Wedding Impossible (2024)

Wedding Impossible (2024)

Other name: 웨딩 임파서블 / 웨딩임파서블 / Wedingimpaseobeul / Weding Impaseobeul / Свадьба невозможна / الزفاف المستحيل

Synopsis: Na Ah Jeong, an extra actress with unacknowledged talent, leads a modest dating life due to her challenging reality. Lee Do Han, her male friend of 15 years and the son of the LJ Group chaebol family, faces family pressure to marry but harbors a secret preventing him from doing so. Seeking a solution, Do Han proposes to Ah Jeong to act as his wife and daughter-in-law, marking her first leading role. However, their plan encounters a hurdle in the form of Lee Ji Han, Do Han’s ambitious younger brother, who aims to secure Do Han as the LJ Group successor. Ji Han endeavors to thwart his brother’s sudden wedding announcement by introducing Yoon Chae Won as a potential bride.

Adapted from the webtoon “Wedding Impossible” (웨딩 임파서블) written by Song Jung Won (송정원) and illustrated by Lee Chung (이청).
Episodes: 12
Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday



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126 Comments to “Wedding Impossible (2024)

  1. If you know not everyone is homophobic. Why make that false statement in the first place, way to contradict yourself.

  2. Queer people have been swallowing straight shows since the beginning of time but heaven forgives if there’s a gay character with a barely plot focused on his sexuality and many of you start to losing it, you’ll have to swallow that queer representation exists and it’ll be shown more and more, queer people are around you since the beginning too, if you don’t agree stay silent as we have done bearing your things too

  3. I love the FL. I love her little quirks like having learnt random skills “just in case”, and referencing how “things usually go in dramas”. 😂

    I have only seen Moon Sang-Min and Kim Do-Wan as support characters. I’m not a die-hard Kim Do-Wan fan or anything but it seems he has the screen presence of an ML in this drama. His body language, presence, and the air about him are so ML-like, which I did not expect. Maybe it’s because he’s the “older brother” and they haven’t fleshed out Lee Ji-Han’s character yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in the main couple’s story, but I’m even more interested in Lee Do-Han’s character arc and chaebol coming out story (if they eventually go that direction instead of having grandpa making him hide his face and run away to the US).

    I am loving these “noona dramas that aren’t noona dramas”, like Marry My Husband (FL was ML’s sunbae), Branding in Seongsu (FL is ML’s sunbae), and now Wedding Impossible (FL is ML’s older brother’s friend). We get all the fun of noona romance dynamics minus (hopefully) the usually tired tropes that come with them or the focus being solely on the FL being older.

  4. and homophobics 97% of the world population who are ALREADY in EVERYTHING, right?

    ps. I know not everyone is homophobic

  5. if the drama keeps going this good till the end, i’ll literally watch all of this director’s works after this drama… this drama is just so perfect

  6. It’s my first time watching something with this actress and I’m really liking her so far ! She has the cutest voice !!
    So far, Im really enjoying the show, I feel like it will be a fun watch 🙂

  7. i’m annoyed by Ji Han and Do Han.
    Only enjoyable character is ah Jung, ngl.

    has only been 2 episodes so it can get better – i have hope.

  8. The brothers really need to have a heart to heart and open communication because their relationship seems so on the surface and superficial. No wonder one is anxious avoidant (Ji Han) and the other is avoidant disorganized (Do Han) personality types LOL It’s like are you really brothers? Because their relationship while “close” is more like their relationship with the other family members.

  9. Omg omg they were singing Infinite’s be mine…i immediately noticed it…i wanted to sing along but it was for mere seconds 😭

  10. I liked the two first episodes! Jong Seo is a really good actress omg. I was a bit skeptical about her doing romcom because I never saw her doing light themes dramas/movies before but she proved me wrong here. She’s totally nailing her character (which btw I loved), it’s just so natural for her. Sang Min is also good. I’m liking their chemistry a lot, especially at EP2!

    About the characters, yes, ML is a bit selfish and annoying but I’m waiting for his character development haha I don’t dislike him that much to not watch the drama so let’s see.

  11. People who are saying “SML (Do Han) should just come out of the closet” really reek of privilege….do you think its that easy? Especially in a country like Korea? You could legit see how people gossiped about him in school, how his ex got hurt…do you even realise the consquences of him coming out as the “gay illegitimate son” of a chaebol family? I wish that people had a little more empathy and try to undestand that coming out of the closet could be disastrous for a lot of queers…

    And those who don’t understand the SML’s intention of fake marrying his best friend (the FL), let me make it easier for you guys…HE CANNOT STAY HIDDEN BECAUSE HIS GRANPA LEGIT PUT SPIES ON HIM IN NEW YORK!! His privacy and boundaries were so easily invaded, do you think his family wouldn’t find out later? Even coming out isnt an option. That’s why he thought that fake marrying the one person he trusts could at least get these people from being suspicious and leaving him the hell alone…plus he is not interested in becoming the heir of the company, and even offered the best friend loads of money, so it works

  12. So, they all share the same mother but have different fathers. The mother got together with another man and had Jihan and Dohan with him.
    The mother is the ex-daughter-in-law of the chairman.
    Jihan got close to Hotae for an ulterior motive (as seen in episode 1), so they are not related, but more of a friend.

