Queenmaker (2023)

Queenmaker (2023)

In the “womance” drama, two women from different backgrounds, Hwang Do Hee and Oh Seung Sook, come together to create a just and truthful world. Hwang Do Hee is a skilled career woman in President Identity consulting and the leader of the Strategic Planning Office at Eunsung Group. Despite her success, she faces adversity to make Oh Seung Sook the mayor of Seoul. On the other hand, Oh Seung Sook is a labor rights lawyer who fights for common people and workers and is the president of several women’s rights foundations. With the help of Hwang Do Hee, Oh Seung Sook becomes determined to become the mayor of Seoul and continues her fight for justice.

Also known as: 퀸 메이커 W: 죽지 않는 여자들의 도시 퀸메이커 Kwin Meikeo W: Jukji Anhneun Yeojadeuleui Dosi /W: The City of Women Who Never Die / W /Queen Maker



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3 Comments to “Queenmaker (2023)

  1. I enjoyed the strong female cast. The story had good momentum so I was never bored and actually finished the drama (I usually stop close to the end when I lose interest). Cool redemption arch for our protagonist. No romance if you need that, but lots of sitting on the edge of your seat!

  2. This was good, trashy fun. Definitely not a “serious political drama/ thriller”, this leans heavily on certain makjang tropes despite not looking very much like a soap opera. There is also a sense of “this could only happen in Korea” because of specific cultural and societal idiosyncrasies. One of the smart decisions they made is to avoid any romance, so if you need a romantic plot to enjoy the story, this is not it.