Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow (2022)

Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow (2022)

Sequel to the drama Alchemy of Souls Season 1

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 takes place 3 years after Chang Wook’s resurrection. And the fates of people who were once connected will be intertwined again.

It tells the story of a troublemaking young man (Lee Jae Wook) who comes from a noble family with a complicated secret surrounding his birth. He becomes the student of his servant (Go Yoon Jung). an assassin whose soul has been trapped in a weak body.

Also known as: 환혼 : 빛과 그림자 환혼: 파트2 Hwanhon: Pateu 2 / Alchemy of Souls: Part 2 / Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow



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Air Date: Dec 10, 2022

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200 Comments to “Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow (2022)

  1. Are we expecting other seasons to be posted or E10 was the last one we’re tired waiting for E11
    plz update us .

    1. Hi?‍♀️

      While you are waitin’ another season,why don’t you try Dodosolsol Lalasol bcos he is the leadingman there.

  2. If you already missing Lee Jae Wook (Jang Uk) i would like to recommend to you his previous drama: Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (2020). Its hilarious and teary drama. He is the main lead with Go Ah Ra, and its just a young Jang Uk!!! Watch it <3

  3. Well done drama!!! Love it watching <3 Will miss the series 😀 I recommend it to watch every kdrama lover! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for dramacool for their work!!!

  4. Alchemy Of Souls season 2 episode 9 will be airing on Saturday, January 7, at 9.10 pm KST/7.10 am ET on tvN. Later, the show will air on Netflix with English subtitles.

    The drama will be released on Netflix at 11 pm KST/9 am ET. Take a look at the international airtimes on the platform below:

    Pacific Time: 6am PT, January 7
    Central Time: 8am CT, January 7
    Eastern Time: 9am ET, January 7
    UK Time: 2pm GMT, January 7
    Europe Time: 3pm CEST, January 7
    India Time: 7.30pm IST, January 7
    Philippines Time: 10pm PHT, January 7
    Japan Time: 11pm JST, January 7
    Australia Time: 12.30am ACDT, January 8
    Singapore Time: 10pm, January 7

  5. I feel like they are kinda ruining the second season extending the plots with naksu and bu yeon i hope it will have more seasons after this and bring ep 8 pls

  6. Am enjoying the series, I love every bit of it, a must watch, thank you the whole alchemy of souls drama team. And your drama is good, I love Park Jin when it comes to romance part, Yul, I almost cried when you got sick, Jang UK you pulled it well.

      1. They should at least reduce time interval betwee episode it takes so long wait for another episode it’s boring waiting like this ?

  7. Guys, the show is airing rn
    from what I noticed the past weeks it should be up and in nice quality in 2 hours
    it’s currently 2pm my time
    greetings for the central european fans <3
    and also Merry Christmas everyone!!

  8. I like Go Yoon Jung as Naksu- joy in spontaneity but at the same time the depth of sadness sometimes 🙂
    I hope she finds a place in Wook Young’s heart.

  9. Ki yoon jung is beautiful but i have to say ju ming so as medueok character and quirky smile what makes her stand out as naksu…she really did justice to the character shes also beautiful..and i find her more beautiful than ki yoon jung…i was really hoping ju ming so will show again but showing flasback of her is still fine…lets just enjoy the show

    1. Please do not compare actors, i understand that you like mu-deok more but you should appreciate the time the actors
      put into this masterpiece and understand that they were unable to keep mu-deoks character because of the storyline. I know that thats your opinion on yoon jung but lets just not anymore. Overall i think both actors did a fabulous job on casting this drama.

      1. ‘do not compare..’
        ‘..but you should appreciate’
        ‘I know that thats your opinion ….. but lets just not anymore’

        ??????? are you a child??

        People can say whatever they want it’s their entitled point of view. Do not impose your opinion on others

  10. God go yoonjung is so damn pretty and cute. I can’t believe there will only be 10 epsiodes:(( it’s not enough because Lee jae wook and go too jung chemistry is top tier and they looks amazing together. I wish there’s season 3 or hope that they will have a drama together in the future because they looks so amazing together and the chemistry is spectacular. I also hope that go yoonjung will be the fl in other k dramas and will have more dramas in the future<33 Fighting my bby yoonjung!!!!

    1. I totally agree with you, there’s so much they could do with this show its my favourite show IF only it had more Seasons, ill be very sad indeed when this show ends, they will find love and happiness and the end…why can’t we have 100 episodes.

      1. These are beautiful Chinese drama, pleases add to your list: Love and Redemption, Novoland Pearl Eclipse, The Long Ballad, Love between Fairy and Devil, Love like the Galaxy and Eternal Love. Korean dramas – Mr Queen and the newly release drama: The Forbidden Marriage are fantastic too – Enjoy

    1. I think we should be grateful that we can watch it for free.. But I still agree with you that it takes longer than usual?

  11. Its 12:38am and its the 18th of December already jere in fiji but due to the time difference i have to wait a couple more hours for episode 4? this is why i didn’t want to start watching it coz I’ll have to wait for episode to come out weekly ? Oh well woe is mee??Lets see another episode of Reborn Rich ???

