Begins Youth (2024)

Begins Youth (2024)

Other name: 비긴즈 유스 / 푸른 하늘 / Yuseu / Peureun Haneul / Blue Sky / Youth / Begins ≠ Youth

Synopsis: Seven boys face challenges in their school years and personal growth, including family obligations, loss, poverty, abandonment, violence, and rejection. Kim Hwan, the son of Kim Chang Jun, returns to Songju-si and meets the six boys. Despite initial conflicts, they become friends and support each other through their struggles. As they spend time together, they realize they have similar family issues and grow even closer. However, Chang Jun disapproves of the boys and wants Hwan to stay away from them. Hwan, who has always been obedient, stands up for himself and confronts his feelings. Based on the webtoon “Save Me” and inspired by BTS Universe, the series spans 12 episodes and has a duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes. It is suitable for all ages and directed by Kim Jae Hong.



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11 Comments to “Begins Youth (2024)

  1. No offense. I just think re-filming a drama just because it might cause misunderstandings regarding the real names is an exaggeration to me. Wouldn’t have been a disclaimer like “This drama is based on fiction and any similarities with real people are coincidentally” enough?
    It reminds me of the drama “Joseon Exorcist” that got cancelled because it used creative freedom on history and real historical people and audience couldn’t distinguish history and fiction and got enraged because it didn’t portray history correctly. But that was the whole point like it is here. The dramas do not intend to show the real history and facts, they are based on fiction or creativity.
    I’m European maybe that’s why I do not get why it should be a problem using real names, but showing a piece with fictional story. We do that all the time and there’s no problem.

    Well, I’m glad to see that the drama will finally get to air soon.

  2. well woaw i did not know this became an issue, especially since this is based on the webtoon and HYYH the Notes, way to nitpick….

  3. crazy howthis is more likely to come out before ahn Ji Ho’s BL drama comes out(even thought this was filmed way after the BL was filmed)

  4. Did they re-film it or they just dubbed the names differently later on? Or if they re filmed then did they re film the whole show?

  5. I’m not rlly sure what all the difficulty with this drama coming out is😭 atp it’s filmed (has been for over 3 years) and I’m sure the editing has been complete for awhile now sooo..?

  6. I totally understand that reasoning and my original comment wasn’t meant to deny its logic. Sorry, if it came off wrongly.
    I merely wonder if a simple disclaimer at each episode wouldn’t have been enough and the more efficient solution considering the progress of the production…
    Also I think changing the names will make it easier for the people who don’t know BTS but it takes away from those who are fans and also kinda removes the connection it had to its webtoon and BTS. Personally, I’m not a fan of the name changes.