Queen of Divorce (2024) Episode 4

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13 Comments to “Queen of Divorce (2024) Episode 4

  1. Her ex husband is trash but I have to admit they kind of have chemistry when she called him jobo . I felt like he wanted to say : you still love me lol

  2. Damn is the theme of this year rich ppl solve crimes . The lady is always helping her with money . It gives the impression that all you need is money to solve stuff . It’s true but the younger generation will beleive without money they can’t reach nothing you atleast need a rich friend to be on top

  3. why they r showing that thrash husband in a comedic way…when she said YoBo..he was all happy like she still has feelings for me..so he tries to get jealous with leads being together

    he did same in beautiful life wonderful (something) drama…got married to his FL`s sis then had extra marrital affair with his sec & went back again to his wife & got happily ever after

  4. I actually like the spy you can tell she is evil and crazy maybe even more evil than Noh Yul-seong he kind of found his match. I wonder if she will switches sites

  5. Okay that ex-husband might be delusional to ever think he has any chance with his ex-wife or feel jealous at all because “bro, you’re a murderer and it looks like you killed her momma” so in what wattpad terrestrial world would this woman ever love you, look in your direction 🤔🙄
    If it was someone, he would be counting his blessings every single day until she finds out…tsk tsk
    This is what I call “rich with no brain”

  6. that kidnapping scene & fight was so funny…lol…now FL has 3 guys liking her…lol…that ex husband has no right, but him showing jealousy each time he see leads together is funny..

    more then ML..her chemistry matches well with that ex husband..with ML her scenes r bit awkward to see, but not with ex husband..they look normal…when all the 3 guys r younger then FL

  7. I guess the wife’s sigh of relief when her husband said that her secret was about infertility was noted by her MIL.

  8. Access to the ex’s computer. Perhaps having Mr. Dong distract him while the FL looks at the computer might be better. His jealousy would make him focus on Dong and Dong probably wouldn’t be looking to the side. Or have the IT guy do it.

  9. The timing would indicate that the current wife is involved with the kidnapping. She distracted Dong.

    When the new office manager arrived, thoughts that she was a mole instantly came to mind, even before the FL’s raised eyebrows.

  10. While fighting, call the police. Take pictures of the kidnapper. There was time before she jumped back in to help.