Weak Hero Class 2 (2024)

Weak Hero Class 2 (2024)

Other name: 약한영웅 Class 2 / 약한영웅2 / 약한영웅 시즌2 / 脆弱的英雄 2 / 弱美男英雄 2 / Yakhanyeongung Sijeun 2 / Yaghanyeongung Sijeun 2 / Yakanyeongung Class 2 / Weak Hero S2 / Weak Hero Season 2 / Weak Hero 2 / Weak Hero Class Two / Слабый герой 2 / วีกฮีโรคลาส 2

Synopsis: “Once targeted by bullies, it’s game over. At a school run by tyrants, tormenting the weaker students is a favorite pastime. But everything changes when Gray, a mysterious new student, arrives. Despite his small size, Gray’s strategic and brutal fighting style leaves his opponents begging for mercy. Now, the school’s toughest bullies must band together to take down this unconventional hero. Adapted from the webtoon “Weak Hero” by SeoPass and Kim Jin Seok, this drama consists of 8 episodes and has a duration of 60 minutes. Viewer discretion is advised for its violent and profane content, suitable for ages 18 and above.”



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66 Comments to “Weak Hero Class 2 (2024)

  1. Eargerly waiting as this is one of my fav mangas. Sad tht it ended.
    wished they would have given us more eps for this series.

  2. Does anyone know the name of the guy at the end of the season 2 when si eun enters the new class the guy at the right with tattoos (he is sitting and has his legs) tattoos?

  3. Lee Jun Young in another drama as a bully? (Mask Girl, Brave Citizen etc)
    Why do I feel he is getting typecast…. ☹️

    I loved him in Love and Leashes, I hope he gets more roles as a romantic ML 🤞🏼💗

  4. Doubt it. The entire cast has definitely not been released, and the only one I really care about being there is Gerard. They can just mesh Teddy into Colton or something and if the other main character you are talking about is Rowan, he doesn’t even show up until after the Wolf fight iirc. I also don’t know if Donald will have a big role here, I want to see him, but me personally I like Wolf as a character more and hope he is the main villain. In terms of what you said about fl, ngl, I wouldn’t mind if they kept some characters from season 1 like Young-yi. She could somehow replace that girl who had a crush on Si-eun in the webtoon but was just a wasted character who didn’t contribute to anything. There is a lot of hope for season 2, as I believe the director and writers are the same so the quality will likely be up there with season 2 and I am not sure why you are nervous lol. For me, sweet home season 1 and 2 were both poorly written and reliant on the expensive cast (more-so season 1) so I personally think that if you were to compare them it would not make very much sense. Anyway my point is that I don’t think you should be nervous because everything is in this shows favour now that it has a higher budget, will literally be on Netflix, and generally has everything going for it. The chances that it will have one dimensional main leads/villains is slim, and the cast we are aware of is very talented and can certainly pull off their roles. (EDIT: rowan shows up way before the wolf fight i apologise for my bad memory, i read the webtoon a while ago)

  5. I guess so, but Ryeoun is such a versatile actor that he’s probably going to nail it (not to mention that, in my eyes, Ryeoun is by far the most appealing one to fit Ben Park’s vibes).

  6. After watching the disaster that was sweet home season 2, I’m honestly so nervous about this, we are already missing 3 main characters, hopefully they don’t add any fl and romance, or make Donald one dimensional psychopath villain.

  7. expecting it mid-late 2024! hopefully we get it earlier than season 1 (it was a november release) bc they’re already started filming

  8. i mean we still don’t fully know if teddy will be there or not, colton could just be included in the cast list purely because he was in season 1

  9. i doubt it will be in proportion, season 1 had so much added content that wasn’t in the webtoon and i feel like doing that for the actual main story wouldn’t be good. in season 1 all the new characters and character changes were to make it more interesting and action-packed, but the material this season will adapt already has all of that so i don’t think they’re gonna change as much and therefore i think they’ll adapt way more chapters (also considering donald and wolf are both here despite not appearing in the webtoon for like 60 chapters)

  10. Are they really gonna keep all the fighting things, I mean I’m reading the manhwa and it’s all gangster stuff, but it’s pretty good ngl, I hope they keep those parts….

  11. He was also super cute in May I Help You and Let Me Be Your Knight. I’ve heard good things about his role in Imitation too. Maybe he did enough romance for a bit and wants to avoid being typecast in the romance genre. I know in interviews he’s talked about trying many different kinds of roles and genres to build his acting skills.

  12. I know it’s a backstory, characters I’m talking about are Gerad, teddy and Rowan three of the seven main characters of WHC.

  13. This drama SHOULD COME 2024 or else I’m losing it😭😭 and at least give us 10 EPs… Please or 12… release all at the same day…Or at least PROMISE US A S2! I can wait 2 years again

  14. Good for you having high expectations, but as someone who have seen so many of my favorite novels/webtoon butchered as LA, I’m going to watch this with minimum expectations, that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for it.

  15. The drama I’m anticipating the most ! I clearly am impatient watchin this drama ! Jihoon fits the character so well it is impressive !

  16. True! still I find it hard to believe they’ll mash the rest of the webtoon into 8 eps- but it’s not impossible!

  17. pls 😭 the won’t even have an interaction this season…only Sieun (his other dad? lol) will tell him about him but i cant help but wish they have a scene together haha

  18. I guess there won’t be Jake Ji either but Wolf Keum is here so It’s good! I also hope there will be a scene with Stephen here! He’s one of my fave character in the story🙏🏻

  19. This drama SHOULD COME 2024 or else I’m losing it😭😭 and at least give us 10 EPs… Please or 12… release all at the same day…Or at least PROMISE US A S2! I can wait 2 years again

  20. People on the internet are saying this releases in 2025. Where is the source? I can’t find anything from the producers or directors stating this, I’ve only seen it from a random twitter k-drama news account that as far as I know isn’t 100% credible. Since they’re filming episode 4 or 5 right now, assuming the drama is 8-10 episodes, I don’t think it will take that long. If it ends up as 16 episodes I’d understand but there’s no information on that either.