  13. the grandfather adopting sons of his “ex daughter in law” isn’t making sense… it would make more sense if she was his daughter but had an affair (???)

  14. Thanks!! Had to get this off my chest after reading some of these comments…cause I really thought that whatever I mentioned was very obvious, but apparently it wasn’t for a lot of folks…

  15. the family tree/connections are confusing me sm. someone please explain??

    dohan & jihan are full-blood siblings. seungah & minwoong are also full-blood siblings. and all 4 of them share the same mum???

    and their mum is the daughter of the chairman hyun daeho, is that right?

    who the heck is kim hotae from ep 1 then? how is he also jihan’s brother?

  16. Firstly he should just come out of the closet and tell the truth to his family. And he said that he wants to escape from his family. Then why in the hell did he even came back for when he knew that his grandfather was faking being ill.

  17. The mother is the daughter of the chairman. During the flashback you can see him asking his son in law to accept the ml and sml as his children.

  18. I understand your point but in 2nd episode they tried to explain that since the FL has already acted as her girlfriend, he once again tried to get her help since only she knows about his sexuality that he is gay.

    And the SML knows that he can get married but the one who is married will be wronged bcz since he is gay he will not be able to love her and it will be wrong with her.

    And i dont know why but the chairman is firmed to have the SML be the chairman. It can be that the SML is having trauma since his parents died due to the succession and marriage politics. I think it will be explained further.

  19. I personally find it as a heavy watch. Its fun in a way, but it also triggers me a bit.

    Ah Jeong is a great character, working hard and doing her best in life. I love her character and I find it sad how she is basically being pushed into the LJ family drama. Despite being the deepest person, she is gonna be chewed as someone shallow.

    Do Han is someone I can relate to due to similar (but financially different) circumstances. It’s not easy when there is a pressure coming from the family and not being able to be honest with people who should be the closest to you. But he lacks consideration for Ah Jeong as women as equally oppressed in Korea.. especially divorced ones.

    And then there is Ji Han. He seems sweet, but selfish. He claims that all he wants is his brother to be happy, yet he thinks in order to achieve that he needs to break up his brother from a person “he loves”?! Despite his brother clearly saying he doesn’t want the successor’s position, he is pushing DoHan to take it. Why? Because he wants it, but can’t have it due to his guilt.

    And then he doesn’t mind ruining someone along the way.. or even to most likely “win over” his brother’s girlfriend (from his POV). Like dude..

  20. I don’t know; they have not clarified that yet. In most cases, the chairman is usually the father’s father, so I guessed that is also the case here.

  21. I like it. If it continues in the same light, warm and funny vein (please please please), it’ll be one of those shows I come back to often for a quick lift.

  22. same low quality story and plot and nothing much for presentation either. The biggest and the only +ve is – The heroine and that mature cheobal girl.
    Heroine is carrying the show. writer is good with dialogues but not with story+plot.
    Hero does nothing for being a smart business guy.

  23. I feel especially bad for the girl because I know people in the industry who don’t even make living wages… you gotta do part times jobs just to sustain the “main” career. Korean studios don’t pay shit unless you have connections or built rep on your own .

  24. I may be speaking from the point of view of a fan and I have no objectivity, but can we appreciate what a great actress jong seo is 🙂 her performances are always realistic and not forced, i LOVE her ♥️
    talking about the drama, I don’t know if it’s because jong seo is the fl but the first 2 episodes went by super fast, ah jung reminds me a lot of fl from 2521. episode 2 won me over completely, the taxi scene😭😂

  25. It’s extremely disgusting for me that homosexuality is forced into all K-dramas now as a principle that is supposed to be accepted
    They ignore the original Korean traditions in a dirty attempt to spread American ideas under the name of freedom

  26. This was unexpected. Doesn’t feel like anything else despite some familiar tropes. Acting is phenomenal. Jeon Jong Seo is amazing. What a great character, as well. Moon Sang Min is captivating. I’ve read that there is no BL romance, but I am enjoying this so far, so I will stick it out and see where it goes.

  27. It’s 2024 already like please can you stop being trapped in whatever timeline you are in now? I thought we already had this discussion for decades.

    But when did American ideas and homosexual characters have anything to do with each other lol? the level of ignorance in this comment is crazy. But what can I say, you’re clearly trapped somewhere in the past.

  28. I came across this drama accidentally and watched the first 2 episodes without any expectations but it is good so far. The acting is natural and the storyline is interesting. Definitely keep watching.

