Queen of Divorce (2024) Episode 3

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10 Comments to “Queen of Divorce (2024) Episode 3

  1. Hire an investigator to find out which international school the son is going to. Have a third party smuggle a message or a phone. Find out the son’s feelings before making a move. She is building up a case for a stalking Mother. I’m sure that they will be reunited at the end, though.

  2. I think that the chapters are improving. I like the pacing of this episode, the dynamic between FL and ML is fluid.

    I am still not convinced by the presentation of our FL, every time they show scenes of her, for example with her son… it is not clear when it happens, if it is current or not. I lost the track there… I think that was before going to jail… but I don’t know…

    There is too much distance between her supposed skill as a lawyer and the foolishness of the things she does, which can seriously harm her (legally)…
    We can assume that it is because he is her son and desperation does not allow her to think correctly…

    Even so, the series has very funny moments and the secondary characters are good.

    I think it’s going to get better.

  3. Doesnt her son miss her…they never showed the son missing his mom…
    knew it …that 2nd wife also sooner or later will seek divorce from that thrash husband..he doesnt deserve to be married…& for what reason he was showing jealousy towards them..

    ML enacting cheesy lines seems bit weird or i can say awkward…lol….looks like it will get time to see him as male lead…….FL looks like she still gets butterflies when she see ML or his closeness

  4. So Jiah got married because she got pregnant. The timing of the birth of her son pretty much shows that she ‘cheated’ on him, even though she was drunk. Ki-young could probably guess that.

  5. I knew there was an explanation, I didn’t expect it to be so fast, but I was going to think very badly of her.
    As for her son, I understand her desperation, but until she has custody of him… what can she do? He is very small.

    Will the new wife come to “Solution” later?

  6. this drama is going fast pace, i am afraid that when the FL and ML get together, the slow pacing and truck-kun will come and hit them
    [i am looking at you marry my husband 🙄]