  21. I’m not really bothered by spoilers and yet, I don’t want to know anything about this. I just want to go in as in the dark as possible.

    It would be nice to know when it would air or the episode list.

    One thing I know is they were filming episode 4 last week I think. I figured if it’s not airing next year, it would be the latter half of this year like August/Sept, etc

    I could definitely be wrong though haha

  22. p.s.: pls ignore this comment. i just wanted to make a cringey reference to twinkling watermelon. i am not like this trust me. i just wanted to point out ryeoun and hyunwook 😭😭.

  23. with so much jihoon and hyunwook interactions going on over Instagram, I feel like they might be cooking something related to WHC1….

  24. I’ve been rereading the webtoon and I am so nervous about this season haha

    It’s just so many characters. I don’t know if they’re planning on adapting a specific arc but yeah, I’m nervous.

    I have total faith in the actors but it’s just alot. I wonder if this will have a bigger episode order or will it have a season 3. I hope that it will be a single drop or I might just have to wait til it concludes and binge it. I don’t think I could handle the cliffhangers for this.

    Maybe by the time the series airs, the webtoon will be out of my mind so I will just be able to watch it based on its own merits.

  25. Fancast for non confirmed characters (once again)

    Gerard Jin – Lee Chae-min (fits every requirement and also CCIR reunion)

    Kingsley Kwan – Ahn Do-gyu (need to think about this more, another reunion but this time with twinkling watermelon)

    Teddy Jin – mesh him with Colton, we don’t need another angry pretty boy

    Rowan Im – remove him from the show

    Jake Ji – Park Jung-woo (I think he can pull it off well, but I don’t want him to show up in class 2)

    Phillip Kim – Jin Ho-eun (has played this sort of character before, similar to Lee Jun-young and just needs to do it again)

    Myles Joo – mesh him with Seok-dae from season 1, and somehow link him to Manwol

    Jimmy Bae – replaced with Kang Woo-young from season 1, alter the plot a little so that the altercation between him and Ben doesn’t happen (at the start of the season at least)

    In terms of power scaling also, Soo-ho would be around the same level as Ben and Jake. It would then make sense that Seok-dae and Woo-young were weaker than him (we all know Soo-ho was def stronger than Woo-young, he just cheated).

  26. My updated fancast for non-confirmed characters cause why not:

    Gerard Jin – Moon Sang Min/Lee Chae Min

    Jake Ji – Park Jung-woo

    Teddy Jin – Park Jibin

    Kingsley Kwan – Ahn Do-gyu

    Jimmy Bae – Go Kyung-po (wouldn’t mind if Kang Wooyoung from season 1 replaced his character)

    Rowan Im – Ryu Ui Hyun

    Phillip Kim – Jin Ho Eun

  27. I think you will enjoy it more if you read the webtoon, it is very good and you will probably come to love the characters, which will make you excited to see how they are adapted. Me personally, I read the entire webtoon after season 1, twice, and I don’t regret doing it because it’s really good and gave me an idea of what changes were made and how they were done in the show. You will be waiting a long time for the weak hero show to end I imagine (as s1 was successful and now that s2 is on netflix it will be even more successful, thus they will likely make more than 2 seasons), so you may as well read it now lol.

  28. Just saw that this series was mentioned in a MDL youtube video and I’m like FINALLY! Some acknowledgement that it’s airing this year! Haha

    I was thinking since it wasn’t included on the netflix rollout or whatever it’s called, it would air this year and maybe it would be released next year.

  29. so no choi hyun-wook and no hong kyung , i also read that the new events gonna take part in a new school so kinda makes sense that the old cast is not there but still 😔

  30. Because for one it’s an entirely different setting; it’s a different school in a different area.

    We have no idea what they’re planning to do with these characters aside from the fact there’s already a whole new cast of characters so there’s still no need to include S1 characters in such a way.

  31. Some casts are not yet reveal, so there still a hope to see Rowan, Teddy and Gerard, we need them they had a big role of this series ..

  32. A question to those who have read the webtoon originally/read the webtoon after watching season 1: Should I read the webtoon before season 2 comes around? I mean, it sounds like its a possibility not all characters will be here this season despite being in the webtoon and some story could be cut out/added etc… can someone let me know whether or not it will be really worth it reading the webtoon? Or will I enjoy the drama more if I just wait for the 2nd season with no spoilers or background info? I absolutely loved the first season and I want to watch this season with maximum impact so anyone know which would be the better choice?

  33. I don’t see why not. Getting new actors to play non-important side characters would be kinda pointless when there’s good ones already from season 1, and the manhwa already has too many characters to fit. If the show had as many characters as the manhwa we would get not nearly enough screentime from the main leads. They should either just get rid of them, mesh them with another character(s), or replace them with season 1 characters

  34. they were both only minor characters in the webtoon and barely appeared but sieun makes a lot of new friends at his new school so s2 will be very interesting anyway and a lot of stuff will happen

  35. I like it that it’s not only me who is really waiting for any information on this show. I haven’t read the webtoon yet but from everything I have read in this comment section, I think this season is going to be great or very disappointing to those who have read the webtoon since there’s so much expectations from everyone including me. I really hope they don’t disappoint though and I’m confident on Park Ji Hoon that he won’t disappoint 😄