Captivating the King (2024) Episode 10

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20 Comments to “Captivating the King (2024) Episode 10

  1. the crux of these 4 episodes is “nothing”….absolutely nothing happened other than the fact that king got to know that “She’s a She” and King losing his “Virginity” which changed absolutely nothing, and the last part of this episode which just made me bang my head at how stupid all of that was….

    one thing I’ve become absolutely sure of, that this girl has “absolutely no plan”, she came with nothing in her hands and mind and is just going with the flow, if we get an opportunity, we’ll grab it, otherwise there’s nothing….

    what a lousy plan it was to send someone else in the Princess’s stead!!! she got caught right that instant even before executing that “sheer stupidity”, and m actually happy that she got caught….

    she’s taking revenge of her friend’s “death” who died wrongfully, by putting 3 innocent lives in danger, the Grand Prince and Princess and the girl whom she was about to send to Qing….so she was all fine and happy and contented to let them die after getting caught, so she can “serve justice” to her friend and herself….so much for being “righteous”!!!!

    what a stupid thing to ask her after the envoy has already seen her as a princess…like what is she thinking????πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

    and same goes for this moron, he said this and the only thing came out of my mouth was “ohhh F**k off!!! please go to your father….bloody whiner…

  2. and i want the King to behead her now, honestly, had her character was written smartly, i would’ve supported her, but since the start, she’s been shown as someone who is just all talks….at first i thought that Hongjang and her father would be alive and that would change her mind regarding the revenge, but now even knowing that the King tried to save her would be enough for her to let go of her resentment, but even if they both are alive, they should come back so she can just take them and leave in the end, cz the King is better without this idiot….she’ll finish his reign even before its meant to be ended….

  3. even though his acting is REALLY good it can’t save this drama- its not what I expected I wanted someone to root for someone I could feel something about the FL is frustrating~ watery eyes all the time she make no sense- KILL him or LOVE him just make a decision! and the whole thing about making promises you can’t keep WHY are you doing this? JUST why? dude lost his wife and his eye the other dude lost his DAD and his status and think he still has a chance with you in fact he did not even want to do it but U promise him… and NOW on top of it all you (F ing the King)- and in love with him- just stop that’s what I am going to do

  4. Just finished the 10th episode and I have to say, I am in this for one reason only: ML. I have lost track of the times the FL’s character has left me wondering “what on earth is she thinking?” For a decisive female in Joseon era, she moves back and forth between love and revenge so much I have whiplash.
    I understand they are trying to create congruency between the show’s story and the moves of a Baduk game but really……. I can’t support this FL character anymore……. after putting multiple people in danger all for her revenge, she doesn’t get to judge the king’s actions.

  5. surprise they are still only playing baduk after the big reveal. she isnt the smartest despite being good at baduk, why piss off lady dong? and why is she nosying around the whole palace?
    and why would a senior court lady be ratting out a new underling to the queen dowager – so out of place, especially she was the one who received money for favoritism. we get it, it is the start of a substituition reveal scare, but it is very low effort on the writer’s part.

  6. Well this drama just went to crap in the last 2 episodes…

    I dont like how the writers dont tell us or even hint about her ultimate plan. What point is there in sending a spy to Qing? I get how at the end of episode 8, any plans she had get ruined now that the king knows she is a she. Anytime she acts up, he can always reveal her gender and anything she says or does in court becomes moot and her access to the ppl who can dethrone him is cut off. So she needs to be more careful and remake a plan that doesn’t require her being a man.

    But she comes up with a different plan ruining children’s lives? Any plan involving Prince rui in a whole different country is SO much more complicated than it needs to be just to dethrone the king. Now that he knows you are a woman, set up a honey trap. You are the most influential person to the only heir of the kingdom. The greatest enemy of the king is in love with you. The Queen takes you as her confidant and the queens father is a politician willing to speak up against the dowager and the kings uncle. She has a dream team for a coup. Why are you risking the lives of children who could be uninvolved?

    If we could know the plan maybe this wouldn’t seem so crazy. Its not exciting as the audience to not know her plan, have her make extremely questionable choices for her plan, and then they FAIL. Its only exciting to have that mystery if everything is going according to plan.

  7. Someone please let me replace the writer… this drama could have been so good after episode 8 with the gender reveal and them becoming intimate lovers.

    She could have just went with the princess and snuck into her entourage as a maid instead of swapping out the princess. It would be that typical “separate the lovers right after the feelings reveal” trope. FL could be her own spy, have time to reanalyze her plan. Find her dad or find out what happened to him. Perhaps get into Prince Rui’s ear, and come back to a king who missed her dearly with his guard down with a new plan.

    She could have just been “banished” with her identity as Mong woo and make a quick return with her true identity and become a concubine or consort. Then she’d have numerous ways to take him down with a more powerful position.