    1. Mudeok was JIN BU YEON… NAKSU was trapped inside MUDEOK’s body and her soul was the dominant one. NAKSU fell in love with JUNG UK while trapped inside MUDEOK’s body. The end of season 1 we saw MUDEOK falling into the river where the petrified body of soul shifters are buried… She died. Mudeok died meaning JIN BU YEON died. When JIN BU YEON’s mother rescued her from that river she was long gone. However NAKSU’s energy still remains inside of MUDEOK AKA JIN BU YEON’s petrified body. The mother therefore made the decision to save MUDEOK’s physical body however the soul will be NAKSU. Once MUDEOK recovers her physical appearance meaning FACE will be of NAKSU because its NAKSU’s energy that revived MUDEOK’s body. Its NAKSU’s physical appearance and soul however the blood that runs through that body is of MUDEOK AKA JIN BU YEON. The mother calls her JIN BU YEON because she wants everyone to believe that she is her daughter THEREFORE everyone calls her JIN BU YEON. Once again its mudeok aka jin bu yeons body meaning she got the jin blood running through her BUT the soul and face is NAKSU. THE real JIN BU YEON is dead.

    2. The actress didn’t return, and since mudeok turned wild and falls into the river, she was dead, and since jin bu yeon was found, her memory was lost, and naksu power was what kept her alive.

    3. Naksu is still in mudeok body(jin buyeon) but after she was petrified. Only left was buyeon body and master Lee said they will need to use naksu’s energy and bc of that jin buyeon body slowly have the features of naksu original body and lost all of her memory. As she lost her memory buyeon mother’s decided to make naksu who was in Buyeon body believe she was buyeon.

      So in conclusion in season 2 rn

      Naksu (jin buyeon body but have the features of naksu original body)

    4. Naksu soul is inside mudeok body…so N aksu and mudeok are the same body….. if she can regain her memeories she will be Naksu and she will go wide

  12. The real Naksu is such an amazing actress. It’s wild how nobody noticed the little mimics of her copying Mudeok. Not an easy thing to do for an actress to copy another, but this 1 deffo nailed it. Please look at her facial expressions, I can see Mudeok in her

    1. it’s 2 episodes per week, Saturday and Sunday. “Alchemy of Souls: Light And Shadow on tVN goes live at 9:10pm KST every Saturday and Sunday”. For me, I check on sundays at night so i can watch both episodes.

  13. Please oo what is keeping episode 3 can’t wait anymore always checking my phone plus I would like if episode 3 and 4 would be released at once.

  14. Respect yourself here.
    That’s somebody’s opinions and feelings being expressed .
    You cannot undermine someone’s opinions.
    We are lovers of the drama.

  15. He is in love with Mudoek face and Naksu attitude lol but really he is in love with naksu since she was within mudoek, mudoek is just a face if you think about it, it was always about naksu. So relax and enjoy the series.

  16. Not the same for sure without Mu Deok ? Goes to show she was an excellent actress. Thought it started of slow. Depressing aura. However, the story where shes the body of such and such but still is Mu Deok doesnt add up. Thought they intially burnt the body of Naksu? How did this new body come about? So they couldnt save the body of the real daughter? Is that buried. Bit of a blur of how this came about ..then they hid her for 3 years cos they know she eldest daughter. ..hmmn ? Not convincing and was expecting a really strong start, given that the ending of Part 1 left us breathless ..?

  17. All those talking about mudeok are annoying, learn to move on. If this season sucks for you, leave for us to watch in peace, you’re annoying ?who cares if liked mudeok more, shut your asses up

    1. Its normal to talk about her, this is a Part 2 and not a completely different series. She was a major part of this whole story. Who is Mudeok anyway? Was she Naksu on Buyeon’s body or Buyeon on Naksu’s body? It’s both. They’re intertwined that Buyeon was even able to save Jang Uk when he was dragged down the lake during the Alchemy of Soul. That was not Naksu. To say the least that Buyeon was almost completely ignored in season 1 is an understatement, the same goes to that body Naksu has possessed. Naksu had never once got curious about that body which is super weird, there was a glimpse where she asked “What kind of life has Mudeok led?” and thats it nothing more. Its very stupid. Buyeon/Mudeok was the most powerful priestess thats why Naksu chose her…or thats why she chose Naksu. It can be both. I am not a fan of Mudeok nor Naksu, but I love all the characters of this show and the story itself. If you are only focused on Naksu or Mudeok here, you are not appreciating the whole beauty of this show.

  18. Please don’t use English voice overs on Netflix!! It sounds horrible! I rather read English subtitles and listen to actors own voice, thank you.

    1. Haha exactly but Netflix users? don’t get that if you want to enjoy korean drama just listen to their original voice you will love it

  19. What’s happening here bayi,una don Dey do shit oooo
    We’ve been waiting for it since and yet you’re not dropping it
    Kilosele bayi naw