in her life. He is the key to her Mother’s death and that can dismantle her MIL’s law firm and get her son back.

  11. m extremely happy that he’s the lead, but it was also me who found this scene so awkward lolx, probably because I’ve never watched him in a lead or a romantic character before…..

  12. The ML is very average looking(I think that’s a good thing for the industry; I’m not sure if it’s good for the actual drama though tbh). I hope he has good chemistry with the FL, because it’s a bit awkward currently. I think this drama could be really good, but with certain clunky-ness in the first two episodes it might fall flat. I hope it delivers the potential I see that it can.

  13. I already like the plot of the drama. I’m interested to see how they will win the divorce cases. It’s abvious that romance is not main focus of the series and I hope they put in a lot of effort for the divorce cases. I love satisfying justice/revenge scenes so if they wanna add more romance scenes for the leads, it better be heart fluttering.

    I have taken an interest in how well the ML acts for the past few years so I’m pretty excited to see how this series will unfold. The cast has a few really cool supporting actors so I hope the plot doesn’t waste their potential.