    She could have revealed her true identity only to the king. In the day, she would be Mong woo and at night her true self. Planning something as Mong woo but keeping the kings guard down with a honey trap.

    And with any of these directions, giving the audience at least a HINT instead of making the actress stare off in silence with tears in her eyes half the time. This is why ppl dont like the FL actress’ acting. Its not her acting. She did amazing in 6FD as a spy and spymaster. But ppl love casting her to be a feisty damsel in distress bc she’s good at speaking sharply and that annoying watery eye thing lol.

  8. What a disappointment πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ
    What a reckless girl, she just created a diplomatic issue and will kill the girl.
    She deserves to finally die this time for real…
    Of course the King will do everything to save her…

  9. i have never seen a plan so stupid, so low effort, so risky in my entire drama watching life. not only is the actress giving us nothing, her character is equally underwhelming. poor grand prince! poor bun yeong! poor anyone relying on her strategic mind!

    thank u tvn for these 4 back to back episodes, i had so much fun!!

  10. The biggest flops of this drama

    1) Not explaining or hinting the “plan” to the audience. This is the biggest one. Her plan might be immaculate right now. If I decide to keep watching and her plan is actually brilliant, ill eat my words in th numerous mini rants Ive had in this comment section lol. But we have no idea if its good plan. im not even sure she has a plan right now. Is she trying to play the long game? Does she have the time for that?
    2) Failing to take advantage of making baduk a bigger part of the drama. In really good dramas that center artforms, careers, or hobbies, part of the entertainment is that centered topic. This could have been a historical kdrama ver. of the Queen’s Gambit. Baduk is simply the plot turner here. But imagine a baduk centered drama with political intrigue and romance. Imagine if they taught us baduk moves and showed those strategies in action with the politics going on in the show.
    3) Overusing the 2ML. He should have come back later. Between his flip-flopping and the FL’s flip flopping, its too much.
    4) The late reveal. Considering how smart the king is, I wish he would have suspected and then caught her. Much more interesting than her WHO IS RISKING LIFE TO HIDE HER IDENTITY get drunk and pass out in the streets. And the king somehow finds her before anyone, bc mind you, ppl are still trafficking Koreans to Qing. And when he goes to take JUST her top layer off, she suddenly wakes up from being black out drunk and reveals herself when he probably wouldn’t have found out if she just stayed asleep. Like cmon now…

    Was there writer issues? this drama started out so promising… im just upset…

  11. I need to speak to Shin Se Kyung’s casting manager.

    Stop letting her get typecast in these teary eyed roles and then wonder why her acting gets called stiff in them while in roles where she plays a self sufficient character she gets awarded.

    Like do you NOT see the pattern here lol?

    This my last one guys, I swear lmaooo

  12. Someone else said it before me, but the princess shouldn’t have tried to avoid the marriage. That is something that happened all the time in those days with princesses. The king also left and became a hostage when the Qing won the war. It is her responsibility as a princess. When she substituted another person to leave for Qing in her place she couldn’t take care of her brother anymore, because she had to leave the palace. She shouldn’t have shirked her duties. The fl asked the prince if he agreed to this plan and if he didn’t agree the substitute plan would be abandoned.
    He admires the fl as his master in baduk. So of course he said yes. He is still a child.
    The moment the deception is discovered the princess and the prince are in danger.

    The fl wants to dethrone the king. And from the vague remarks they make I guess they want to put the prince on the throne. But he is too young. A big part of the ministry is corrupt. They need someone as long as the prince is still young to reign.
    Without the king the court will become a mess. It is already a court full of vultures.

  13. This stupid FL just ruined everyone’s lives but the bad people! the only thing she was good at was playing that game and she should have stuck with it. smh. Pretending to be a man and getting revenge without knowing what was really going on was such foolishness.

  14. If Mong-woo’s plan to dethrone the king and replace him with the Grand Prince , succeeds and they are still alive. Then she and the ex-king could possibly be together. The King plans to remove his Mother, the Dowager and the Principal Director Park. Which plan would come to fruition first? Mong-woo needs to understand which is the greater danger to her country and its people. I wonder if the King had revealed the consequences of refusing the marriage, or was that just him remembering. If Mong-woo knew that it would stop repatriation and lead to war, she wouldn’t be so eager to wreck the marriage. Mong-woo and her conspirators know a small part of the court intrigue. It is above their pay grade. Her plans with the Grand Prince and Princess does serve to protect them when the King can’t.

  15. I got bored of this drama after ep 8. Not making effort to watch this unless I’m in total need of something to watch, I’ll be back then. Lol πŸ˜†

  16. I cannot believed FL hatched a plan to substitute the princess and yet did not hatched another plan for the real princess on how to escape from the palace safely?? Where was the real princess supposed to live after leaving the palace?

    Well, I have to give credits to the old geezer. He is very quick-witted and intelligent ruthless and evil to be able to survive so long.