Wedding Impossible (2024) Episode 1

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22 Comments to “Wedding Impossible (2024) Episode 1

  1. I feel bad that some people hire a actor to pretend as a good friend at their wedding. It may be assumed as deceiving your partner, but it is more sad to the person who actually hired a fake. They are ashamed of the fact to tell others especially their partner (which tells how strong is the relationship itself between them) that they don’t have any close friends and are afraid people might think something is wrong with them, which they do in most of the cases, where others think – is he/she some loser? or partner thinks am I getting married to a loser. It’s really sad, how one is afraid of getting looked down that they have to hire fake people at wedding.

  2. oh a cameo from Joo Hyun-Young, lol looks like she became an actor after staying back in The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract when FL went back to her time.

  3. ah it’s d-day, i have been waiting for it so longgggg

    recent kdramas are all about in their wedding era lol
    my demon
    queen of tears
    wedding impossible
    perfect marriage revenge
    story of park’s marriage contract
    marry my husband and idk maybe there will be more ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I loved it, good start. It’s a fun drama, although at some point it seems like this is going to get very serious. She is strong, I hope they don’t “weaken” her in the following eps, as they do with all female protagonists, they start out strong and self-sufficient and then decline until they become “insecure fools.” Grandpa looks very young. When her friend hands the coffee to her, “the soldier” couldn’t help but laugh.

  5. The first episode was good, the story has me intrigued as well.

    The older brother appears to have a secret to hide, asking his friend to *pretend* marry him. Seems like he’s gay, thus the bl tag in the description. It’ll be interesting to see how the younger brother’s romance progresses with the FL considering she’ll probably be engaged to the older brother (at least in the public eye). Maybe both the brothers will be in on it? Let’s see….

  6. I read the description several times, because I couldn’t understand why somebody will want his brother to become successor. Usually is the opposite.

  7. Wow this is good it has everything i want in a Kdrama..

    It cracks me up how badly Ji-Han is getting it wrong about Do-Han and Ah-Jeong`s relationship and how much worse his plans will go if the real truth comes out(you know it will)…when i first heard of this drama i said that Ah-Jeong and Ji-Han will end up as a couple and i stick by that but its going to be a fun packed rocky ride to get there….

  8. There is too much chemistry with the allegedly gay brother.
    They need to give him another secret because I already prefer him

  9. this is quiet a good start
    jihan and ahjeong another example they will definitely pull a damn good enemies to lovers trope and i’m ready for the ride love their first chaotic meeting them bickering they’re having dramatic cliche meeting that’s how romcom should meet fr๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚

    ahjeong beating up the homophobes that were being mean to dohan, such a queen behavior
    jeon jongseo is so beautiful that it’s hard for me to concentrate to understand what’s happening in the kdrama lol, her acting, visual and expressions omg
    ahjeong and dohan’s friendship dynamics were such a highlight for today’s episode..i’m craving more of them

    jihan at starting looks not that good and will cause a nuisance maybe because it looks like he just wants the company like nothing else matters to him but ik at the end he will going to be greenest flag ever, the dynamic between him and ahjeong is cute and funny

    have you ever thought about marrying me?
    please marry me.
    this is mess now dohan has already made a marraige proposal to ahjeong, he is gay and was blackmailed for photos of him sleeping with a guy, so he asked her to help conceal the wedding.

    now my question is, is he even gay? is he acting to be one or he really is? because as per as i read he is gay idk lets see