Queen of Divorce (2024)

Queen of Divorce (2024)

Other name: 끝내주는 해결사 / 끝까지 간다 / 绝佳的解决士 / Kkeutnaejuneun Haegyeolsa / Kkeutkkaji Ganda / Great Problem Solver / A Hard Day / Persist Until the End / Going Until the End / Going to the End / I Will Go Until the End / Amazing Troubleshooter / Королева разводов / Удивительный специалист / ملكة الطلاق

Synopsis: Kim Sa Ra was once part of a major law firm in South Korea until her husband’s betrayal led to a devastating loss. Now, she’s taken on a new role as a leader at the Solution divorce settlement office, helping people navigate tricky divorces. Alongside her partner, Dong Ki Joon, a former prosecutor with the nickname “German Shepherd,” they work together to assist those facing challenging divorce situations. Despite Ki Joon’s mysterious departure from the prosecutors’ office, they join forces to bring justice and support to people dealing with the difficulties of unfair divorces.



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26 Comments to “Queen of Divorce (2024)

  1. bonjour pourriez vous me dire en combien je peu telecharger pour que les sous titre corresponde a vec vos video svp merci d avance( je suis une bleu)

  2. Had a busy week, so couldn’t catch up with the schedule.
    Now that I’m ready to start it, I find out that the kiss scene from last week was a joke!
    Whole mood got ruined in an instant!
    It really sucks that I’m feeling like a 🤡 when last week I chuckled so much thinking about it!
    I know I’m throwing tantrums, so please 🐻 with me.😑😑

  3. Probably the same cliche trope will be shown. Her family was poor and in debt and back then her ex hubby family came to propose her family for the marriage. So she chose to go for the marriage for her family as she said she chose the reality. The reality was both of them weren’t financially stable and she really needed something secure back then which he wouldn’t have been able to give her also she was pregnant.
    So maybe she chose to hide it too and married him so as not to hold ML back from pursuing his future as well as getting fer family the dire help they needed.

  4. Finally watched last night and understand the low MDL rating. Tt was BAD – really bad – in terms of cheesy, mundane dialogue. No sparkle or wit thus far. Even a birth secret telegraphed from the very beginning. A truly awful potential suicide scene that was. . . . mundane and pointless.

    I’ll continue watching a few more episodes because of Kang Ki Young. His scripted words may be bland, but he’s a great actor and his scenes were enjoyable. Meanwhile, another favorite Seo Hye Won, who played memorable characters in “Alchemy of Souls” and “Business Proposal”, was absolutely wasted by both the script and director. Lee Ji Ah looked like she was sleepwalking through most of it – why is she considered a “star”??

    The teasers (and even the intro) promise a quirky, bad-ass team of hi-jinks but thus far it’s hasn’t delivered. If it continues on this dark path, I’ll be dropping which saddens me because it’s been on Watchlist ever since I read that KKY would be the ML. 🙁🙁

  5. I enjoyed episodes 1 and 2. I have another revenge kdrama on my watchlist. Excited for ep 3 and see the reunited partners in action! I think Kim Sara reminds me a bit of the MC of One the Woman although I already forgot the main events in that drama

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  7. from the trailer, the fl really reminds me of the fl from love to hate you! female lawyer who knows how to throw a punch haha

  8. Yayyy! I’m actually excited for this one. Loved LJA since FKFG. and I adored KKY. Finally he’s a main lead now.