Unpredictable Family (2023) Episode 102

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3 Comments to “Unpredictable Family (2023) Episode 102

  1. 🤢
    Well I’m back and haven’t even bothered to watch the back eps. I just read the comments where I left off to now and this show don’t seem to have gotten any better but worse and I didn’t think that would be possible. Plus in the comments someone has said they added 10 more eps to this crap.🙄 I’m gonna take a guess that maybe they did that because the next daily drama that’s supposed to start after this one ain’t ready to start so they had to make up the time till then.

    I did manage to get through todays ep and I hope that the next show that comes after this one the leads have chemistry. The SW and ES characters have none at all. I can’t see any love coming from them for each other even if they are supposed to be broke up. The ES character still seems to be walking around like she’s an idiot with that same confused expression on her face and the dear caught in the headlights look 🤦🏼‍♀️
    From the comments I guess the little kid’s mother has shown up with some guy and is running a grift on the sucker MG. I’m trying to think of the last show where I saw a character be that much of a clueless fool. The SJ character still acting like she’s not a grown up. I have nothing to say about any of the parents🤦🏼‍♀️ after all the comments I read over after ep. 72. I really don’t care anymore as I still can’t stand any of them. I guess I should’ve waited and came back at around ep 120.😒

  2. Interesting. This episode should be called “Rebound”. SJ and EA caught HY in her rebound stance and JY is calling the shots for the Rebound game with SW. HAHA! Cliche, but funny. When your shoes come with flowers, you know he has an ulterior motive.