Wedding Impossible (2024) Episode 5

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18 Comments to “Wedding Impossible (2024) Episode 5

  1. I like this series more because of it’s natural style of directing. Same thing was done in business proposal too. Although the actual script is over the top (contract marriage, love challenge by brother in law) the direction, the camera work and the way the actors speak their dialogues all seems so natural like it’s some real life instead of tv show. And more importantly I like how even though ML side is a chaebol family and has his half siblings trying to bring the brothers down, even their characters seem normal humans and not a character.

  2. honestly, i don’t like Ji Han his obsession with his elder brother is sickening like wtf live your own life stop forcing your brother, his character is not childish rather toxic, and immature. and ah jung the way she interprets her situation with ji han is fu8ing weird( slap scene, scene in front of hotel). i am pretty sure the writer was on heat and with brother-in-law Fetish when she/he wrote this storyline.

  3. I am still watching cause I want to know what happens next but the bickering is getting annoying after 5 episodes of it.

  4. I think my biggest disappointment this episode is the CEO lady. I knew she like Ji Han and always thought of her as a woman of class, but now it looks like she is turning into one of those women using her power to get what she wants. She can even see where Ji Han’s heart is going, but rather than be accepting she is in denial and manipulating grandfather. I too wonder what she will do when Ji Han’s feelings become more and more obvious, and he denies her. I am hopeful, she will maintain her classy image, but after this losing hope.

  5. I feel bad for Lee Ji-Han but at the same time i understand where Do-Han is coming from. Ji-Han has been consistently disrespecting his brother’s choices and trying to control what he should/shouldn’t do.. Like he said, if their grandfather already accepted this marriage, who does Ji-Han think he’s to try and stop their marriage. 😫

  6. i’m loving the series and the natural flow of it, i’m loving the chaos and chemistry between the leads too and the way both of them taking care of e/o, the drunken scene was so funny oh gosh, he yapped a little too hard without any worry and thought no one would notice him only for ahjeong to actually record his goofiness and make him feel embarrassed and speechless, the second hand embarrasement my man got lol. they’re so unserious

    ig jihan needs more character developement when sometimes he acts really childish, he need to know he’s all grown and be really mature in some stuffs, this is really bad of him, backbitching about ahjeong infront of chaewon, he needs to get humbled i’m glad ahjeong finally confronted him and gave him an earful he deserved that for being so shitty towards her despite her being so understanding like i love him but he needs to grow up and i loved the way dohan confronted jihan and clearly told him to stay out of his business. dohan feels suffocated cuz jihan always relies on him and forces him, jihan become more mature dude, no hates to him but this feels wrong also dohan is really trying so hard to conceal everything about his ex and relations all the time

    dohan was done so with them, his face says it clearly, jihan and ahjeong’s non stop bickering and he’s stuck with those chaoitic babies lmao.
    jihan is about to fully embrace the “he fell first and harder”
    ahjeong basically said she’s a good listener and will never judge him for anything so he can trust her and be open about his emotions also the whole scene and conversation between them, ahjeong blowing off where he hit his head so he feel better was so heart flutteringly cute like what lol.

    kdrama feels incomplete without a good rain scene, they served us here
    the ending this is crazy the way he was holding and she put her hand over his head and said “i thought u didnt like the rain?” this is peak romance to me, they’re getting soft for e/o
    this epilogue omg the way ahjeong calmed him, give him a blanket, and softly patting over his heart was just so comforting

  7. Jihan is still as selfish as ever. He is high-key suffocating his brother with all that obsessiveness. It’s not like they’ll be on the streets if they don’t take over the business. From what I’ve seen through dramas, Chaebols live veryyyyyy comfortably (for generations) even w/o necessarily leading the business.

    I do feel bad for him, but he needs to realize that trying to burden his hyung will only repulse him more. I’ve never seen him have a genuine conversation with him. Everytime he’s just whining and things keep piling on half-way rather than getting to a conclusion.

    Why does Ah jeong roam around letting people believe she has something going on with Jihan???????? I always get worried that all of this will very much come to bite them later on 😫.

    With that being said, the premise (of him trying to seduce his sister in law) is OTT and kinda unrealistic so I’ll just keep morals aside and enjoy the drama for what it is. Bcz honestly, I’m enjoying the overall light-heartedness of it all.

  8. So, for Na Ah Jeong is more complicated. She want to do the job in the right way but her feelings are telling something else, that maybe she doesn’t want to understand yet.
    What’s the deal with the old boyfriend of Do Han? What’s happening there?
    And Ji Han… he is lost… He wants to seduce her and became seduced…

    At the beginning I feel the episode like pure filler, but the end was interesting.
    What happened to the mother? There is something more…
    I’m confusing: all the grandchildren are the sons of the same mother and different father?

  9. There is nothing to continue watching this BS for. Just FF to the middle , but is getting to stupid. Let me try Midnight Photo Studio.

  10. Well, I thought the lover would be kinder, but no, and Chae Won is not what she seems. Do Han couldn’t be clearer with Ji Han, but he continues to hide the truth. He told him that he feels suffocated. How much air does he need? Five years apart without giving his address is not enough and he wants to leave quickly for New York. He didn’t think how much he would hurt his younger brother. For Ji Han, business is important. I guess if I like chocolates I will give chocolates to others if not I ask what they really like. I liked the soup, they offered it kindly but it was salty for Ji Han’s taste. Maybe everyone should ask others if what they are giving is to their taste.

    The car ride felt like when you go with the kids.😊
    What a lovely child.

  11. Reporter is trash!

    Seung-A is a hypocrite. She has all the smoke for her half-brother who was a kid at that time but is chummy and partnering with the scum reporter, the actual cause of the accident.

    Lol, Ji-Han’s brazenness and sheer audacity has it’s own charm, I can’t get myself to hate him. I wonder when Chae-Won and grandfather start pushing for marriage if he’ll finally get why he shouldn’t be forcing his own will on his brother.

    I’m really curious about Do-Han’s story with ex. I hope Do-han stays safe through the end. I’m having a bias to his character but all that foreshadowing from the A-Jeong and the secretary about reporting to the police is making me anxious though I still don’t feel like is ex is the real threat.