Wedding Impossible (2024) Episode 9

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18 Comments to “Wedding Impossible (2024) Episode 9

  1. lovers on run 😂 😂

    they look so cute tho

    but the decision to just run away together and enjoy lil dates is an impulsive one….

  2. The second lead makes more sense . The main leads really didn’t think it through. Really date your fiancé brother . Wants to become and actresses 😂😂😂 the writers really screwed them up .
    The main actor was Chad g his brother and this girl to make sure they break up because it’s important the company etc. now his willing to date his brothers future wife and drop everything. Saying her without knowing this whole thing was fake . I’m confused. What massage can we take from both main leads are idiots

  3. The writer in this drama amazes me. The little brother got his feelings hurt cause he found out marriage was fake! Nobody feels guilty with the affair but he got butt hurt for that what a train wreck its almost done cuz older brother is going to take all the blame and hurt so younger brother can have happy ending?

  4. This drama truly is Makjang, and I’m gonna treat it as is from now cz otherwise, the frustration will kill me. Just let them sort their own shit out.

    So, now they’ve sort of started dating? Honestly, I was not having it with all those cute moments at the start (Bcz of the very obvious situation they are in) and it’s a shame cz the leads do have good chemistry.

    And here we have it. The half-sister has now gotten a hold of pictures with them kissing, and the drama will continue…….

  5. So let me get this straight, Jihan. You’re telling me, you have been on your brother’s ass to cancel the wedding bcz it’ll not be favourable for your ‘big plan’ and then now you’re willing to drop everything just like that for the SAME WOMAN? Smh.

  6. I could somehow get through the absurd plot so far but couldn’t get through this episode. When he said let’s focus on ourselves, I expected her to come clean about the marriage but what?! They just went on a trip?? Couldn’t really watch after that. I’ll come back to this maybe once it’s done airing.

  7. the writers hate the leads cause damn, this ain’t it. Hope they don’t waste their insane chemistry with an absurd plot…

  8. i think this show shouldn’t have a bl tag like its not completely based on the bl story of do han and ppl tend to misunderstand this

  9. I don’t like that at a certain point (at the end of the episode and the trailer) the drama became “the victim game” between the three protagonists.

    Ji Han plays the victim because the marriage is fake, meaning he was cheated on.
    Even though he was trying to destroy that marriage until the last minute…
    Do Han plays the victim because his brother and his fiancée cheat on him, but he sets up a fake marriage, which is a big lie, and lives his life in hiding.
    Ah Jung plays the victim because Ji Han is hurt and she is trapped in a contract that she has to fulfill, because she thought she could play a role that is actually very serious and complicated…

    The reality is that the three of them did not take seriously that you don’t play with love…

    The danger now is the big sister viper, who is sharpening her teeth and sticking poison wherever she can.

    I wonder what the big secret is about the circumstances of the mother’s death. Did the father of her first two children intervene, or did the Chairman intervene?

  10. They looked very cute on the beach, the family watching the drama and the older brother describing Ji Han’s look “This is sparta”, it seemed like that to me from the beginning Lol. Grandpa wanting to share a meal…and I got lost…what happened? I didn’t understand. What do they want to do? Why was Do Han so hurt? I understand that he was upset but there was a lot of pain in his eyes.

  11. why didn’t ahjung tell jihan that marriage was fake? she could’ve told him without revealing the ‘secret’… also why would jihan feel surprised after hearing that the wedding was fake? in his pov, he already forced ahjung into an affair with him because his brother is gay. did he feel betrayed because ahjung isn’t guilty as him in this ‘affair’? any webtoon readers? how was the webtoon compared to this?

  12. The beginning of this episode was so off. Lovers on the run made no sense at all, I feel like the writers just wanted some cute couple scenes before the drama ended, but even those scenes were awkward bc she barely wanted to hold his hand the whole time even though i get why, it was still awkward.
    The ending of this episode was great. It’s about time something happened.