Wedding Impossible (2024)

Wedding Impossible (2024)

Other name: 웨딩 임파서블 / 웨딩임파서블 / Wedingimpaseobeul / Weding Impaseobeul / Свадьба невозможна / الزفاف المستحيل

Synopsis: Na Ah Jeong, an extra actress with unacknowledged talent, leads a modest dating life due to her challenging reality. Lee Do Han, her male friend of 15 years and the son of the LJ Group chaebol family, faces family pressure to marry but harbors a secret preventing him from doing so. Seeking a solution, Do Han proposes to Ah Jeong to act as his wife and daughter-in-law, marking her first leading role. However, their plan encounters a hurdle in the form of Lee Ji Han, Do Han’s ambitious younger brother, who aims to secure Do Han as the LJ Group successor. Ji Han endeavors to thwart his brother’s sudden wedding announcement by introducing Yoon Chae Won as a potential bride.

Adapted from the webtoon “Wedding Impossible” (웨딩 임파서블) written by Song Jung Won (송정원) and illustrated by Lee Chung (이청).
Episodes: 12
Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday



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46 Comments to “Wedding Impossible (2024)

  1. Wait… this is a RomCom starring a male and female lead, but the male lead is gay?
    So who’re the couples gonna be then?

  2. I became a big fan of Sang Min in Under The Queen’s Umbrella, so I want to watch it for him, but I’m gonna wait until I hear what people say about it.

  3. I really liked the thai lakorn, it was really funny!!! I hope korean will do it better! Veryyy excited to watch this!

  4. The WEBTOON was very annoying and frustrating. I kinda hope they’ll re-write it here and make many changes because the ML wasn’t it!

  5. what is the nonsense of making the male lead gay?!😏😏😏 are we watching thailand drama or something remake of it😏😏😏😂🔫🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  6. that’s a very selfish thought. queer ppl barely get any rep, especially I’m sk so if there I’d gay character and serious scenes with him, then that’s a good thing. he can also have romantic scenes with another male character in the show so it doesnt mean you wont get thr romance drama you want(tho I doubt the writers would ever do that bc they hate seeing queer ppl in love)

    please think and reread what you say before you say bc what you said is really wrong. I hope it was just bad wording and not that your homophobic.

    my comment isn’t an attack or anything, I just wanted to point out what was wrong in your comment.

  7. In the relationship chart there is a line from Do han to a man Tae Hyon that says “long time no see”. So I think he gonna have his own romance story.

  8. This new poster is better,
    much more clearly shows the plot of the drama already in poster (love triangle ish, married to 1 gay guy, crushing on the other) 👍

  9. Can anyone who read the webtoon tell me if it ended up being good to the gay ml? Kinda tired with sk dramas making gay characters dirty, I like Dowan he deserves a good role

  10. but a bit unsure in drama format though…. they always stretch it more than they should with unnecessary additions to plot

  11. Why there’s a tag of ‘gay Male lead’?
    I thought SML is gay? Tho i didn’t read the webtoon just read the comments.. lol😅

  12. ”He is pushed to get married by his family, but he has a secret that he can’t marry.” i feel like this is here to hint that he’s not striaght without telling us that he’s not straight

  13. I’m assuming they might make the gay brother straight in this and just change up his reason. i didn’t read the original source so idk if the sfl is an actual original character or made for this drama. but if she was made for this drama I’m assuming the brother ends up with her. idk maybe I’m being pessimistic 😅

  14. Sang min finally getting his own drama!! I’m expecting a lot from him since he always did well in his supporting roles until now

  15. I absolutely love Jeon Jeong Seo as an actress and this is a first time where I see her act in a comedy. I also am thrilled to see a main gay lead character. Excited for this.