  29. car drunk scene had me in stitiches 😅😅😅
    good premiere week
    seemingly like ml over sml coz sml is kinda gray and sketchy about his motivations whilst ji than is much easier to understand and read even though I didn’t think that would be the case

  30. Ok. So let’s do a contract marriage. He says that they will marry for 3 years. So after 3 years will he change the notion of gay around the world😂😂

  31. Ep 2 was a bit messy. I understand the character motives but I also don’t. I feel for Lee Do Han but I also kinda don’t understand his plan. It seems like he wants out of this life completely and he is fine with walking out of the chaebol family. But he could do that without faking a marriage couldn’t he?
    I’m not sure if this is mostly about him wanting to appear perfect while denying his sexuality but if it is.. boy this is gonna be sad since the truth will come out at some point.
    I get Ah Jung refusing to marry him but it’s kinda weird to tell your friend to just get married to someone who they will never be able to love. Just because they’ll get a company. Like money might make life easy but that amount of money and responsibility won’t.
    The little brother weirds me out. He doesn’t know that his brother is gay and miserable trying to hide that from everyone. Okay fair enough. People can’t know everything if you don’t tell them. But it is weird to push your brother to get the company when he clearly doesn’t want to?? I’m confused over Ji Han’s motives for all of this. This just doesn’t make him seem like a good brother.

  32. I had pretty high hopes and was waiting for this based on the description but I won’t lie that even though I somewhat enjoyed the first 2 episodes I am not fully hooked. I mean we are only 2 eps in can’t judge the full plot rn but I really hope it gets better. I am finding it hard to like LJH because he is contradicting himself a lot and his motive is not thar clear. I will continue watching because its not bad at all but I hope next weeks episodes are better.

  33. I read some comments on here that one of the MLs is playing a gay character, so I’m surprised I don’t see that tag on this page for this drama.

    Correction – I see the “Gay Male Lead” tag now.

  34. I really want 2nd ML to be straight here so that the 2nd FL ends up with 2nd male lead. Don’ want her for our main ML. I’m tired of these entitled onesided lovers

  35. I hope the plot doesn`t make them end up in love together, if she went with the little brother that`s fine. Just making him change his sexual orientation just cuz they faked marriage is just cringe.

  36. Guys…I don’t know But I really do feel and fear that The blondie gay character was removed 😭😭 Like I didn’t see hints like this in trailers or so ..

  37. Wait… this is a RomCom starring a male and female lead, but the male lead is gay?
    So who’re the couples gonna be then?

  38. I became a big fan of Sang Min in Under The Queen’s Umbrella, so I want to watch it for him, but I’m gonna wait until I hear what people say about it.

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  40. I really liked the thai lakorn, it was really funny!!! I hope korean will do it better! Veryyy excited to watch this!

  41. The WEBTOON was very annoying and frustrating. I kinda hope they’ll re-write it here and make many changes because the ML wasn’t it!

  42. what is the nonsense of making the male lead gay?!😏😏😏 are we watching thailand drama or something remake of it😏😏😏😂🔫🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  43. that’s a very selfish thought. queer ppl barely get any rep, especially I’m sk so if there I’d gay character and serious scenes with him, then that’s a good thing. he can also have romantic scenes with another male character in the show so it doesnt mean you wont get thr romance drama you want(tho I doubt the writers would ever do that bc they hate seeing queer ppl in love)

    please think and reread what you say before you say bc what you said is really wrong. I hope it was just bad wording and not that your homophobic.

    my comment isn’t an attack or anything, I just wanted to point out what was wrong in your comment.

  44. In the relationship chart there is a line from Do han to a man Tae Hyon that says “long time no see”. So I think he gonna have his own romance story.

  45. This new poster is better,
    much more clearly shows the plot of the drama already in poster (love triangle ish, married to 1 gay guy, crushing on the other) 👍

  46. Can anyone who read the webtoon tell me if it ended up being good to the gay ml? Kinda tired with sk dramas making gay characters dirty, I like Dowan he deserves a good role

  47. but a bit unsure in drama format though…. they always stretch it more than they should with unnecessary additions to plot

  48. Why there’s a tag of ‘gay Male lead’?
    I thought SML is gay? Tho i didn’t read the webtoon just read the comments.. lol😅

  49. ”He is pushed to get married by his family, but he has a secret that he can’t marry.” i feel like this is here to hint that he’s not striaght without telling us that he’s not straight

  50. I’m assuming they might make the gay brother straight in this and just change up his reason. i didn’t read the original source so idk if the sfl is an actual original character or made for this drama. but if she was made for this drama I’m assuming the brother ends up with her. idk maybe I’m being pessimistic 😅

  51. Sang min finally getting his own drama!! I’m expecting a lot from him since he always did well in his supporting roles until now

  52. I absolutely love Jeon Jeong Seo as an actress and this is a first time where I see her act in a comedy. I also am thrilled to see a main gay lead character. Excited for this.